Netflix’s ‘Big Mouth’ Shows How Big of a Monster Puberty Is

DISCLAIMER: This article contains material and language from a series that was rated TV-MA, for mature audiences only. Proceed at your own risk. For more information on the Disclaimer click here.

netflix's big mouth shows how big of a monster puberty is

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Netflix has really outdone themselves with this one. If you really wanna know how deeply humiliating, awkward & frustrating the phase of puberty truly is, then I’d have to say Big Mouth has it down packed, with a touch of comedy of course. The series is based on a couple of the creators – Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg’s pre-teen years. Geez, if these guys really experienced the wrath of what is known as “The Hormone Monster”, then I wish them nothing but luck with this series. I don’t know if it’s possible to simply sum up such an insane story of tweenage troubles, but I’m willing to attempt.

First off, talking genitalia?! What about monsters named Maurice who pressures you to participate in hormonal urges like masturbation – even if you’re having a sleepover with your friend and they’re laying like.. RIGHT THERE. Can’t forget about the Hormone Monstress who’s preying on the female characters and encouraging their hormonal rage.

big mouth connie the hormone monstress netflix

Courtesy of Netflix

“Listen to me. You wanna shoplift lipstick. You wanna listen to Lana Del Rey on repeat while you cut up all your T-shirts. You wanna scream at your mother then laugh at her tears!”

Maya Rudolph as Connie the Hormone Monstress

These are definitely things that are out of the ordinary and is shock value material. Well, Big Mouth premiered on Netflix on September 29, 2017, and there’s no doubt that it caused some shock, along with other emotions. The show surrounds the lives of Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman, two best pals who are just trying to figure out just what the heck is happening to their bodies. While pushing through their awkward puberty years, they are accompanied by other friends Jessi, Jay, and Missy – who are dealing with “the changes” as well. Season one introduced us to Andrew’s conflict with the Hormone Monster and Nick not knowing how to deal with the fact that his best friend Andrew has grown “bigger” than him in certain places. This causes conflict between the two. The season went on to tackle other topics such as menstruation, sexuality, hormonal rage, y’know… the usual stuff that can be a huge pain to deal with starting in your tweenage years.

There has been some mixed reviews & unfavorable opinions about the show’s animation, but overall Big Mouth is doing outstanding. It currently has a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes and Common Sense Media gave it a 4/5. The show is entertaining and has a great cast on their hands, some notable ones including (but not limited to) Jenny Slate (as Missy), Jordan Peele (as The Ghost of Duke Ellington, Freddie Mercury, etc.), Maya Rudolph (as Diane Birch, Connie the Hormone Monstress, etc.), Fred Armisen (as Elliot Birch, Bus Driver, etc.), and Kristen Bell (as Jay’s pillow). Netflix gets a lot of hype for their live-action original series, so it’ll be exciting to see Big Mouth dominate the streaming service in the animation department. If you’re done with season one and ready to see more Big Mouth in the future, you’re in luck because the series was just renewed for a second season that will air in 2018.


How ‘Rick and Morty’ Is Dominating Television & Sending Their Fans into a Frenzy

The time has come for a truly outstanding cartoon to really mold a positive impression on the masses. It all started with a draft that was written in only six hours, which then became the TV phenomenon that is shaping pop culture, along with a fandom that is too powerful for words. In the midst of the Szechuan sauce-frenzy, we’re looking into the show that has the fans acting so erratic in the first place.

Created by Justin Roiland & Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty had set forth onto our screens on December 2, 2013, and animated television was never the same.

rick & morty

Courtesy of Adult Swim

Picture yourself as a 14-year old going on bizarre and impractical adventures with your erratic grandfather who’s a mad scientist with a drinking habit. Rick and Morty is just as bizarre as it sounds and that’s why it’s loved by so many. Each episode embarks on another insane journey that usually ends in an extremely mindblowing way. You would probably expect an episode to end in a certain way, but then you’re left contemplating the world around you as you know it. Your expectations can be due to the fact that many adult cartoons subsume the exact same rundown. A family that runs into wacky situations or experiences personal issues along the way. Same scenarios can be tedious and will leave a series uninteresting after a while, which can be a drag for show creators and ratings. With Rick and Morty, it’s more than just the usual family adventures & interpersonal relationship troubles that are resolved that the end. Throughout the series, we see Morty’s parents, Beth and Jerry Smith, continuously have marriage troubles, which led to an inevitable split in season 3. It really shows how marvelous continuity can be and how it can mold a quality show while attaching an emotional conflict to each character. The chilling end of the episode, Rick Potion No. 9, will leave you speechless. The scene of Morty’s thousand yard stare deserves awards alone.

