Family Guy Is Getting Dark: “Send in Stewie, Please” Recap & Review

Disclaimer: Hello, I am an article that contains spoilers. Continue to read me at your own risk.

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I don’t know what it is about this show anymore, but it looks like the usual antics of this crazy animated family is about to take a sudden twist. Or perhaps it already has. We’ve seen Family Guy get real before, but the episodes in season 16 seem like they have just had bigger breakthroughs after breakthroughs. Shocking things that you would have never thought would happen on Family Guy, pretty much happened. There seems to be this modest, low-profile pattern that keeps happening when long running cartoons reach their “teen” seasons (10 and up). South Park has went from a show about vulgar and satirical humor, to having epic story lines in their newer seasons. I mean, South Park will always be the way that it is. But the ongoing story lines that are longer than two or three episodes is something that I never thought I would see. Even people notice that a show like SpongeBob Squarepants is getting a little on the dark side. It could just be a shakeup on the writing teams of these shows, but things are getting real and I think I can add Family Guy to this list.

Like I said, Family Guy has gotten real and dark before. With the grand who-dun-it style episodes like “And Then There Were Fewer” part 1 & 2, to Brian’s shocking death in “Life of Brian”. This latest episode did involve a death but it was more on the psychological (literally) spectrum and seeing Stewie Griffin on a whole other level. It really reminded me of one of those long, unedited interviews with celebrities where we see a side of them that we have never seen before. In “Send in Stewie, Please”, it’s almost as if we are truly meeting Stewie for the first time. Stewie has been sent to his school’s child psychologist for pushing a classmate down the stairs. As the psychologist is trying to make sense of Stewie’s actions, doing what a normal psychologist does, Stewie turns it completely around and begins to attack the psychologist’s personal life based on a photo he has seen of him and his husband.

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When that little plan doesn’t work, Stewie breaks down and opens up, and we learn some things about Stewie that we’ve never thought of or have always wondered. First off, Stewie does not label himself as gay exactly. He states that he does believe that he could be sexually fluid, when he was telling the psychologist about how much he likes (but not like-like) the boy who he pushed down the stairs. Of course throwing in how he thinks of himself as “less gay” than he was before. Stewie went on to wholeheartedly reveal how he thinks that no one understands him and how he doesn’t fit in with the other kids. For that reason, Stewie has suppressed his true self, and even his true accent. Yes, throughout the episode the psychologist who is actually British, also tried to make sense of why Stewie, someone who’s not British, has the accent. Stewie finally confessed that his British accent is fake and revealed his real accent. At that moment, you could probably hear millions of people around America gasping, but not surprised. The psychologist was pleased to see that Stewie has accepted his true self, stating how he is now just like everyone else. That single comment didn’t sit right with Stewie, who realized at the end that he truly does not want to be like everyone else, reverting back to his faux accent. Here comes the dark part so buckle up. The psychologist soon suffers from a heart attack towards the end of the session and asks Stewie to hand him his medication. Stewie states that since he’s the only one who knows his secrets, then he must let him die. Stewie watches him die, carelessly and seemingly without remorse. The episode then cuts to Stewie’s bedroom at night, when Stewie woke up screaming from a nightmare. Brian comes in to see if he’s alright, then Stewie asks if he could sleep beside him that night. Stewie begins clearly showing guilt and remorse for letting his psychologist die.

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For someone who used to shout about world domination and attempt to murder his own mother at numerous times, I have definitely seen a dramatic change in Stewie. This episode is definitely on my list for one of the most shocking Family Guy episodes to ever air. As a fan of the series, “Send in Stewie, Please” has helped me have a better understanding of Stewie and his personality. From his rant about Bethenney Frankel to rapping a Hamilton song, Stewie yet again wins me over with being my absolute favorite character on the show. I give this episode 5/5 stars (A+). Though long running shows often tend to make dark and shocking revelations, it’s what makes the show worth watching after so many years. The closing scene is what really won me over. The worrisome look in Stewie’s eyes prove that he did get something out of his session with the psychologist. Maybe he did change when it comes to empathizing with others. At the end of the psychologist session, Stewie made it clear that he doesn’t need to change how he’s always been, but what if he did after all?

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As Told By Ginger “Of Lice And Friends” Recap: Learning That Gossiping & Having Lice Sucks at an Early Age


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Lessons were easily taught in a variety of cartoons that I watched growing up. In this episode of As Told By Ginger, we learned why gossiping can possibly harm even the most popular girl in school. Also, Dodie is a supreme jerk. “Of Lice And Friends” is As Told By Ginger’s 5th episode from the show’s first season. Chet Zipper must abandon his morning announcements job and hand it to another student at Lucky Junior High, and that student is Dodie Bishop. Dodie, being the one who loves announcing things and just talking a lot in general, is of course thrilled and honored to be handed the role but instead of morning announcements she turns it into a gossip hour. Ginger being the good person that she is, doesn’t like how Dodie is using her powers for the evil doings of embarrassing and exposing others. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the students learn that lice is on the loose at their school, and Dodie has discovered a list of students who have it and planned on announcing it to the entire Junior High. Courtney Gripling happened to be one of the students who were curse with the lice-filled hair, but her reputation was saved as Ginger stopped Dodie from becoming an even bigger jerk. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey planned on opening a lice farm and looked to Blake Gripling for an investment. Little did they know, Blake Gripling would soon be competing with them with his maggot farm.

I’m pretty sure this is one of the earliest episodes where I realized that Dodie is not at all a good person. I mean she is the type of character that would step on the backs of their friends in order to climb to a higher social status. But whether you admit it or not, Dodie taught us a valuable lesson. The lesson that gossiping can do some serious damage to people. Imagine having something so personal about yourself just out there, and the person with the biggest mouth just expose it. I’ve met some gossipers back in my Junior High days, but I knew not to ever trust them and to watch them closely. What’s even shocking was the fact that Dodie idolized Courtney and that still wouldn’t have stopped her from revealing to the entire school that she has lice. I felt so bad for Courtney during this episode. Even Ginger went into paranoid mode after she hugged her on account of her being afraid that she might have gotten lice from that one little hug. Gossiping alone with friends can seem harmless, but it could eventually get around and someone’s reputation could be at stake. Even though Courtney’s name wasn’t read off from the lice list, other students names were and that was real low of Bishop. Where the heck was the school staff to stop this little Perez Hilton?!

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