The Unforgettable April Fool’s Day Episode of As Told By Ginger

as told by ginger april foolssource: Nickelodeon

In the midst of the popularity of Nickelodeon’s animation lineup, Nicktoons, As Told By Ginger was a show that dominated when it came to surreal pre-teen struggles. Ginger Foutley, a slightly awkward, yet smart and responsible pre-teen took on the ultimate battle of junior high: crushes, mean girls and the constant pressure to gain popularity. By her side stood her best friends Dodie, an over dramatic girl who desperately craves popularity, and Macie, a small and nasally girl who’s obsessed with health risks. The trio of friends have had their share of situations, drama and has even had their friendship tested. But among all of that, was the ultimate and twisted mind game of a prank that was played on April Fools Day.

In season 2 episode 10, Ginger plays what was suppose to be the ultimate April Fool’s Day prank on Dodie, to get her back from the year before. I’m talking love games, and things could get pretty messy. It all started when Ginger forged a love letter that is supposed to be written by Dustin, the weirdest guy in their school, to Dodie. But when Dodie reveals that she has actually had a secret crush on him for awhile, Ginger realizes that her April Fools prank may have backfired. Even worse, Dustin ends up declaring his love for Macie in his very own letter. This causes drama between Dodie and Macie and things get crazy, all while Ginger is feeling guilt and regret because her prank caused major conflict between her best friends. Or so we thought it did, but there was a huge twist revealed that ended up being a prank on not only Ginger, but to the viewers that watch. And the mastermind behind it all was Darren.


If you’ve watched the entire episode from beginning to end, then you remember when Ginger was telling Darren all about her prank. Which isn’t really smart on Ginger’s end, because lord knows why she would even tell Darren, who’s also a member of their friendship circle. Darren pretty expressed to Ginger about how he doesn’t think her prank is a good idea and that she’s “playing with fire”, but little did we know, he was serious. Serious enough to let Dodie, Macie and Dustin know about the whole thing beforehand and be able to plan his very own prank with the help of those three, that made Ginger’s prank look amateur. Towards the end of the episode when Darren’s prank was revealed, Ginger attempted one last try at getting her friends good by fake crying and expressing how much their prank caused her emotional turmoil and distress. Really Ging?

Darren won me over with this episode. His character is always winning me over with his words of wisdom and keeping Ginger and the girls from freaking out, but I feel like he took a stand this time. He saw something that would potentially be a dangerous game played by Ginger, and put his own little fun twist on it. Plus, it taught Ginger a lesson and pretty much saved her behind. I’m starting to wonder what if Darren didn’t play his prank back on Ginger? What if Dodie really got that letter by surprise, and really thought Dustin liked her, only to find out he doesn’t? If you’re a fan of the series like myself, then you know the over dramatic level that Dodie is on. The love games that were played could have done some real damage.

Of course, there is always that meanwhile side of an episode of As Told By Ginger. Carl and Hoodsey play their own prank on their arch nemisis Blake Gripling, which backfires on them as well. What a lousy year that was for the Foutley kids to pull April Fools pranks. Carl tells Blake that he sold is beloved tonsils, only to find out that Hoodsey’s mother Joann actually threw them away on accident. This led to Carl and Hoodsey searching the dump and getting trapped in it. There’s a lesson in this episode for those who are planning to come up with their own devious pranks: keep it to yourself or it might backfire! Don’t make the same mistake Ginger did.


10 Nostalgic Nickelodeon Christmas Specials

Growing up can be a drag when you realize that some things will just never be the same. No more waking up to brand new toys under the tree and spending the entire day happy, cheerful, and responsibility-free. But… something that will always remain no matter how old you get is the cartoons! Nickelodeon had some of the best animated Christmas specials ever to air on television. If you aren’t in the spirit yet, you just need a little reminder of the episodes that made Christmas time excitable.

1. Fairly OddParents “Christmas Every Day” (2001)

fairly-oddparents-christmas-every-dayAirdate: December 12, 2001

As Christmas approaches, which is Timmy’s favorite holiday, he makes the ultimate wish in hopes it will remain Christmas every day. It seemed like the perfect wish for a 10-year-old kid until it wasn’t.

