Was Chuckie Finster’s Mom Originally Alive on Rugrats?

chuckie finster

Courtesy of Nickelodeon

It’s always fascinating to learn about any “hiccups” that TV shows may have in their timeline – whether they’re minor or major. Today, we’re examining Nickelodeon’s classic hit series Rugrats, and a topic that still runs through the minds of many fans today. No we aren’t discussing any disturbing creepypastas or anything else that would give you the chills, but this topic does include the discussion of death. Just another cartoon theory coming through? You can be the judge of that. Now by writing this piece, I am in no way trying to “call out” the amazing team behind the Rugrats series. I just feel that this certain topic and the pieces that go along with it are just too interesting to not discuss. This topic is regarding Chuckie Finster’s biological mother, Melinda Finster. Throughout the series we eventually learn that she is deceased after three seasons.

melinda finster

Courtesy of Nickelodeon

On season 4 episode 2 “Mother’s Day” it was the big reveal. We learn that Melinda Finster passed away when Chuckie was a small infant, from what many can assume, a terminal illness. Chas Finster implies this when he showcased the tragically beautiful poem that she wrote for Chuckie, which he states she wrote while she was in the hospital.

Death can be a very controversial subject in children’s shows. Co-Creator Paul Germain explained in a 2016 interview with EW, that they originally wrote Chuckie without a mother because they simply did not want an extra character. By season 2 or 3 they had to make a decision whether to let the fans know what really happened to her. Both divorce and death were subjects that Nickeledeon thought were too sensitive to younger audience members. The Rugrats team eventually went ahead and decided that Chuckie’s mom was to be deceased. Germain also reveals that this is something he regrets. Did the Rugrats team make a mistake? Your answer can be formed as an opinion, or even as a fact. Let’s take a deeper look:

So it is confirmed that Melinda passed away shortly after Chuckie’s birth, but could a few of those aforementioned “hiccups” in the show disprove that? Rugrats fans have been speculating whether Melinda Finster was actually alive and well in the earlier seasons. This can be assumed due to the fact that in season 1 episode 8 “Real or Robots?”, Stu tells Chuckie that his MOM and dad will come pick him up in the morning. This implies that Melinda was still alive at the time when she was supposed to be deceased, since Chuckie was already two years old in that scene.


Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Rugrats fans also pointed out that in season 1 episode 2 “Barbecue Story”, Chas was sitting next to a woman wearing green glasses that kind of resembles his (image shown above). It is assumed that she was originally suppose to be Chuckie’s mom. This argument could be backed up because of the fact that many other couples were seated or standing around Chas and this mystery woman, like Boris and Minka or Betty and Howard. This is one of the earliest episodes so who knows how things were planned to play out back then. I feel like divorce could’ve been slightly been a better option than the dark nature of death, but this option could’ve led down to other dark rabbit holes as well. The question of why Chuckie’s mom didn’t have custody of him eventually would’ve came about. Divorce is way too common in American families today, so if the Rugrats were to come out in the recent years, it wouldn’t have been too big of a deal.

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Was Cancelling Drawn Together a Wise Move by Comedy Central?


Comedy Central

Drawn Together was an animated reality show that aired on Comedy Central from October 27, 2004 and ended on November 14, 2007. The show was probably the most vulgar cartoon to ever hit television. It made a show like Family Guy look like a family-friendly series to watch with your Gran. Drawn Together is definitely not the type of show that is made for the sensitive or the squeamish. The show had jokes that would cause a major outrage if it was still airing today in 2017. Despite it’s outrageous content, my question is still very much valid to all of you out there. Was Drawn Together given the short end of the stick by Comedy Central or was it a wise choice for the network? Let’s take a look:

So as I stated before, Drawn Together’s last episode aired on November 14, 2007. It was a clip show/reunion type episode with an American Idol theme, where the characters sang songs that were featured in past episodes. At the end of the episode, the characters were informed that the show was cancelled and they entered a room marked “employment”. I applaud the Drawn Together creators and writers for adding that little gag in, even though having your show cancelled must suck big time. The show was publicly confirmed to be cancelled by Tara Strong, the voice of Princess Clara & Toot, in March 2008. I, myself did not see any reason why the show should’ve been cancelled after 3 seasons. I actually saw the show getting renewed for at least one more season, but I guess Comedy Central had other plans. Despite the pilot episode receiving an F by Entertainment Weekly, which was made into a whole subplot for an episode that also received an F, Drawn Together has good ratings overall. Metacritic gave it a decent 7.6/10 and it scored a 8.5/10 on tv.com. For the shock comedy that the show put out, those are pretty good scores. Not to mention the show had a devoted fanbase. Well, maybe not that devoted to the point where the didn’t demand a new season hard enough, but still devoted.

