The Top 10 Best South Park Episodes

It’s time to talk about our favorite controversial cartoon again. South Park is known for its insanely inappropriate jokes, pop culture parodies, poking fun at public figures, and just being one of the longest-running animated shows on TV. Because there are so many great South Park episodes, it was difficult to narrow it down to only ten. But we’ve managed to pick out the absolute best. DISCLAIMER: this list may contain spoilers, sorry if you’re binge-watching all seasons on Hulu!

1) The Imaginationland Trilogy (2008)

south park the imaginationland trilogy

If you haven’t seen this epic three-part episode then what are you exactly doing with your life? The boys are brought to this land of imaginary characters that seemed magical at first but then turns to chaos. Cartman is destined to make Kyle pay off his dues for a bet that they made. That bet is better off left unspoken here at CB. This episode earned its way to #1 on this list due to the extraordinary storyline.

2) “Guitar Queer-O” (2007)

south park guitar queer o

The hilarious tribute episode to the game guitar hero. Stan was devoted to mastering the game and earning a million points, which jeopardized his friendship with Kyle. Meanwhile, Randy was destined to teach the boys how to play a real guitar.

3) “Make Love, Not Warcraft” (2006)

south park make love not warcraft cartoon buzz

The boys play the infamous online game World of Warcraft, which consumes their social lives and lessens their appearance. The band together in the game to stop another player who’s been killing everyone else’s player. This episode won a Primetime Emmy award.

4) “Major Boobage” (2008)

south park major boobage

After learning how cat urine could be used as a hallucinogen in a method called “cheesing”, Kenny’s life goes down the drain of drug-crazed destruction. It is revealed that Kyle’s dad Gerald was once a “cheeser” and is soon This episode is a tribute to the 1981 cult classic film Heavy Metal.

5) “You Have 0 Friends” (2010)

south park you have 0 friends

After Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny made Stan a Facebook page, he isn’t impressed and attempts to delete it, but is soon sucked into the virtual world. Meanwhile, Kyle befriends a friendless boy on Facebook and soon regrets it after he starts losing all of his.

6) “Casa Bonita” (2003)

south park casa bonita

When Kyle invites Butters instead of Cartman to his birthday party at Casa Bonita, Cartman sabotages Butters chances of going.

7) “Woodland Critter Christmas” (2004)

south park woodland critter christmas

It’s one of those episodes that starts out cute, innocent, and cheery but sooner or later it turns dark and twisted. Stan learns that when he ends up helping a group of Woodland creatures who turn out to be demented Satanists and murders the mother of some mountain lion cubs, who are actually the innocent ones.

8) “Fishsticks” (2009)

south park fishsticks

Jimmy creates the “fishsticks” joke that everyone in South Park finds hilarious and understands, except for Kanye West. Of course, when the joke became a worldwide success, Cartman tries to take credit for it.

9) “Die Hippie, Die” (2005)

south park die hippie die

After the town of South Park is taken over by hippies, Cartman runs a service to get rid of them. Too bad Stan, Kyle & Kenny are converted. Fun fact: this episode parodies the film The Core.

10) “ManBearPig” (2006)

south park manbearpig

Al Gore is trying desperately to convince people that there is sense of a cryptid called ManBearPig. The boys assist Gore on his hunt but finds themselves stuck in a cave where they discover a cavern filled with treasure.