2. SpongeBob Squarepants “Christmas Who?” (2000)

spongebob-squarepants-christmas-who-patrick-starAirdate: December 6, 2000

SpongeBob, Patrick, and the rest of the Bikini Bottom residents learn the true meaning of Christmas. Well, sorta. It has a catchy musical number that we all know the words to so there’s that!

3. Rocko’s Modern Life “Rocko’s Modern Christmas” (1994)

rockos-modern-life-rockos-modern-christmasAirdate: December 1, 1994

Rocko tried to get into the Christmas spirit, but when there’s no snow outside and his party invitees are no-shows, it becomes rather difficult.

4. Hey Arnold “Arnold’s Christmas” (1996)

hey-arnold-arnolds-christmasAirdate: December 14, 1996

Arnold is destined to find the Christmas miracle that Mr. Hyunh is longing for, his long-lost daughter.

5. Rugrats “The Santa Experience” (1992)

rugrats-the-santa-experienceAirdate: December 6, 1992

The adults take the babies up to the mountain cabin for a Christmas celebration. Angelica’s devious ways may have earned her a big lump of coal and a spot on Santa’s naughty list.

6. Danny Phantom “The Fright Before Christmas” (2005)

danny-phantom-the-fright-before-christmasAirdate: December 6, 2005

When it comes to Christmas, Danny isn’t having any of it. When his friends call him out on it, he attempts to destroy anything Christmas-related in Ghost World to relieve his stress, which he soon learns was a mistake.

7. As Told by Ginger “An Even Steven Holiday Special” (2001)

as-told-by-ginger-an-even-steven-holiday-specialAirdate: December 10, 2001

When Ginger learns that she is part Jewish, she decides to celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. Unfortunately, this becomes a problem to best friend Dodie, who insists that she is abandoning Christmas.

8. Jimmy Neutron “Holly Jolly Jimmy” (2003)

jimmy-neutron-holly-jolly-jimmyAirdate: December 8, 2003

After Jimmy tells his friends that he doesn’t believe him Santa, it leads the crew to the North Pole to get answers.

9. Invader Zim “The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever” (2002)

invader-zim-the-most-horrible-xmas-everAirdate: December 10, 2002

Being amazed at how much power Santa has over humans during Christmas time, Zim creates a Santa suit and pretends to be him to gain control.

10. Doug “Doug’s Christmas Story” (1993)

doug-dougs-christmas-storyAirdate: December 12, 1993

Porkchop is accused of attacking Beebe, which puts his life on the line and Doug’s Christmas spirit is in shambles.




Cartoon Halloween Playlist: 20+ Animated Halloween Specials You Should Watch This Year

Cartoon Buzz Halloween Playlist

Happy Halloween! Finally, it’s the spookiest & most candy-filled time of the year. A time where we can dress up as someone or something else & be a kid again. Whether you’re going out this year or staying home, it’s a must that you engage in some new or nostalgic animated Halloween specials. In fact, add it to your everlasting list of traditions. If you’re having trouble putting together some Halloween specials don’t worry another second, because Cartoon Buzz has got you covered this year with a special playlist, listing over 20 cartoon Halloween specials!

DISCLAIMER(S): This list is not ranked from “best” to “worst” or visa versa. Some of the animated series listed are intended for mature audiences only. Cartoon Buzz does not support piracy so there will not be any illegal download links to any of these episodes. Please respect this disclaimer and have a happy Halloween!

