Brace Yourself for ABC’s Newest Animated Digital Series ‘Ginger Snaps’

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Courtesy of ABC & The Walt Disney Company

It’s getting a little intense in the girl scout business. I came upon ABC’s free digital streaming service “ABCd” and they have recently unleashed a series of animated shorts titled ‘Ginger Snaps’ – and let me warn you, it may have the looks of an kid-friendly show but these girl scouts make selling cookies look anything but innocent. Though the show contains some very touchy yet interesting subjects, I can’t help but feel like I’m watching a cartoon on Disney Channel or Disney XD. Besides already knowing that ABC is one of The Walt Disney Company’s many subsidiaries, I guess the animation plays a similar context as the theme of the show. The Ginger Snaps may look like nonthreatening girl scouts trying to sell treats, but their plans to do so is the twist.

The first episode consists of a wicked plan to exploit a classmate with cancer for cookie sales, only for it to backfire and eventually end and deceit and decease. The season intensifies as these Ginger Snap girls go to mafia-like lengths to sell cookies. Torture, abuse, threats – yes we’re still talking about girl scouts here. Main character and head scout Calista is not playing games when she feels that her title is threatened by a enthusiast newcomer. Somebody just may get hurt.

I think the continuity of the plot in this show is just so well put together and will leave you on the edge of your seat after each episode, eager to watch the next. You can watch this series here.