Bee and PuppyCat: A Cartoon with an Adorable Aesthetic

It’s not every day that you see a cartoon with such characteristics of calmness and relaxation. Watching Bee and PuppyCat is much like the experience of going on a carefree mental vacation.


Created by Natasha Allegri and directed by Larry Leichliter, is another interesting, must-see cartoon that is produced by Frederator Studios. It was first introduced to the internet on July 11, 2013, as a five-minute episode. No, none of the main characters is a buzzing insect that makes gives us honey. Instead, Bee is a young girl in her twenties who’s always on the hunt for numerous temp jobs in order to pay rent. One day, she came in contact with a mysterious creature called PuppyCat, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Some notable episodes include “Food” and “Beach”, as they both have interesting plots and helps highlight some of the characters personalities. Along with the adorable aesthetic, a lot can relate to Bee as a person. Adulthood in your twenties can often be a struggle of finding jobs, paying rent, making sure you have enough to eat, and just having to deal with life’s problems on your own. I’d say that Bee and PuppyCat is the perfect cartoon for Millennials.

“Too bad I can’t make a career out of getting fired, right? I’d be like, a CEO or a manager. Which one’s more impressive? …President?” – Bee

The Bee and PuppyCat series is with no doubt doing great, as it has many admirers behind it, merchandise, and BOOM! Studios released a comic book version of the series in 2014. Some say it belongs on TV but I’d say it’s made a comfortable spot right here on the internet. The first four episodes were released in 2014, followed by the rest released in 2016. It’s reported that production wrapped up in March 2016, and at the moment it’s impossible to say whether there will be anymore episodes of Bee and PuppyCat in the future. I for one, fully supports keeping this show going, as it brings good vibes and has a unique synopsis.

Fun fact: PuppyCat is voiced by a Vocaloid software called Oliver.


What Would a Family Guy Movie Look Like?


Courtesy of FOX

It was the year of 1999. Family Guy had made a touchdown onto our TV screens and eventually became a solid member of the top cartoons in history. Since then, we’ve had exactly sixteen seasons and almost 300 episodes of Family Guy so far. It’s one of the longest-running animated series on television and it has become a household name due to its off-color humor, continuity, and cutaway gags that often includes controversial pop culture references that have won the show several Emmy Awards. The success of this show grew to a very wealthy empire of video games, comic books, and merchandise. You would think a dream come true like Family Guy would come with a theatrical film by now, but nah, still waiting. Though creator Seth McFarlane assured fans many times that a film is bound to happen sometime, it all comes down to when. Producer Alex Sulkin placed his bets “within the next five years” during San Diego Comic-Con in July 2016.

“I think it’s always talked about,” stated producer Sulkin. “There are no specific plans for a movie right now but it is something that’s on Seth’s mind. If I were a gambling man, I’d say within the next five years, probably there’ll be something.”

Could that mean Family Guy might be in for a little competition with some of the other upcoming animated feature films that are set to be released within the next five years? Besides Bob’s Burgers, who knows what other cartoon is going to make another big movie announcement. I guess it’s also worth mentioning that Family Guy’s ratings have experienced an unfortunate drop over the last few years, so the expectation bar is set high for this movie. This movie should be a bigger deal than any of their highest-rated episodes ever. No pressure to MacFarlane or the rest of the team behind Family Guy, who’s already proven that they can really shake up their viewers with something spectacular. Take a look at such iconic episodes such as Road to Multiverse, Lois Kills Stewie and And Then Were Fewer. Of course, the film would have to be like… 10x more epic.

So what would the movie look like exactly? Another And Then There Were Fewer themed situation that could end in character death that we actually care about? Hands off of Brian this time, he’s been through enough. As enthusiasts, we can only imagine and put our bets on it, but all bets are off on it being another Star Wars spoof. Also discussed at SDCC 2016, Sulkin stated this:

“The truth of the matter is that, first of all, I think that we liked the first three and by the time we were done with the third one I think we were all ready to kill ourselves…”

Not arguing with that!



