Throwback Thursday: Sniz and Fondue, One of KaBlam’s Best

Thursdays are for throwbacks, and that means it’s time to get nostalgic. Today for #TBT we’re looking back at one of the best animated short series from Nickelodeon’s classic cartoon variety series, KaBlam – Sniz and Fondue.


Anthology series just aren’t seen at all anymore in modern times. Shows like KaBlam! gave you a chance to watch many awesome cartoons within a cartoon. One of those, Sniz and Fondue, just hits home when you watch it again because it feels like it was just yesterday that it was still airing on television. Sniz and Fondue was a series of animated shorts created by Michael Pearlstein that aired on KaBlam from 1996 to 1997. The series defined the everyday lives of Sniz Bronkowski and Sneaky Fondue, two ferrets who are roommates with two other characters as well, Snuppa Doojers and Bianca Lo Bianca, who are a couple. Sniz and Fondue were inspired by characters in Michael Pearlstein’s 1990 comic book “Puppy Action!” published by Northstar.

There isn’t much information on what creator Michael Pearlstein is up to today, but if we ever get ahold to him in the future, we’ll be sure to interview him about the series. Sniz was voiced by Rick Gomez, who has worked on a ton of series (animted and live-action) including The Loud House. Oscar Riba who voices Fondue, has also done voice work on video game Grand Theft Auto.

sniz and fonduesniz-and-fondue

Top 5 memorable episodes:

S1E03 “Mod Stylin'”

S2E07 “Clubbed”

S1E10 “War of the Supergeeks”

S3E02 “The Great Chili Cookoff”

S1E09 “Fashionably Fondue”


Throwback Thursday Halloween Edition: The Powerpuff Girls “Boogie Frights” (1998)

In honor of October being Halloween season and all, this month you can expect Cartoon Buzz to get into the spooky spirit with chilling cartoon theories & nostalgic Halloween specials for Throwback Thursdays!

Today we’re looking back on an original Powerpuff Girls episode & how Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup got into crime fighting mode when it came the Boogie man & the monsters wanting to turn the city of Townsville into a 70s style disco party that lasts forever.

powerpuff girls boogie frights 2

“Boogie Frights” is episode 5 of the very first season of The Powerpuff Girls, that aired on December 16, 1998. The episode enters upon the girls getting ready for bed and Bubbles is noticably afraid of the dark. Buttercup instigates her sister’s fear & tells her that there’s a monster named the Boogie Man that only comes out in the dark. Both Bubbles & Blossom scream in fear when Buttercup turns out the lights but Professor Utonium comes to calm them down. After the girls fall asleep, it is revealed that there’s a party full of disco-loving monsters under their bed led by the Boogie Man and his right-hand man Jerome. They may convey the impression that their just monsters who love to party, but they soon show their wicked intentions when they shutdown all of the power & blocks out the sun with a disco ball, in hopes of turning Townsville into an eternal 70s style dance party. The Powerpuff Girls come to the rescue as they send the Boogie Man flying into space and destroys the disco ball, saving the day (or night?) yet again.

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Could ‘As Told by Ginger’ Have a Reboot in its Future?

In the midst of a reboot phenomenon that Nickelodeon is upholding, could As Told by Ginger be next? Or at least not too far in the line?


Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Let’s take it back to the early 2000’s. Nickelodeon is always praised for their hit shows in the 90s, but little do some know they have had some gems in the year 2000 and forward. We’re talking about our favorite awkward little writer with the red hair. As Told by Ginger was one of those shows that were ahead of its time. It had many touchy subjects that Nickelodeon just wouldn’t touch today – such as death, atheism, depression & caffeine addiction. Yes being addicted to coffee would be a cute and quirky thing to put on a t-shirt but in a Nickelodeon show, any type of addiction is just controversial. As Told by Ginger originally ended production in 2004 and there were many unaired episodes that were, I guess you can say, swept under the rug until recently. It really caused a continuity problem because most of the season 3 episodes that were produced in back in 2004 wasn’t aired until 12 years later. In October 2016, NickSplat aired almost all of the formerly-unaired episodes of ATBG. There are still two episodes that have yet to air in the United States, including the big finale. The Wedding Frame was the 3-part, straight-to-DVD movie that concluded the As Told by Ginger series. The very last scene showed Ginger Foutley as an adult, married to her longtime friend and love-interest, Darren Patterson. It is revealed they have a daughter together, as Darren is holding a little girl that has red hair and resembles both of them. It also shows all of Ginger’s friends and family grown up and aged as well. We then learn that Ginger’s diary was turned into a novel about her life, called As Told by Ginger.

