Did Richie Rich Die and Become Casper the Friendly Ghost?

Are you ready to get spooked? You just might have to prepare yourself with this cartoon theory that has crossed many minds for years now. Before we dive into the dark theorizations, I must make an important disclaimer that this article will contain some talk about death and some stuff that may be too macabre for those sensitive to such topics. Also, keep in mind that a theory is a theory. Whether I believe it or not, I am not claiming that any of this has been confirmed by any official source. Please continue reading at you own risk and read my full site disclaimer here.

Also, I want start out by giving those of you out there who don’t know the Richie Rich or Casper the Friendly Ghost characters more information on who the heck we’re talking about here. It’s understandable if you’re younger and aren’t aware of those characters since they are from the old school cartooniverse. I’m talking way back to the 1940s & 50s. Richie Rich is a character from the Harvey Comics who made his first appearance back in 1953 in a comic book issue called Little Dot #1. He was known as “the poor little rich boy”, and became the most popular character of Harvey Comics for more than 30 years. For a kid who is worth over $24 billion in inheritance and could have anything he wanted, you would think Richie would be the most stuck-up kid alive. Well Richie is the total opposite and not turning his nose up at poor people, because while he is the richest kid in the world, he also may be the most charitable. Richie is known for not being afraid to get his hands dirty to help those in need. That is the supposed reason to why he is dubbed “the poor little rich boy”. But what if there is a darker reason among it all?

This is what leads us to Lisa Simpson’s theory. Yes, The Simpsons have been the center of a lot of conspiracies ever since it came out, but this one particular moment in the series just might make a whole lot of sense. In fact, this scene in The Simpsons is what actually started the theory that escalated into a number of other theories. In the scene, Lisa is reading a Richie Rich comic book, while Bart has a Casper the Friendly Ghost comic book. Bart states that he thinks Casper is the ghost of Richie Rich, while Lisa makes the fair point that the two characters do look alike. There is no doubt whatsoever that Richie and Casper have the same exact face.

Bart then says that he wonders how Richie Rich died, and then came the dark theory that Lisa came up with.

“Perhaps he realized how hollow the pursuit of money is, and took his own life.” – Lisa Simpson

I don’t know about you, but I just got the major chills.


Perhaps this could’ve been the case indeed, because many people out there are in fact convinced that Casper is Richie Rich’s ghost and I know I am. At this point I am not asking whether Richie Rich died or not, I’m asking how.

Lisa Simpson’s suicide theory may be a little too macabre to think about, but there are fans out there that have came up with some other dark theories to exactly how Richie Rich died. But first let’s explore Harvey Comics’ supposed explanation to why Casper is a ghost from this archived Wikipedia article:

Given that Casper is depicted as a ghostly, portly little boy, there is a controversy among fans and critics of the series as to whether or not he is a dead child. Early Casper cartoons seemed to suggest this, as they portrayed him residing beside a gravestone. Specifically, the short “There’s Good Boos To-Night” featured Ferdie, a fox befriended by Casper, coming back from the dead as a ghost. Casper’s death (as well as the reason why he became friendly) have been disputed since that time. This somewhat macabre premise was later abandoned in favor of the idea that ghosts were merely a type of supernatural being, similar to ghouls, goblins, etc. He was thereafter portrayed with feet and shown to have ghostly parents and became slightly slimmer. In the 1960s and 1970s, the stock answer provided by Harvey Comics in response to those wondering how Casper died was that he was a ghost simply because his parents were already ghosts when they were married.

Casper even has a last name that is “McFadden” according to the 1995 film. Speaking of that film, it is revealed that Casper is the ghost of a 12-year-old boy who died of pneumonia. Harvey Comics’ less morbid answer to why Casper is a ghost was simply because his parents were ghosts just doesn’t add up. The film’s explanation and the fact that there’s a character called Ferdie the fox who rose from the dead, proves that death does happen in the Harvey Comics universe and the excuse that Casper was just born a ghost is a little off. Of course as a kid I would’ve fell for this, but in my adult form I just cannot accept the excuse that ghosts can produce children like humans can, even in a fictional universe of cartoon characters. I strongly think that Harvey Comics provided this explanation so that kids wouldn’t be creeped out, because I know if I was a kid and found out that Casper is dead, it would freak me out a bit.

This explanation, along with the fact that Richie Rich and Casper have appeared in 45 issues together in a 1974 comic book series, could easily debunk the whole theory. But that doesn’t stop some fans from dancing around the apparent truth and coming up with some theories of their own.

Richie Rich and Casper (1974 series) 12

One Reddit commenter gave their own little take on how they think Richie passed away from his curiosity of being a normal boy and became Casper.