1. SpongeBob Squarepants: Scaredy Pants (Season 1, Episode 13a)

spongebob squarepants scaredy pants

2. Hey Arnold: Arnold’s Halloween (Season 2, Episode 11)

hey arnold arnold

3. Powerpuff Girls: Boogie Frights (Season 1, Episode 5)

powerpuff girls boogie frights 2

4. Rocko’s Modern Life: Sugar Frosted Frights (Season 3, Episode 3A)

rocko's modern life sugar frosted frights

5. Recess: A Recess Halloween (Part 3 of movie)


6. Fairly OddParents: Scary Godparents (Season 2, Episode 12)

fairly oddparents scary godparents

7. As Told By Ginger: I Spy a Witch (Season 1, Episode 13)

as told by ginger i spy a witch

8. What’s New, Scooby-Doo?: A Scooby-Doo Halloween (Season 2, Episode 6)


9. Doug: Doug’s Halloween Adventure (Season 4, Episode 4)

doug's halloween adventure

10. Kim Possible: October 31st (Season 1, Episode 14)

kim possible october 31st

11. Wild Thornberrys: Blood Sisters (Season 1, Episode 13)


12. Family Guy: Halloween on Spooner Street (Season 9, Episode 5)


13. SpongeBob Squarepants: The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom (Season 10, Episode 16)


14. The Loud House: Tricked (Season 2, Episode 24)


15. We Bare Bears: Charlie’s Halloween Thing (Season 3, Episode 29)


16. The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror series

the simpsons treehouse of horror

17. South Park: Hell on Earth 2006 (Season 10, Episode 11)

south park hell on earth 2006

18. Bunsen Is a Beast: Beast Halloween Ever (Season 1, Episode 16)


19. Bob’s Burgers: The Wolf of Wharf Street (Season 8, Episode 3)

bob's burgers the wold of wharf street

20. Danny Phantom: Fright Knight (Season 1, Episode 13)

danny phantom fright knight

21. The Weekenders: Nevermore (Season 4, Episode 1)

the weekenders nevermore

22. CatDog: CatDogula (Season 3, Episode 5)

catdog catdogula

23. Invader Zim: Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom (Season 1, Episode 14)


24. The Cleveland Show: It’s the Great Pancake, Cleveland Brown (Season 2, Episode 4)

the cleveland show it's the great pancake cleveland brown

Could ‘As Told by Ginger’ Have a Reboot in its Future?

In the midst of a reboot phenomenon that Nickelodeon is upholding, could As Told by Ginger be next? Or at least not too far in the line?


Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Let’s take it back to the early 2000’s. Nickelodeon is always praised for their hit shows in the 90s, but little do some know they have had some gems in the year 2000 and forward. We’re talking about our favorite awkward little writer with the red hair. As Told by Ginger was one of those shows that were ahead of its time. It had many touchy subjects that Nickelodeon just wouldn’t touch today – such as death, atheism, depression & caffeine addiction. Yes being addicted to coffee would be a cute and quirky thing to put on a t-shirt but in a Nickelodeon show, any type of addiction is just controversial. As Told by Ginger originally ended production in 2004 and there were many unaired episodes that were, I guess you can say, swept under the rug until recently. It really caused a continuity problem because most of the season 3 episodes that were produced in back in 2004 wasn’t aired until 12 years later. In October 2016, NickSplat aired almost all of the formerly-unaired episodes of ATBG. There are still two episodes that have yet to air in the United States, including the big finale. The Wedding Frame was the 3-part, straight-to-DVD movie that concluded the As Told by Ginger series. The very last scene showed Ginger Foutley as an adult, married to her longtime friend and love-interest, Darren Patterson. It is revealed they have a daughter together, as Darren is holding a little girl that has red hair and resembles both of them. It also shows all of Ginger’s friends and family grown up and aged as well. We then learn that Ginger’s diary was turned into a novel about her life, called As Told by Ginger.

It was indeed a heartwarming ending that made many fans, including myself, get emotional. For someone who has watched the show from when it first aired its finale episode it’s nice to see that the main character had a happy ending, but could there have been more to Ginger Foutley’s story? Many fans and critics thought the series ended too soon and the conclusion was a bit disappointing. First of all, when did Ginger and Darren rekindle their romance exactly? Was it after Lois & Dr. Dave’s wedding, sometime during their junior or senior year in high school or even in college? What happened after Courtney Gripling and her family lost all of their fortunes? There are a lot of questions that could’ve been answered if the show continued through Ginger’s high school years. It would’ve been interesting to see how Ginger and Dodie’s friendship would’ve plummeted, on account of Dodie not being the most loyal companion that Ginger has. In season 3 we learned that when it came to Dodie choosing her loyalty to Ginger or being on the cheerleading team with the same girl that Darren dumped Ginger for, she would choose to wave pom poms in a heartbeat (if she actually made the team).