How ‘Rick and Morty’ Is Dominating Television & Sending Their Fans into a Frenzy

The time has come for a truly outstanding cartoon to really mold a positive impression on the masses. It all started with a draft that was written in only six hours, which then became the TV phenomenon that is shaping pop culture, along with a fandom that is too powerful for words. In the midst of the Szechuan sauce-frenzy, we’re looking into the show that has the fans acting so erratic in the first place.

Created by Justin Roiland & Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty had set forth onto our screens on December 2, 2013, and animated television was never the same.

rick & morty

Courtesy of Adult Swim

Picture yourself as a 14-year old going on bizarre and impractical adventures with your erratic grandfather who’s a mad scientist with a drinking habit. Rick and Morty is just as bizarre as it sounds and that’s why it’s loved by so many. Each episode embarks on another insane journey that usually ends in an extremely mindblowing way. You would probably expect an episode to end in a certain way, but then you’re left contemplating the world around you as you know it. Your expectations can be due to the fact that many adult cartoons subsume the exact same rundown. A family that runs into wacky situations or experiences personal issues along the way. Same scenarios can be tedious and will leave a series uninteresting after a while, which can be a drag for show creators and ratings. With Rick and Morty, it’s more than just the usual family adventures & interpersonal relationship troubles that are resolved that the end. Throughout the series, we see Morty’s parents, Beth and Jerry Smith, continuously have marriage troubles, which led to an inevitable split in season 3. It really shows how marvelous continuity can be and how it can mold a quality show while attaching an emotional conflict to each character. The chilling end of the episode, Rick Potion No. 9, will leave you speechless. The scene of Morty’s thousand yard stare deserves awards alone.

Definitely not going to pass up the opportunity to mention the method of improv that is used in this show. In the episode “Rixty Minutes” you can see the improvisation come into play.

Just how much of this natural, improvisational method is used in Rick and Morty? In an interview with io9, Justin Roiland explains how the team behind this show doesn’t use the script exactly how it’s written, but instead as a guideline for their free-flowing creativity.

“When doing the dialogue I have to toss the script aside. Even if I’m sticking to a very specific line of dialogue that is required for a very specific joke set up or punchline, I find that if I allow myself to adjust the wording and let it come out more naturally to how I would actually say it, it helps make the characters feel more real/alive/natural. I also LOVE using out takes as in takes. Our dialogue editor Tommy Meehan also always surprises me with stuff he’ll pick from the record to cut in. He and I are very much in sync on what we find funny.”

“[I improvise on] some episodes more than others. I usually have moments in each episode that weren’t in the script. One big example is the cold open in the pilot. That whole sequence in Rick’s ship was improv based on a scene suggestion from Dan. Other stuff when Rick acts strange or fucks around… that’s usually improv. The scene where he plays with Morty in the Alien Scammer’s ship was improv.”

I guess when it comes to improv vs. the script? Just throw out the script because improv nails it every time.

A groundbreaking show like Rick and Morty was bound to have success, but I’m not sure if success is even the word to describe the impact that this show is having on viewers, the media, corporations & pop culture altogether. Try a phenomenon. Just early this month it was reported that Rick and Morty actually broke Adult Swim’s viewership record. Season 3 was the network’s most-watched comedy show in its history of programming. More than 11 million people alone watched the live-streamed premiere of the season. These are incredible numbers for a show with only three seasons.

The success of the first episode of season 3 alone inspired a hysteria involving a certain fast food chain. I’m talking McDonald’s and their Szechuan sauce. Who knew Rick Sanchez telling Cornvelious Daniel how much he loves a promotional McNuggets sauce from 1998 could led to a literal uproar?