Definitely not going to pass up the opportunity to mention the method of improv that is used in this show. In the episode “Rixty Minutes” you can see the improvisation come into play.

Just how much of this natural, improvisational method is used in Rick and Morty? In an interview with io9, Justin Roiland explains how the team behind this show doesn’t use the script exactly how it’s written, but instead as a guideline for their free-flowing creativity.

“When doing the dialogue I have to toss the script aside. Even if I’m sticking to a very specific line of dialogue that is required for a very specific joke set up or punchline, I find that if I allow myself to adjust the wording and let it come out more naturally to how I would actually say it, it helps make the characters feel more real/alive/natural. I also LOVE using out takes as in takes. Our dialogue editor Tommy Meehan also always surprises me with stuff he’ll pick from the record to cut in. He and I are very much in sync on what we find funny.”

“[I improvise on] some episodes more than others. I usually have moments in each episode that weren’t in the script. One big example is the cold open in the pilot. That whole sequence in Rick’s ship was improv based on a scene suggestion from Dan. Other stuff when Rick acts strange or fucks around… that’s usually improv. The scene where he plays with Morty in the Alien Scammer’s ship was improv.”

I guess when it comes to improv vs. the script? Just throw out the script because improv nails it every time.

A groundbreaking show like Rick and Morty was bound to have success, but I’m not sure if success is even the word to describe the impact that this show is having on viewers, the media, corporations & pop culture altogether. Try a phenomenon. Just early this month it was reported that Rick and Morty actually broke Adult Swim’s viewership record. Season 3 was the network’s most-watched comedy show in its history of programming. More than 11 million people alone watched the live-streamed premiere of the season. These are incredible numbers for a show with only three seasons.

The success of the first episode of season 3 alone inspired a hysteria involving a certain fast food chain. I’m talking McDonald’s and their Szechuan sauce. Who knew Rick Sanchez telling Cornvelious Daniel how much he loves a promotional McNuggets sauce from 1998 could led to a literal uproar?

McDonald’s actually ended up gifting the Rick and Morty team a four-pound bottle of this rare sauce, and the hype eventually led up to the franchise re-releasing the sauce for one day only on October 7, 2017. This didn’t sit right with fans due to the fact that the sauce was quickly sold out and it led to several public disturbances and an outcry across social media.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an animated television show have this much of an influence on the general public. It makes me wonder if the next season of Rick and Morty will be an even bigger deal. There isn’t any news on season 4 at the moment but we’ll keep you posted!


We Bare Bears “Our Stuff” REVIEWED

by Crystal

I’m so excited to finally start reviewing this show, I can hardly BEAR it. Yes, I just went there, because I finally checked out Cartoon Network’s hit new series We Bare Bears! WOOHOO. After checking out the pilot episode months ago, which I had to search up on Youtube, the cute comedy of a Grizzly, Panda, and a Polar Bear who refers to himself as “Ice Bear” – which by the why is my FAVORITE so far, made my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I just HAD to start watching, so here’s my review of the first episode of the series titled “Our Stuff”:

“Our Stuff” aired on July 27, 2015. The bears are excited to compete in a game of Basketball against a group of boys. As they’re getting prepared to play, they put their valuable items in a backpack and sat it on the bleachers. Valuable items such as ninja stars. But don’t worry, Ice Bear obtained ninja stars legally. After winning the heated Basketball game, the bears ran out of the court in celebration. Their excitement quickly shifted to panic as they realized they had forgot their backpack of belongings. The bears quickly ran back to the bleachers to find that their things are missing. Grizzly, Panda, & Ice Bear were destined to solve the crime of their missing backpack and take matters into their own hands! Well… that was after they were rejected by parking police… and kicked out of a cab.