Now since we’re talking reboots keep in mind that, supposedly, Nickelodeon did not want The Wedding Frame to be conclusive in the first place, because they wanted to possibly order more episodes. This could mean that the network could be all for reviving the series, but what about creator Emily Kapnek? In a 2016 interview with EW, Kapnek states that she thinks it “would be fun to do a spin on it.” Maybe it won’t be the exact same as the original ATBG, but it’s great to know that the creator herself is not against the idea. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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As Told By Ginger “Of Lice And Friends” Recap: Learning That Gossiping & Having Lice Sucks at an Early Age


Photo: Nickelodeon

Lessons were easily taught in a variety of cartoons that I watched growing up. In this episode of As Told By Ginger, we learned why gossiping can possibly harm even the most popular girl in school. Also, Dodie is a supreme jerk. “Of Lice And Friends” is As Told By Ginger’s 5th episode from the show’s first season. Chet Zipper must abandon his morning announcements job and hand it to another student at Lucky Junior High, and that student is Dodie Bishop. Dodie, being the one who loves announcing things and just talking a lot in general, is of course thrilled and honored to be handed the role but instead of morning announcements she turns it into a gossip hour. Ginger being the good person that she is, doesn’t like how Dodie is using her powers for the evil doings of embarrassing and exposing others. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the students learn that lice is on the loose at their school, and Dodie has discovered a list of students who have it and planned on announcing it to the entire Junior High. Courtney Gripling happened to be one of the students who were curse with the lice-filled hair, but her reputation was saved as Ginger stopped Dodie from becoming an even bigger jerk. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey planned on opening a lice farm and looked to Blake Gripling for an investment. Little did they know, Blake Gripling would soon be competing with them with his maggot farm.

I’m pretty sure this is one of the earliest episodes where I realized that Dodie is not at all a good person. I mean she is the type of character that would step on the backs of their friends in order to climb to a higher social status. But whether you admit it or not, Dodie taught us a valuable lesson. The lesson that gossiping can do some serious damage to people. Imagine having something so personal about yourself just out there, and the person with the biggest mouth just expose it. I’ve met some gossipers back in my Junior High days, but I knew not to ever trust them and to watch them closely. What’s even shocking was the fact that Dodie idolized Courtney and that still wouldn’t have stopped her from revealing to the entire school that she has lice. I felt so bad for Courtney during this episode. Even Ginger went into paranoid mode after she hugged her on account of her being afraid that she might have gotten lice from that one little hug. Gossiping alone with friends can seem harmless, but it could eventually get around and someone’s reputation could be at stake. Even though Courtney’s name wasn’t read off from the lice list, other students names were and that was real low of Bishop. Where the heck was the school staff to stop this little Perez Hilton?!

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The Splat Will Air Unaired ‘As Told by Ginger’ Episodes on Oct. 22 & 23


Photo: Nickelodeon

TeenNick’s classic Nickelodeon block The Splat will finally air As Told by Ginger episodes from season 3 that were produced in 2003, but remained unaired in the U.S.

These unaired episodes take place during Ginger’s freshman year of high school and her struggles to get used to a new school system & her tyrant teachers. Ginger must face the challenges of her friendship with Dodie, her relationship with Darren and even her own health. If you have not seen these episodes, I suggest you tune in on Saturday and Sunday because the content is just something you do not want to miss. I think season 3 and it’s realistic and mature story lines is really what separates As Told by Ginger from other classic Nicktoons.

Episodes to be aired on October 22:

  1. Season 3 Episode 11: “Detention” 11:00 PM – 11:30 PM
  2. Season 3 Episode 12: “Kiss Today Goodbye” 11:30 PM – 12:00 AM

Episodes to be aired on October 23:

  1. Season 3 Episode 14: “Dodie’s Big Break” 11:00 PM – 11:30 PM
  2. Season 3 Episode 13: “A Lesson in Tightropes” 11:30 PM – 12:00 AM

“Battle of the Bands” and “The Wedding Frame” are the only two episodes that will remain unaired throughout the entire series, but “The Wedding Frame” is available on DVD.

…and now here’s a message from our sponsor (aka myself):


It’s here! The As Told By Ginger fan forum is officially done and created for those who are still dedicated fans of ATBG after all these years. On the forum we are going IN-DEPTH on the entire show and it’s details. Characters much talked about and no-so-much talked about, and hopefully petitioning on getting the show revived by Nickelodeon! It’s gonna be WILD AND YOU DO NOT WANNA MISS OUT ON THIS. SPREAD THIS LIKE WILD FIRE TO ANY HARDCORE ATBG FANS YOU KNOW.