McDonald’s actually ended up gifting the Rick and Morty team a four-pound bottle of this rare sauce, and the hype eventually led up to the franchise re-releasing the sauce for one day only on October 7, 2017. This didn’t sit right with fans due to the fact that the sauce was quickly sold out and it led to several public disturbances and an outcry across social media.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an animated television show have this much of an influence on the general public. It makes me wonder if the next season of Rick and Morty will be an even bigger deal. There isn’t any news on season 4 at the moment but we’ll keep you posted!


Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Celebrating 25 Years of Nicktoons and All of Their Glory


“They’re not just cartoons, they’re Nicktoons.” – some genius employee at Nickelodeon probably.

Get your walkers ready longtime Nicktoons fans, because you’re about to feel pretty elderly. You’ve read the title right – it’s been 25 years since Nicktoons made their outstanding debut on Nickelodeon! Prior to Nicktoons, Nickelodeon was the home to nothing but live-action comedy & drama shows for the youth of the late 70’s, 80s & 90’s but on Sunday, August 11, 1991 things would change forever when nostalgic series that we still hold dearly to our hearts today like Doug, Rugrats and The Ren & Stimpy Show premiered on Nick for the very first time that night. Since then the animation team at Nickelodeon has gotten busy and managed to expand it’s lineup of animated shows over the years and became a network that was home of award-winning, larger than life cartoons like Hey Arnold, KaBlam, Rocko’s Modern Life, The Angry Beavers, Aaahh! Real Monsters and many more! Although the 90’s seemed to be the prime of amazing cartoons on Nickelodeon, the brilliance just didn’t stop as Nick strove for more greatness with shows in the early 2000’s such as Rocket Power, As Told By Ginger, The Wild Thornberrys and classic shows that are still standing today like SpongeBob SquarePants & The Fairly OddParents.

The Nicktoons and their booming success not only got them millions of viewers worldwide with each episode that aired, but fanbases were established for them. So what do you do when you have a hit show with a relatively large fanbase? Well that’s when the big companies step in and the partnerships start pouring out. I don’t think you could’ve lived in the 90’s & early 2000’s without seeing dozens of products like candy, clothes, books, etc. with the Rugrats on it. Admiration brings opportunity, and these shows brought the opportunity to many companies to make some bank. These cartoons that you saw everyday on TV turned into multi-million dollar franchises. SpongeBob premiered in 1999 and to this day is worth over $90 million with a movie that made over $140 million in box office sales. Rugrats Go Wild earned $55.4 million and a happy meal toy line at McDonald’s. Thanks to you guys, the viewers, these cartoons were able to brand themselves and become valuable gems even after their last episodes aired. Happy 25th anniversary Nicktoons, you’re forever cherished!


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My Review of Butch Hartman’s ‘Noog Network’ app

You know that when a show creator like Butch Hartman has an app out, you HAVE to check it out, no question. I stepped into the world of the Noog Network and I didn’t want to look back. noog network5Look at them, they’re so cool right? If Noogs were real, Butch Hartman would most likely win a dozen Nobel prizes for creating the best nonhuman species known to mankind. Well, they would probably freak the humans out and cause a worldwide uproar of fear and confusion. Pfft, humans. Anyways, the Noog Network is an app where you can collect these delightful creatures, earn points and unlock shows. Yes, actual SHOWS all on this one app. With myself only having under 200 points so far, I know that I really need to get going on this app to check out these cartoons. Like seriously, I wanna visit Bug Girl’s beauty shop already. noog network1You bet I chose the red one. The animation on these buildings and characters just give me nostalgic feelings about the earlier episodes of Fairly OddParents & some other shows you would find on Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Animation style that the kids of today just didn’t get to experience, so I’m glad to know that Hartman hasn’t forgot about his roots.noog network2noog network 3As you walk through the very vibrant city full of arcades, stores & restaurants, other Noogs and characters won’t hesitate to either invite you to their business, or turn you away  because you’re lacking those Noog points. “I don’t think they’re open, I’m hungry too!” what a cute way of telling someone to beat it and to come back when they’re rich. Key note: if you’re lucky, you could witness the Noog News helicopter once, or five times. You could never get enough of Noog Dood. On another note, I feel like it would be super rad if when every time you pass by another character, they could give you a chance to answer a riddle and if you answer it correctly BOOM! You’re raining Noog points. Plus, this is an app that is kid-friendly. So imagine a kid coming home from school, grabbing their iPad and getting ready to earn some more points on the Noog Network. By them answering riddles along with playing the games could exercise their minds and stash some more knowledge in there. It doesn’t even matter if they whine and moan about “ugh more learning!”. It’ll be an easy way for them to earn more points to unlock the many treasures that this app has in store for them.