It was indeed a heartwarming ending that made many fans, including myself, get emotional. For someone who has watched the show from when it first aired its finale episode it’s nice to see that the main character had a happy ending, but could there have been more to Ginger Foutley’s story? Many fans and critics thought the series ended too soon and the conclusion was a bit disappointing. First of all, when did Ginger and Darren rekindle their romance exactly? Was it after Lois & Dr. Dave’s wedding, sometime during their junior or senior year in high school or even in college? What happened after Courtney Gripling and her family lost all of their fortunes? There are a lot of questions that could’ve been answered if the show continued through Ginger’s high school years. It would’ve been interesting to see how Ginger and Dodie’s friendship would’ve plummeted, on account of Dodie not being the most loyal companion that Ginger has. In season 3 we learned that when it came to Dodie choosing her loyalty to Ginger or being on the cheerleading team with the same girl that Darren dumped Ginger for, she would choose to wave pom poms in a heartbeat (if she actually made the team).

Now since we’re talking reboots keep in mind that, supposedly, Nickelodeon did not want The Wedding Frame to be conclusive in the first place, because they wanted to possibly order more episodes. This could mean that the network could be all for reviving the series, but what about creator Emily Kapnek? In a 2016 interview with EW, Kapnek states that she thinks it “would be fun to do a spin on it.” Maybe it won’t be the exact same as the original ATBG, but it’s great to know that the creator herself is not against the idea. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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Was Cancelling Drawn Together a Wise Move by Comedy Central?


Comedy Central

Drawn Together was an animated reality show that aired on Comedy Central from October 27, 2004 and ended on November 14, 2007. The show was probably the most vulgar cartoon to ever hit television. It made a show like Family Guy look like a family-friendly series to watch with your Gran. Drawn Together is definitely not the type of show that is made for the sensitive or the squeamish. The show had jokes that would cause a major outrage if it was still airing today in 2017. Despite it’s outrageous content, my question is still very much valid to all of you out there. Was Drawn Together given the short end of the stick by Comedy Central or was it a wise choice for the network? Let’s take a look:

So as I stated before, Drawn Together’s last episode aired on November 14, 2007. It was a clip show/reunion type episode with an American Idol theme, where the characters sang songs that were featured in past episodes. At the end of the episode, the characters were informed that the show was cancelled and they entered a room marked “employment”. I applaud the Drawn Together creators and writers for adding that little gag in, even though having your show cancelled must suck big time. The show was publicly confirmed to be cancelled by Tara Strong, the voice of Princess Clara & Toot, in March 2008. I, myself did not see any reason why the show should’ve been cancelled after 3 seasons. I actually saw the show getting renewed for at least one more season, but I guess Comedy Central had other plans. Despite the pilot episode receiving an F by Entertainment Weekly, which was made into a whole subplot for an episode that also received an F, Drawn Together has good ratings overall. Metacritic gave it a decent 7.6/10 and it scored a 8.5/10 on For the shock comedy that the show put out, those are pretty good scores. Not to mention the show had a devoted fanbase. Well, maybe not that devoted to the point where the didn’t demand a new season hard enough, but still devoted.