Style of the Day: Miranda Killgallen Blazer Queen

“If I’d known you were like, clinically depressed, I might’ve gone a little easier on you… I mean there are days I really wished you’d disappear, but I had no idea you felt that way too!” – Miranda Killgallen, As Told By Ginger.

OUCH. We all know Miranda Killgallen as Courtney’s best gal pal – but Courtney is not even on Miranda’s level when it comes to everything that is pretty much evil and full of darkness. But damnit I’d be lying if I said she wasn’t my ultimate style muse, well besides Courtney. Miranda can serve piping hot insults AND looks at the same time, my idol. Today’s style inspo is dedicated to her navy blue blazer look that she wore in the cafeteria while laying a controversial comment on Ginger about her apparent depression. Such a bitch with iconic outfits. miranda-killgallen-blazer-style-inspo

  1. Mint Green Collared Blouse
  2. Navy Blue Blazer
  3. Cat Eye Sunglasses
  4. Fuchsia Lipstick

Who do you want to see next? Comment below & tweet us @cartoonbuzznet with the hashtag #CBStyleLikeMiranda with a pic of you wearing this Miranda inspired outfit!

When As Told By Ginger Showed How Moms Ruled When Dads Didn’t

MV5BMTQxNDIxOTMwOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDc2MjYyMjE@._V1_UY268_CR87,0,182,268_AL_In the season of Father’s Day and honoring the great dads out there, this is also a time to represent the moms out there who took on both roles when dad wasn’t around. The Emmy-nominated episode of As Told By Ginger “Hello Stranger” focuses around Ginger putting her poetry skills and her relationship with her father together and creating a deep, emotional episode overall. Jonas Foutley, Ginger and Carl’s father, left the family after Carl was born. I can’t imagine barely knowing my own father, wondering what if he never left and constantly trying to contact and build a relationship with him then getting the cold shoulder. Getting the short end of the father stick is tough, and it can either make you or break you. In this episode Ginger shows how much her father’s absence really devastates her. Inviting Jonas to hear her poem and looking into the crowd expecting to see her father’s face, proud and cheering her on, only to find out he was a no-show yet again. The major moment in the episode that had an emotional effect on everyone was when Ginger received the flowers which read that they were from her dad, but Ginger knew instantly that her mother Lois sent them because only the parent who’s been with her since day one knows she likes sunflowers. Lois parenting really kicked in and it represented how she recognizes her daughter’s pain and disappointment of her absent father. She didn’t want Ginger to be hurt and have no closure to why Jonas didn’t show up. She thought the flowers would help, and that what made me realize how amazing of a mom Lois was from that point on. Taking care of two kids on her own (seems like more because Carl is a handful), working late hours and even got a second job in one episode to be able to feed her kids, and actually talking to them and guiding them through their adolescence and teenage years. If you ask me, Lois Foutley is a supermom who helped her kids cope with their father being a stranger. lois
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4 Animated Series That Must Be Revived

There’s always that one show that you feel like shouldn’t have ended, gotten cancelled or left to be abandoned by it’s writers and network. It can leave the viewers in tears or outrage, or even both. I would watch finales of my favorite cartoons and often thought, “That’s it?”. Or if a show was simply not renewed for another season and then time would go by and I’d be like… what happened to _______? I mean, back then I was too young to understand what cancelling or ending a show was, and too young to look up news about the show on the web. There are some of my favorite shows that I just feel should’ve gotten justice. In my opinion, these shows could’ve gone on longer even if it’s just a bit. And it’s not just because they’re my favorite shows…… Ok, it kinda is but that as well as they had potential for more seasons.

As Told By Gingeratbg

It was a bummer that this show wasn’t even one of Nickelodeon’s most popular Nicktoons. Don’t get me wrong, it was my top favorite show on Nickelodeon and it still is, and many people can relate to me on that. I’m saying it deserved popularity status like SpongeBob or Fairly OddParents, because this show got real on many levels. Ginger Foutley learned she was one-quarter Jewish and introduced Nick viewers to another religion & holiday. Her little brother Carl Foutley was an atheist, which was mentioned by their mother Lois Foutley in A Lesson in Tightropes, while Carl was praying in a hospital church when he thought his big sister was going to die. The topic of death showed up a number of times on this series, along with suicide and depression. They should’ve moved the show to The-N, now known as TeenNick, and made more mature episodes covering more real issues while the characters were in high school. I guess the show got too real for Nickelodeon. #RIPATBG.

