Review: Rugrats “Candy Bar Creep Show” (1992)


“Green stuff”

In honor of Halloween time, you can find reviews and discussions on some animated TV shows and their Halloween specials at Cartoon Buzz. The 9th episode of the first season from the Rugrats might have aired on January 5, 1992, but it will always be aired as a Halloween special. In “Candy Bar Creep Show” as Halloween comes around Tommy, Chuckie, Phil & Lil are destined to find some Reptar candy bars, after seeing Angelica have one herself. They realize that “the growed ups” – aka Stu & Didi are passing them out to other kids as they saw them leave screaming from the Halloween maze that they were hosting. The babies were sure they had to scream like the trick-or-treaters in order to get some Reptar bars, but they were left confused as their plan didn’t work. Tommy and the gang decided to take matters into their own hands and they invaded the haunted maze. Meanwhile Grandpa Lou was sure that he wasn’t scared of anything, but when Angelica ran out screaming and horrified, she was sure that the maze was filled with REAL monsters. Grandpa decided to investigate and found himself scared silly as well. Little did they know, those were actually the babies in disguise. Finally, the Rugrats managed to snag themselves some Reptar bars when the coast was clear.

Not only is this my favorite Rugrats Halloween special, but it really made me wonder what the “green stuff” was in the Reptar bar? It can only make you wonder, since Reptar himself is green too. Cartoon conspiracy theory coming? Ha, a little Halloween humor. I still would really like to try a Reptar bar and no joke, I wish Nick would market them someday. Now as I stated before, this episode was aired in January 1992 and I can’t help but wonder why Nickelodeon aired Halloween episodes 4 months after October back then. The Rugrats premiere August of 1991 and it could have perfectly been placed in October of that year. Who knows though. Something I noticed in the episode that warmed my heart was Angelica and Grandpa Lou hugged one another after both of them were horrified by the little “monsters” in the maze. It really represents how Lou is not only the old man who falls asleep in front of the TV, but he is Tommy, Angelica & later on baby Dil’s grandpa after all. Not to mention the choice of costumes in the episode was gold.




Didi killin’ it as a Vampire


Lou terrifying us all