Is TeenNick’s Classic Nickelodeon Block ‘The Splat’ a Hit?


Photo: Nickelodeon

It’s been a year since the week of TeenNick debuting it’s revamped 80s, 90s & early 2000s block as The Splat and filled your late night hours with even more classic Nickelodeon shows. Some have argued that block started out as a hit and then ended up in the same pattern as The ’90s Are All That, being repetitive with it’s lineup and not showing a wide variety of shows. Then there are others… who are pretty much still disappointed that The Splat didn’t turn out to be an entire channel, as it was rumored to be.

I definitely appreciate the fact that more Nicktoons were added to the lineup such as All Grown Up, KaBlam! and As Told By Ginger, who’s pilot made it’s first TV premiere thanks to this block. What’s also a score is that The Splat has transformed to a full night stream that lasts from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., instead of the original 2-hour block when it was previously The 90’s Are All That. The more hours it lasts the more classic Nickelodeon fans like myself can throw ourselves all-nighters… with lots of snacks might I add. Now other than my appreciation for everything mentioned, I have to say that I do wish they could give the lineup a little mixing if you know what I mean. Sadly I can see this block is sort of falling into the same old pattern as it did before it was revamped. Showing the same shows every night isn’t going to make the viewers very happy, and the reason this block is even happening is because the fans petitioned for it. We love you guys at The Splat, but let’s switch it up sometimes!  Happy fans, happy life right? Btw my mouth dropped when I heard KaBlam! was apart of the lineup amid it’s 20th anniversary. My fangirl heart is very thankful.

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