If you were watching the show in 07-08 like most, you probably thought the final episode was the last time you’ll be seeing new content from the housemates. Well in March & April 2010 came a direct-to-DVD surprise: the Drawn Together movie. The movie was produced by Six Point Harness and created using flash animated because of budget cuts. Not only was the movie’s animation different from the show, but it was even more outrageous. Another fun fact to be learned about all of this is that the Drawn Together creators wanted a Drawn Together Babies spin-off, but Comedy Central rejected the idea. It seems like the creators definitely weren’t ready to give up with show right then and there, but they had no choice. They could’ve reached out to other networks to pick up the show such as Spike TV or even HBO. (Side note: I think HBO is really lacking in the animated series department).

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Throwback Thursday: The Proud Family “A Hero for Halloween” (2002)


Photo: Disney

When The Proud Family celebrated Halloween and teen idols all in one episode. Good times. *During the next few weeks in the midst of Halloween time, we will be providing you with Halloween-themed posts that will surely get you in the spirit!

“A Hero for Halloween” is the second episode from season 2 of Disney Channel’s original series The Proud Family and it aired on October 24, 2002.  Penny is not feeling the Halloween spirit as her friends are ecstatic about Wizard Kelly’s Halloween event when the performer is Lil’ Romeo (Romeo Miller) along with her family throwing their own party. After being a downer, Oscar and Trudy managed to convince Penny to throw on her costume and serve Proud Snacks to guests to get her in the spirit. During the Proud Family’s Halloween party, Trudy insists that Penny go to Wizard Kelly’s event and meet up with her friends. A little too late for Penny on account of the tickets being sold out, but she soon experiences a strange and sudden superhero awakening when she ate one of Oscar’s Proud Snacks. Penny then gained superpowers and saved her family from the wrath of a ghost that has haunted their home and defeated the Gross Sisters as they participated in a night of Halloween crime sprees. Plus she made it to Wizard Kelly’s event after all, and met the star of the night, Lil’ Romeo.


Photo: Disney

As a kid, I always looked forward to Disney Channel Halloween specials airing every year and this has to be one of my favorites. Not only because Halloween is my top favorite holiday, but because the show often featured celebrities that I idolized at the time. In this Halloween special, the fact that Lil’ Romeo was a guest star made watching this episode even more excitable on account of… HELLO! I had the biggest crush on him, no lie. So what is the lesson of this episode? Proud Snacks may be known as the nastiest snacks there is, but they will give you the superpower strength to stop a Meteor from plummeting towards a kid. Oh and Penny Proud is definitely featured on my list of female superheros that motivated me to conquer the world someday.

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#ThrowbackThursday: Why Recess is One of Disney’s Best Gems


Just watching Recess made me feel like I was apart of the gang myself. Although they faced many challenges on the playground and things may have been going bad at times, but they always regrouped and rekindled at the end. Plus, the fact that they have different personalities didn’t change the fact that they’re friendship was strong and they truly cared for one another. Nothing is too tough for this crew. True squad goals tbh.

Recess is an American animated show that aired on Disney Channel, ABC Kids, Toon Disney & UPN. The series takes on the lives of six fourth graders who attend an elementary school that’s ran by a government system made by the students. The must follow the rules of their Monarch, aka sixth grader “King Bob” and his enforcers, in order to survive recess.

This show had some real moments. I mean REAL TRULY AUTHENTIC MOMENTS. You can hardly find animated series these days that really tells the truth and nothing but the truth. They really touched base with their viewers about race, white privilege, etc. Recess truly played NO GAMES:

Ms. Grotke was the most “woke” teacher I’ve ever known and was not gonna feed her students any bullshit:anigif_enhanced-15257-1424897299-1enhanced-buzz-28080-1368740810-21tumblr_miugkt7yti1rt93pio10_r1_500

The kids gave no fucks about the Gender Norms that are jammed down our throats.anigif_enhanced-30190-1424897181-13anigif_enhanced-24117-1424979087-9

These lessons & knowledge that kids learn in life should be in something that they enjoy the most, cartoons. And I’m my favorite cartoons were full of them.