Then you have the most known theory that Richie Rich was murdered by his own parents for the insurance money, which is something that I just don’t consider a reliable theory. Friendly reminder that Richie is known as the richest kid in the world, so you know his parents were rolling in dough as well. Why would they murder their own child for wealth that they already had?

Out of all of the cartoon theories I’ve read, this one is both the most believed and the most believable. Richie Rich and Casper the Friendly Ghost are two characters from the same comic book universe who look strikingly similar. Casper just may be the ghost of Richie Rich, and the fact that Casper was dubbed “the Friendly Ghost” just fuels the theory even more. Like stated above, Richie Rich was known for being humble and friendly despite being super rich. I find it extremely hard to believe that anything about this theory is too far-fetched. What do you think?


Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Post Apocalypse Theory

A little disclaimer: a theory is a theory, defined as an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be true. Nothing is being confirmed and should be interpreted as a confirmation. This is just my summary of the fan theory I discovered along with my thoughts on it. (Here’s the source of this theory)

avatarsource: Nickelodeon

We all know Avatar: The Last Airbender for being more than just a Nicktoon. It was one of the greatest and most powerful cartoons on television, let alone Nickelodeon. The idea of a world divided into four nations of “benders” who can control the natural elements – fire, earth, water and air, is just plain awesome. Watching Avatar was an experience, from the episode plots to the characters. Everything was just so well put together and I always told myself if I ever met the creators or writers of this series I would brag on their show till I’m blue in the face. I mean, you rarely (I said rarely that means it’s not impossible) find cartoons with such a creative background nowadays. Sometimes I wonder when we will see another cartoon that is as breathtaking as Avatar. Or even IF we will ever see another, but I like to have hope for the future of animated television.

A cartoon like Avatar just has to come with interesting fan theories, and this fan theory may be the most fascinating one yet. I’m talking staying up until 3 am and analyzing it over and over fascinating. That’s what I realized when I stumbled across this mind blowing article, that I might just have to side with. You can always count on me to analyze the most compelling fan theories out there. It’s pretty much a requirement from me at this point. Well, the theory is that the Avatar series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Now before you shut your laptop or throw your phone across the room, this might not be entirely far-fetched. This theory may sound unbelievable and even debatable, because even myself can’t help but feel like this series takes place thousands or even millions of years ago. But let’s look more into it:

This theory states that somewhere between Avatar Wan and Aang, there was an apocalyptic event that unfortunately led to mankind starting over. For that reason, Avatar must take place in the future. This person provides their evidence by mainly pointing out a “major problem” in the timeline on the show.

 “In the episode Beginnings, Part 1 and Part 2, it shows the time of the character Avatar Wan and how he became the first Avatar, when Korra lost her memory. One of the scenes shown was a Chinese palace of the Chou estate, where Wan stole food from the Chou brothers. …there is a major problem here. If you think about the development time it took between A:TLA and TLOK, it only takes 70 years to build Republic City, which is supposed to resemble an advanced city, from the plans and cars in it, as well as compared to the rest of the world…But when they show Avatar Wan’s time, it is remarkably similar to Avatar Aang’s time.”

The theory also adds how animals in the show like Sky Bisons and Chimeras may be supposedly altered due to radioactivity, how characters like Combustion Man and Guru Pathik may exist due to “special intervention” or mutation, and more. All of the information is pretty mind blowing and the author of the theory explains it very well in my opinion, but what really has me going is the Benders explanation.


This supposed evidence of why benders have their powers could be easily disregarded, but not so fast. This person makes a rather good point when questioning the show’s excuses to how the humans developed their bending powers. In The Legend of Korra, it was revealed that the lion turtles gave powers to Avatar Wan and his kind during his time. Keep in mind, bending is not a power that can be passed down through teaching. As the lion turtles stopped giving powers away, the bending died down. So the apocalyptic event could have mutated the humans, giving them bending powers as time went on. Also the side-abilities performed, such as Metalbending, were not the works of the lion turtles, meaning only one thing. Mutated powers caused by radiation, which was caused by the apocalypse my friend.

This theory was a lot to take in and I hope I summarized it well for those of you Avatar TLAB fans out there. I really recommend you read the original article linked above in the disclaimer though. It may have you on a warpath, questioning everything you’ve ever known about the series. Or you may just find it as another interesting and enjoyable fan theory. It really depends on what level of fan you are. Once again, no one is confirming this theory to be true so no need to get frustrated or bothered by it.

‘The Loud House’ Mystery: Why Does Lincoln Really Have White Hair?


It all started with an adoption theory, that was later debunked, but we are yet to solve the ultimate mystery of The Loud House. In the episode “Not a Loud”, Lincoln came across his baby book but soon discovers that his birth story page was blank. He goes to his parents and they both give him obviously false stories. Lincoln and Clyde decide to take matters into their own hands. After some investigation, Lincoln found another family with white hair and similar features as him, and he comes to the conclusion that his parents switched babies with them because they wanted a boy. Lincoln confronts his folks yet again and they find the claims humorous. What’s really quite funny is that they decided to tell Lincoln his “real” birth story after he went through all of the trouble.

