Hot Streets, the Outrageous & Trippy Adult Swim Comedy

hot-streetssource: Adult Swim

Forget the basic assumptions that you’ve heard. Yes, Justin Roiland of Rick and Morty is doing producing and voice work on this show. No, that doesn’t mean Rick and Morty will be abandoned or prolonged, not to mention Roiland is not the only producer on the show. But has that stopped numerous critics from jumping to conclusions and judging this show based on no actual knowledge? Yes, unfortunately. Hot Streets is here and its way too outrageous, bizarre & trippy yet hilarious for you to not check out. So let’s stop judging things right off the back and jump into this psychedelic cop comedy.

Things are always getting paranormal in the life of Mark Branski, an FBI agent who is 21 years into his job and the one who is considered the top guy on the missions. Branski is a somewhat straight-forward guy who is not so much into hearing others feelings but more into sticking to the plans and getting the missions done. On the other hand, there’s his partner Donald French, who is often walked all over considered weak and incompetent, mostly because he is younger and not at the same level as head honcho Branski yet. In episode 2 “Snake Island”, Branski & French’s stern boss Soo Park insists that French is not ready for the level of responsibility of handling a medallion that attracts snakes. That doesn’t stop French from always trying his hardest to prove himself in the missions they go on. Of course, where would Branski & French be without Branski’s headstrong niece Jen Sanders and her talking dog Chubbie Webbers? Jen is often trying to become closer to her uncle Mark, who she claims is her only living relative since her parents died. From watching her, I get the vibes of someone who’s lonely and in-need of any attention she can get. I mean, almost marrying a guy who ended up being a mummy speaks volumes. Luckily Chubbie Webbers is always by her side, even if he is a sex-crazed bloodhound with an addiction to drugs or “murder powder”. Even though she still seems to be trying to find herself, Jen seems way more intelligent than Branski & French in numerous situations.

hot streetssource: Adult Swim

There’s no doubt that there is room for more than one sci-fi comedy series on Adult Swim, and Hot Streets is the newest teamwork effort into investigating paranormal phenomena. This show has the exact outrageous content that will make you just laugh out loud. It brings shock-value humor and trippy psychedelia to the table. Ridiculous one-liners that you can’t help but find humorous. Let me know when Chubbie Webbers is added to the cartoon dogs Hall of Fame, because no doubt that is the most insane bloodhound I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Chubbie is a seriously disturbed version of Scooby Doo yet my favorite character so far. I actually became more emotionally invested in all of the characters the more I watched. Hot Streets left a good impression on me and I’m looking forward to more seasons.

Fun Fact: If Branksi & French seem familiar, that’s because they’re originally from a series of shorts called We Solve the Crime, also created by Brian Wysol for Rob Schrab and Dan Harmon’s monthly short film festival(s) held in Los Angeles and New York called “Channel 101”.