Cartoon Network’s Infinity Train: Why Isn’t This a Show Yet?!

From the main character’s quest to get off of a train that she mysteriously cannot exit to a kingdom of Corgis, it didn’t take much longer for this Cartoon Network mini to grow on me… but will Cartoon Network ever greenlight a full series?

cartoon network infinity train

Courtesy of Cartoon Network

This review is way overdue and much necessary. Almost a year ago, Cartoon Network unleashed what is probably one of their most-talked-about ‘minisodes’. Infinity Train is a short pilot that was originally uploaded to Cartoon Network’s YouTube channel on November 22, 2016. It eventually aired on TV two months later, on February 11, 2017. The original YouTube upload currently has 2.7 million views with over 30,000 comments. A majority of those comments are from those who are in favor for Infinity Train becoming a full series, and I have to say that I don’t disagree whatsoever.

The story surrounds a young girl named Tulip who has been trapped on a continuously running train for a week. The situation makes her very irritated but determined to find her way home. What is even more bizarre is that she has a glowing number 53 imprinted on her hand, and she can’t figure out how or why it appeared. She is accompanied by a robot companion, One One, who can separate into two different robots called Glad One & Sad One. There are multiple train cars that Tulip & One One come across, and one of them ends up leading her to Corginia, a land where Corgis run free and are ruled by another Corgi named King Atticus. After they are welcomed to the kingdom, Tulip & One One team up with Atticus to get rid of a mysterious shadow monster that has been a threat to Corginia.

First off, not only is the plot so watch-worthy, there’s so much more to be learned about this series. We don’t know how old Tulip is or where she’s from. In fact, we don’t have any further information about why she got on the train in the first place and where she was planning to go. Also, how did One One come about? Did Tulip create them? And of course, the explanation for the glowing number on her hand is sure to boggle many minds. At this point, there just HAS to be a full series for this. As the burning questions that many may have are slowly revealed in each episode, clue after clue, I know the show would be a hit. There has even been a petition started that has over 50,000 signatures so far! Not to mention there’s fan art that’s been created for it so this pilot already has a strong fandom. What are you waiting for Cartoon Network?!

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2 thoughts on “Cartoon Network’s Infinity Train: Why Isn’t This a Show Yet?!

  1. Ok ko took 3 years for example until it got greenlit from when it got a pilot and it didn’t get anywhere near as much support as IT.

    Another thing to consider ia that animation is a very long and expensive process, they can’t rush anything.

    As a good sign to point out, Owen Dennis stopped working on Close Enough fairly recently looking at his tumblr.


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