So apparently, when Rita’s water broke and her and Lynn Sr. were on their way to the hospital, their van broke down but… brace yourselves. They just happened to be on the same road as the president and the first lady, and get this! They decided to give Rita and Lynn Sr. a lift, but unable to make it to the hospital before Rita gave birth, the first lady delivered Lincoln herself. What a believable story, and it’s even more interesting to know that Rita told Lincoln that he cannot tell anyone due to a “confidential agreement”. Oh come on, if the first lady of the United States actually delivered a baby, I’m sure the White House would want a story like that to be public for good publicity.


So Lincoln’s birth story sounded like total… don’t even make me say it. It just sounded unlikely alright, but I guess the Lincoln adoption theory was debunked so whatever. Wait, but where was the explanation for Lincoln’s white hair? Hmm… now we’re getting somewhere.

Now in the concluding scene of the episode “Not a Loud”, Lincoln and Clyde notice that the character “Ron the Radioactive Boy” has white hair, so they assume Lincoln’s white hair comes from radioactivity. It’s kind of stretch if you ask me, but I like to encourage thinking outside of the box. The official explanation to why Lincoln’s hair is white that the show’s team seems to be trying to settle with is that he got it from his maternal grandfather or “Pop-pop” Albert. In the episode “Cover Girls”, while Lincoln talks to his grandfather Albert through a video chat, Albert calls Lincoln his “lookalike” and states that Lincoln has “still got snow on the roof”, directly referring to his hair. This is extremely bizarre, on account of Pop-pop being an elderly man who is expected to have white hair as he ages. Why would Lincoln, who is 11-years-old, have white hair?

It’s also worth mentioning that Lincoln’s sisters all have mixed hair colors of blonde and brunette, with the exception of Lucy, who’s natural hair was proven to be black in the episode “Spell It Out”. I’m sorry, WHAT? This mystery just gets deeper and deeper. I would love to try and figure out a possible reason to why Lucy’s hair color is different from her sisters as well, but that’s another post for another time.




What Makes The “Dead Bart” Theory So Creepy?

DISCLAIMER: This article mentions death and should not be read by those who are sensitive to such nature.

bart simpson dead

Courtesy of FOX

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons or just someone who enjoys Creepypastas, then you’ve definitely heard of “Dead Bart”. It’s one of the most famous cartoon theories to ever hit the internet and it’s been around for a while now. In the midst of Halloween time, it’s a must that we truly analyze one of the creepiest lost episode stories ever written. For those who can’t fathom what exactly a Creepypasta is, it’s simply a label for internet horror stories.

Dead Bart was written on GameFAQs.com by a user named KI Simpson on January 19th, 2010. Yes, this story turned 7 years old this year but it feels like it was only yesterday that I first read it on the Creepypasta wiki and didn’t sleep for days, but what makes this story so creepy? In fact, what makes most Creepypastas & lost episode stories so spine-chilling that it keeps most people awake at night & possibly in need of therapy? Well, let’s first get into the outline of the story. Dead Bart surrounds an individual who claims to have come across a bizarre & morbid lost episode of The Simpsons, which involves Bart Simpson getting sucked out of an airplane and falling 50 feet to his death. Not only does the description of Bart’s fatal accident give off an eerie tone, but the supposed reaction of the rest of the Simpsons family is just plain disturbing.

“Act one ended with the shot of Bart’s corpse. When act two started, Homer, Marge, and Lisa were sitting at their table, crying. The crying went on and on, it got more pained, and sounded more realistic, better acting than you would think possible. The animation started to decay even more as they cried, and you could hear murmuring in the background. The characters could barely be made out, they were stretching and blurring, they looked like deformed shadows with random bright colors thrown on them.”

Click here to read the full story of Dead Bart

I think we partially found the answer behind the unpleasant tones that most Creepypastas have. Bart’s death and the Simpson family’s reaction was really unsettling, as it provided a dramatic and eerie visual and audio description in the story. As you may know, the creepypasta came with a 4-minute video that is supposedly from this “lost episode”. Of course, the video is very grainy & hard to make out, but still bizarre and unsettling nonetheless. Since the first Dead Bart video emerged, there have been many parody ones that followed that are just as creepy as the original.

The morbid art behind Dead Bart can also be the cause of this horrifying internet story going viral. Take a look at the original art that can be shown on the creepypasta page of the story. It shows a dead & decaying Bart surrounded by fire that just gives you the shivers as soon as you look at it. Of course, this theory was debunked by executive producer Al Jean, but it’s still a creepy story that is sure to put you in the Halloween spirit.

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