South Park Premieres Season 21 With White Supremacists vs. Electronic Personal Assistants

DISCLAIMER: Yes there are bits of spoilers here. We really tried not to. Proceed with caution.


south park season 21.png

Courtesy of Comedy Central


You can always count on South Park to add a satirical effect to the real problems happening in America and pop culture today. So far Trump’s presidency isn’t referenced but it is just episode 1 after all. Season 21 premiered tonight with “White People Renovating Houses” and tackled the “major issue” that the confederate flag waving white supremacists in South Park, Colorado think is happening. Electronic personal assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Echo Dot & Google Home are stealing their jobs. South Park writers never fail to turn the mirror on certain individuals. They’re going to tell you exactly how you look, just saying. Especially if you’re someone who has your own TV show where you “flip houses”. It was a pretty humorous nudge at all of those home improvement shows happening right now, and it’s always nice to see Randy caught up in yet another mainstream activity. Anyone who ships Heiman (Heidi x Cartman) better have a seat, because we also got to see the downfall of their relationship, which ends in the most dramatic way possible. What can you really expect with Cartman at this point?

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