Flashback Friday: Nicktoons Short ‘Bobby the Lizard Boy’


You won’t find a animated short on Nickelodeon nowadays that consists of human-serpent love… or their offsprings.

During the early 2000’s Nicktoons always provided it’s audience with comical and obscene animated shorts between their show lineups. This particular short surrounds itself around a half boy, half lizard named Bobby who gives his unkind babysitter Laura a run WITHOUT her money! Bobby the Lizard Boy was a animated short created by Shaun Bakken Reimers that first aired in the year 2000 and regularly until 2004. Bobby has the body a normal, animated boy but his lizard features consist of his large, uneven eyes & a tongue that’s quick enough to catch flies – which is obviously  his favorite snack. It is revealed that his mother is an actual lizard when his father calls out to her that it’s time for them to go. How about that? Nickelodeon didn’t seem to discriminate against any relationship back then – even human-reptile ones!