Drawn Togetherseason-3_001

I’m having flashbacks of my 10 year old self sneaking out of bed at 3AM & turning to Comedy Central to watch this show in the den. Or when it wasn’t on sometimes, I would watch it on Comedy Central On-Demand. This show is too much for words, or at least this post. Drawn Together made Family Guy & South Park look like kid’s shows. With it’s racist jokes, homophobic jokes, abortion jokes, high level sexual content, a pig pooping in a cantaloupe, Drawn Together wasn’t meant for the sensitive beings. The show took major risks with it’s filthy nature and left many original jokes in it’s episodes, and that’s what really made this show grow to be one of my top favorites. It’s cancellation was announced in 2008 and the movie and final farewell to the housemates was released on April 20, 2010. The movie ended with the characters being erased from existence, which left me unimpressed and amused. Drawn Together wasn’t ready for cancellation. This show had potential to have more than three seasons, simple as that. #ReDrawDrawnTogether


Another kids/preteens show that got real. An animated Canadian series that took America by storm. Though ATBG did cover puberty, Braceface went all out and had an episode where the main character Sharon, had her period during a date with her love interest, Alden. Poor Alden, thinking Sharon was dying, called 9-11. No need for an ambulance buddy, it’s just mother nature releasing her monthly wrath, that’s all. This show even covered racism, a major topic that was unthinkable in kid’s shows at the time but did show up in a few. After Sharon’s grandfather made racist comments about Maria and her boyfriend, Maria is worried that his bigotry might have rubbed off on Sharon. This series also dealt with body image, sexuality, and anorexia. Braceface has many similarities to As Told By Ginger, but mostly the fact that both series started with the main characters in middle school and ended right when during their high school years. Makes no sense! At least make the series last until they finish high school. There are many more challenges this show could’ve covered. #Justice4Braceface

The BoondocksThe-Boondocks-Returns-With-Season-Four-Without-Aaron-McGruder

An anime that us black kids related to, and it came with a lot of comedy as well. It was the perfect combo for a show, and The Boondocks was definitely a show to remember. The way it covered the struggles of being black in a white neighborhood was spot on. It’s portrayal of celebrities & pop culture was pure comedic and slightly too accurate for words. After season 3 aired, a few years passed by and it had been thought that the show was cancelled or simply abandoned. Then season 4 happened and fans rejoiced, only to find out the series was ending. You can’t just abandon a great show like The Boondocks for years and then come back with such a great season, then end it all. I say bring the show back for about four more seasons, and show the freeman boys growing up and getting some major character development. Then, the show could end with a bang that will shock the viewers. But not a cliffhanger though, Boondocks fans have been through enough. #BringBackBoondocks

Do you agree or disagree with that any of these shows should be brought back to life? Or what about any other show that wasn’t listed? Comment below!



As Told By Ginger 2017 Revival is a HOAX!

Yep, the revival was denied by Nickelodeon and the creator Emily Kapnek herself. All of us ATBG fans can weep in sadness and disappointment now.


Thanks a lot stupid rumors. You’ve brought out the emo Courtney Gripling in me.

Earlier this week a couple of articles from popular news/media sites such as Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Bustle, etc. were floating around about Nickelodeon’s original series As Told By Ginger being revived and that new episodes would air in 2017. To be quite honest, I was believed this 100% at first and I was really excited and actually screamed. Some of the articles went in detail of how the show would resume to Ginger’s freshman year of high school and go forward from there. I’m a big fan of the show, so I thought that I was suddenly in a perfect world. But sadly this world is far from perfect. Nickelodeon quickly denied the revival and so did the creator Emily Kapnek on her official Twitter page.

That’s all the confirmation you need. From the queen herself. This next reply made me chuckle, but still sad.

LOL this fake revival news got nothing on Courtney’s bubble wrap boobies.

Were you relieved or disappointed at this rumor being false? Comment below!