Comic Review: Rocko’s Modern Life #2 – Out January 10


Rocko’s journey to finally snag himself a job may have lead him to making a big fat mistake that could cost him his soul for all eternity. There’s gotta be another comic book store in O-Town because Rocko just doesn’t cut it with any other job. Or maybe he should give the erotic phone line another try? Just a suggestion. Rocko’s Modern Life has always been considered a cult classic in my eyes, and it’s really exciting to know that they creators are interested in keeping the show alive. While we’re waiting for the TV movie reboot Static Cling to drop this year, we can indulge in even more Rocko with the BOOM! Studios comic series that was released in December 2017. Rocko is destined to find another job in order to make ends meet, but is selling over your soul worth getting a job where there’s a football table in the break room? We just might find out how far Rocko is willing to go in Rocko’s Modern Life #2.


One thing I love about the Rocko’s Modern Life series overall is the never ending struggle that Rocko has with either trying to find a job, pay his bills on time, or just keep his household and life in order altogether. It’s like this show was sort of made for kids, besides the sly mature jokes on the side, but they were trying to tell us something important all along. Kind of like a warning, or however you will take it. We saw Rocko dealing with the very heavy baggage that life had in store for him. Throughout the show, it was said that Rocko was somewhere in his 20s. BINGO. Though the show was comedic and entertaining through its run, there’s a message to be picked up. Adult life is nowhere near a piece of cake for most people.


I admire the team behind this comic’s attempt to recreate Rocko’s journey to get his life in order in this comic series. I also admire that they did not fail to display how his attempts always end up in quite some adventures. They’ve managed to take some common themes from the show and revive them into a new and fresh synopsis. 2018 is pretty much the year that Rocko’s Modern life is rebooted and revived into an even more modern world.


Rocko’s Modern Life #2 was published by KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios targeted for readers of all ages. It was written by Ryan Ferrier and David DeGrand. David DeGrand also did the artwork and illustration along with Ian McGinty. The cover artwork was done by Jorge Monlongo while Miguel Mercado illustrated the subscription cover. The comic book is set to be released on January 10, 2018 at the price of $3.99.