5 Times That Cartoons Were Too Real About Adulthood

When your teenage years are over and it’s time to say hello to living on your own, paying bills & doing your own laundry, there’s nothing that you’ll miss more than your childhood. But even if you’re an adult, cartoons can understand the struggle when no one else does. Here’s 5 times that cartoons spoke nothing but the truth about the pains of adulthood:

1. Adventure Time

adventure time adulthood

When you’re living on your own and all your money goes to bills and rent. What is a decent homecooked meal anyways?

2. Daria

daria cartoon buzz

We all knew that Daria spoke nothing but the truth, but this takes the cake. If you’re reading this and still a teen, take your time when choosing a career.

3. Justice League Unlimited

justice league flash

When you’re expected to automatically know how to do things even if you weren’t taught. We feel you, Flash.

4. Pocahontas


Grandmother Willow was looking out for us. Choose your paths in life wisely.

5. Peter Pan


If you look at this quote in a different context, that is the harsh reality. Once you’re grown up, that’s it. There’s no time machine that can take you back to the simple times. But you’ll be alright. ;)

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