After watching this episode I immediately fell in love with this series. I can tell you right now that not a lot of animated series on networks like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel etc. are not reaching the longevity status. They’re either cancelled after 1 or 2 seasons or in worse cases, swept under the rug after a few episodes. Good animated series that viewers are connected and appealed to that lasts more than 3 seasons are rare these days. I’m so excited to continue watching this series and I tune into it every night on Cartoon Network.

I give this episode: a full five stars! ★★★★★

This is my first five-star review. I don’t remember the last time I’ve fell in love with a cartoon network series, but I am now! What do you think of this series?

You can watch this episode here



Sanjay and Craig REVIEWED

tumblr_mnf7o66oEV1rco8vdo1_500From pie in the face, newspaper bombs and pizza slapping to the “head dude, what’s ups”, Sanjay and Craig, one of Nickelodeon’s newer animated series which premiered in 2013, are the gross-out adventures that every gross-out loving 12 year old kid can wish for. Sanjay and his talking serpent friend Craig fill their days with pranks, video games, and trouble. Looks like these writers have been taking notes from another particular pair of bad boys from another earlier Nicktoon. Carl and Hoodsey from As Told By Ginger perhaps? What coincidence that Sanjay’s mother is also in the medical field. No, but it would be wrong for me to compare Carl & Hoodsey, the masters of gross-out, to newbie, kinda mediocre entertainment that Sanjay and Craig puts on for us. But it was an attempt.

I rate this show: 3/5 stars ★★★

I feel like this show is not really bad, but the story lines seem kind of OBVIOUSLY recycled.  Maybe hire a better writing team? What do you think? Comment below!

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The Weekenders “The Worst Holiday Ever” REVIEWED

tumblr_mlud8s40fq1qmj3m3o4_250Grab a hot cup of whatever and get toasty for this holiday treat. Yes, I know it’s only November 3rd. Today I’m reviewing The Weekenders “The Worst Holiday Ever”. Their 13th episode from the 3rd season and the 34th episode of the overall Toon Disney series. Tino and the gang were planning to have the best holiday trip up in the mountains together, even though they all celebrate different holidays. Good for you Weekenders and Disney! Representation is important, show kids that Christmas isn’t the only Holiday…Holiday. While traveling up to the mountains with Lor’s pretty darn cool grandmother, they find themselves in some pretty deep crap when the roads are closed. While freaking out over lack of hair gel and things to do, they gang all shared their “worst (insert holiday here) experiences and Lor’s grandma sets it straight for the youngsters. She teaches them that the Holidays, whatever you celebrate, is about spending it with the people you love and being grateful for what you have. Or… to stay away from wild turkeys. Both lessons are good!


Things I loved about this episode:

  • The fact that Carver used Grandma Lor’s powdered Okra (which apparently is very sticky) for hair gel.
  • How Grandma’s Lor’s story taught us why we shouldn’t f*ck with wild turkeys apparently!
  • The fact that Grandma Lor had every food in powder form.
  • The representation of every holiday, as I said earlier.
  • The wilderness ranger’s love for The Beatles and Snoop Dogg.

I give this episode: 5/5 stars ★★★★★

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Grand Opening of Cartoons Reviewed


Hey there folks, welcome to CartoonsReviewed! As a fan of cartoons, I always find myself being interested in nothing but cartoons. If nothing is on TV, I usually turn to Nickelodeon or Boomerang or any other channel that shows animated shows. I think growing up, watching cartoons was a way of escaping the harsh reality of the real world for 30 minutes. And even now, as a 19 year old, it still feels that way. It’s exciting to watch animated characters live in a made up universe in made of cities and countries, and quite frankly I think watching cartoons can help and expand your creativity. I could go on and on, but anyways I hope you’ll all enjoy my reviews as much as I’ll enjoy writing them! Cyaaaa!