This app may be on my “coolest apps of 2016” list because it’s growing on me already, and I just can’t stay off of it! Plus, if you’re a cartoon/animation fanatic like me you either know of Butch Hartman’s work, or  you’re easily drawn to apps like this. Don’t let the “safe place for kids” tagline fool you, anyone can enjoy this app. Have you downloaded the Noog Network yet? If so, what do you think?


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Nickelodeon’s New Series The Loud House Premieres May 2


It’s official! A premiere date has been set for Nick’s newest upcoming animated series The Loud House. The show will air Monday, May 2 at 5 p.m. so set your clocks & calendars.  The show takes place in the life of 11-year old Lincoln Loud, and his sisters. Not 2 sisters, not 5 sisters. 10 sisters! Who all share “L” names with him by the way: Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, and Lily. We get to watch the drama and chaos unveil in a large household of many siblings. The show is said to be inspired by the life of creator Chris Savino, who first created the show as a short animated film in 2013 for the Nick Animated Shorts Program. Savino grew up with 10 siblings along with main character Lincoln. The first season will have 26 episodes.

As Told By Ginger “Deja Who” REVIEWED

I think one of the most important lessons in life is that… no one can be Courtney Gripling better than Courtney Gripling. “Deja Who” is the 15th episode of the first season of Nickelodeon’s classic series As Told By Ginger. After learning that the senator’s son might be attending Lucky Jr. High, queen of the school Courtney is excited to charm him in his presence and escort him to the Luncheon. But taking a bite of Chef Bob’s mystery meat stew, which ended being Lobster, has left her suffering with an swollen face due to an allergic reaction. Of course Courtney Gripling isn’t going to be caught dead looking like this

y22lp5bz…no offense C.G.

So Courtney’s plan was for someone to “fill-in” aka BE HER, and who better to do the job than Ginger Foutley? As always, Ginger is a little hesitant when it comes to going through with these crazy plans. I mean who wouldn’t be? How was she suppose to pull of Courtney with ORANGE hair? I mean at least invest in a short blonde wig. Anyways, the plan pulls through and Ginger is now Courtney. Ging-I mean Courtney’s, no wait, Ginger’s inner diva started to show. Homegirl had so much sass, even cool, understanding, single mom Lois started to worry. Dodie & Macie then decided that Ginger was too caught up into being Courtney and that they had to get their girl back. Of course Dodie’s whining could’ve been the culprit of Ginger finally releasing the spirit of Courtney Gripling from her soul. Who knows. So Ginger must show Courtney that she’s bad at being her, or risk being her fill-in whenever Courtney is out.


Meanwhile Hoodsey has amnesia thanks to Brandon’s monkey, who scared him and caused him to fall off the swingset. Carl goes to great lengths to try and get Hoodsey, I mean, Rob, to remember their friendship or Brandon Higsby will snatch that role.


I give this episode: 4 and a half stars! ★★★★½

The episode is a classic and one of my favorites, but the logic of making a girl with orange hair pose as a girl with blonde hair without anyone complaining is a bit… OFF. Seriously Lucky Junior High students, speak up against this abomination! The lesson I grabbed from the episode is: best friends can sometimes turn into different people, whether they have amnesia or doing a favor for a frenemy. Especially if that frenemy is a rich, popular girl. Who is rich. Geez Ginger, you didn’t try to ask for a sum of cash for this ridiculous stunt?

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