If you were watching the show in 07-08 like most, you probably thought the final episode was the last time you’ll be seeing new content from the housemates. Well in March & April 2010 came a direct-to-DVD surprise: the Drawn Together movie. The movie was produced by Six Point Harness and created using flash animated because of budget cuts. Not only was the movie’s animation different from the show, but it was even more outrageous. Another fun fact to be learned about all of this is that the Drawn Together creators wanted a Drawn Together Babies spin-off, but Comedy Central rejected the idea. It seems like the creators definitely weren’t ready to give up with show right then and there, but they had no choice. They could’ve reached out to other networks to pick up the show such as Spike TV or even HBO. (Side note: I think HBO is really lacking in the animated series department).

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4 Animated Series That Must Be Revived

There’s always that one show that you feel like shouldn’t have ended, gotten cancelled or left to be abandoned by it’s writers and network. It can leave the viewers in tears or outrage, or even both. I would watch finales of my favorite cartoons and often thought, “That’s it?”. Or if a show was simply not renewed for another season and then time would go by and I’d be like… what happened to _______? I mean, back then I was too young to understand what cancelling or ending a show was, and too young to look up news about the show on the web. There are some of my favorite shows that I just feel should’ve gotten justice. In my opinion, these shows could’ve gone on longer even if it’s just a bit. And it’s not just because they’re my favorite shows…… Ok, it kinda is but that as well as they had potential for more seasons.

As Told By Gingeratbg

It was a bummer that this show wasn’t even one of Nickelodeon’s most popular Nicktoons. Don’t get me wrong, it was my top favorite show on Nickelodeon and it still is, and many people can relate to me on that. I’m saying it deserved popularity status like SpongeBob or Fairly OddParents, because this show got real on many levels. Ginger Foutley learned she was one-quarter Jewish and introduced Nick viewers to another religion & holiday. Her little brother Carl Foutley was an atheist, which was mentioned by their mother Lois Foutley in A Lesson in Tightropes, while Carl was praying in a hospital church when he thought his big sister was going to die. The topic of death showed up a number of times on this series, along with suicide and depression. They should’ve moved the show to The-N, now known as TeenNick, and made more mature episodes covering more real issues while the characters were in high school. I guess the show got too real for Nickelodeon. #RIPATBG.

Drawn Togetherseason-3_001

I’m having flashbacks of my 10 year old self sneaking out of bed at 3AM & turning to Comedy Central to watch this show in the den. Or when it wasn’t on sometimes, I would watch it on Comedy Central On-Demand. This show is too much for words, or at least this post. Drawn Together made Family Guy & South Park look like kid’s shows. With it’s racist jokes, homophobic jokes, abortion jokes, high level sexual content, a pig pooping in a cantaloupe, Drawn Together wasn’t meant for the sensitive beings. The show took major risks with it’s filthy nature and left many original jokes in it’s episodes, and that’s what really made this show grow to be one of my top favorites. It’s cancellation was announced in 2008 and the movie and final farewell to the housemates was released on April 20, 2010. The movie ended with the characters being erased from existence, which left me unimpressed and amused. Drawn Together wasn’t ready for cancellation. This show had potential to have more than three seasons, simple as that. #ReDrawDrawnTogether


Another kids/preteens show that got real. An animated Canadian series that took America by storm. Though ATBG did cover puberty, Braceface went all out and had an episode where the main character Sharon, had her period during a date with her love interest, Alden. Poor Alden, thinking Sharon was dying, called 9-11. No need for an ambulance buddy, it’s just mother nature releasing her monthly wrath, that’s all. This show even covered racism, a major topic that was unthinkable in kid’s shows at the time but did show up in a few. After Sharon’s grandfather made racist comments about Maria and her boyfriend, Maria is worried that his bigotry might have rubbed off on Sharon. This series also dealt with body image, sexuality, and anorexia. Braceface has many similarities to As Told By Ginger, but mostly the fact that both series started with the main characters in middle school and ended right when during their high school years. Makes no sense! At least make the series last until they finish high school. There are many more challenges this show could’ve covered. #Justice4Braceface

The BoondocksThe-Boondocks-Returns-With-Season-Four-Without-Aaron-McGruder

An anime that us black kids related to, and it came with a lot of comedy as well. It was the perfect combo for a show, and The Boondocks was definitely a show to remember. The way it covered the struggles of being black in a white neighborhood was spot on. It’s portrayal of celebrities & pop culture was pure comedic and slightly too accurate for words. After season 3 aired, a few years passed by and it had been thought that the show was cancelled or simply abandoned. Then season 4 happened and fans rejoiced, only to find out the series was ending. You can’t just abandon a great show like The Boondocks for years and then come back with such a great season, then end it all. I say bring the show back for about four more seasons, and show the freeman boys growing up and getting some major character development. Then, the show could end with a bang that will shock the viewers. But not a cliffhanger though, Boondocks fans have been through enough. #BringBackBoondocks

Do you agree or disagree with that any of these shows should be brought back to life? Or what about any other show that wasn’t listed? Comment below!