‘Boots’ Tells the Story of a Cat with a Serious Hoarding Problem

bootsFrederator Studios & Sony Pictures Animation

Frederator Studios has really released something unusually entertaining with this animated short that was uploaded to their Cartoon Hangover YouTube Channel on November 21, 2017, a part of their GO! Cartoons series. Just last year in November 2017, Frederator teamed up with Sony Pictures Animation to create another cartoon incubator that gives viewers the chance to discover new cartoons and also gives the creators a chance to be discovered and have their cartoon short episode on display to millions of subscribers. Frederator is the culprit of producing great animated shorts that turned into successful long-running series such as The Fairly Oddparents & Adventure Time. Previously, we reviewed the first episode of the GO! Cartoons series “The Summoning”, created by Elyse Castro. Let’s see what cartoon was let loose right after.

Introducing Boots, a yellow cat who’s often jolly but seems to be unsure of what can truly fulfill his happiness and the empty void that is his heart. Instead, he collects many unnecessary items in his home that he has grown to be attached to, which is a very unfortunate disorder known as hoarding. Boots (Alison Cowles) even has the inability to let things go in his dreams, which we come to find as the episode begins and he wakes up in a nightmarish panic. He proceeds to go on with his morning by greeting and passing by the many odd items that he collects in bulk: Tupperware, toilet paper rolls, clocks. You know, the usual things that should be stacked high in everyone’s house. As he finishes drinking his morning Joe from one of his many, and I mean many mugs, he heads outside to greet his rotting porch pumpkin. That is when he discovers yet another item that he truly needs, a red chair that his neighbor Chad (Casey Hime), a very egocentric monkey, threw out. Boots doesn’t believe in throwing anything out and goes through the stressful and dangerous attempt at stealing the chair, which Chad catching on to his plan and trying to sabotage it. Finally, Boots simply swallows the chair whole and coughs it up to add it to his collection of other chairs.

What a ride that has been. Just watching this episode gave me a roller coaster of feelings that range from pleasant to concerned. Boots is an adorable character. There’s no doubt about that part. From the way he talks to how cheery and optimistic his attitude is towards things, Boots is someone who I want to cuddle forever. He says hilarious one-liners that made this episode very enjoyable. Plus he’s a cat, he automatically gets all the love and respect from me. What I am really concerned about is that… he clearly has a serious hoarding problem, to the point where his neighbor Chad briefly mentioned that he noticed a stack of boxes in his home and asks him if he’s moving. Followed by persuading him to “go forward” with moving because he pictures Boots living somewhere farther away. Yep, Chad is that snobby jerk of a neighbor that we all have had before.

“Any-who, enough about you. I was just getting ready to go on my botox-lipo cruise.” – Chad


In all seriousness, Boots is one of those characters that you’ll get attached to and can’t help but be concerned for due to his inability to throw things away due to his emotional attachment to items. As Boots declares his life as “complete” when he successfully apprehends the chair, that was proven to be untrue when he takes a gander out of his window. One of the best (but morally worst) moments in the episode is the musical number that happens when Boots discovers yet another item that he falls in love with tricycle with a missing wheel. He dances around the tricycle and sings about how it’s the missing link to fill his empty heart.

Overall, Boots was truly entertaining and I hope to see more episodes possibly in the future. Who knows. The voice work was outstanding to me and I love how colorful and playful the animation is. Two thumbs up to creator Alison Cowles and the entire team behind the episode for such an amazing job. Frederator Studios continues to put great work on display from animated series creators. This isn’t my first time reviewing an episode from the GO! Cartoons serious and it won’t be my last.




Review: Nickelodeon Short ‘Best Baddies’ by Max Wittert

nickelodeon best baddiessource: Nickelodeon

Being bad has never looked so good. Back in 2017, Nickelodeon opened a Facebook page, Nickelodeon Animated Shorts, that features fresh new animated shorts. A gold mine of new opportunities is the way I see it. Best Baddies, created by Max Wittert, was debuted on the page on September 14, 2017.

Three witches are on a mission to turn a small town of innocence into chaos and mischief. Girl scout Melody catches their eye when they see her determination to collect badges become almost wicked. Here would’ve been a perfect time for them to chant “One of us! One of us!”. Destined for Melody to join their witch cliche, they disguise as fellow girl scouts with not-so-legit badges. The witches tell Melody that in order to earn their so-called girl scout badges, she must join them in an adventure of turning the town upside down, and the deal is done. Shortly after Melody causes havoc with the witches, they offer her the ultimate final badge, but she must join them for good if she wants to achieve it. Of course the offer was far too tempting and though I was sort of expecting her to back out, Melody officially becomes a baddie.

best baddies nickelodeon

How can a cartoon be so cute and so wicked at the same time? It’s almost as if its making the coolest ironic statement. Adorable characters who just happen to have the intentions to cause trouble? I’m always down for that. Although, I gotta admit that Melody at least started off adorable but ended up just plain terrifying at the end. I expected her transformation look to match with the others but instead she’s a spooky hybrid of a human and a spider. I’m very impressed with this killer animation style though. It’s both unique with a hint of simplicity, and I wouldn’t mind seeing this on TV. I’m catching a cool, dark and sinister vibe.

I guess there is one major theme that plays a big part in Best Baddies: temptation. With Melody’s determination to collect literally every girl scout badge there is, the offer that the witches put on the table was far too tempting for her to resist. Tempting enough to.. kind of.. sell your soul and join the dark side? We’re talking about a girl who cleaned up dirty politics to earn a badge for crying out loud, she means business. Can’t forget to mention that cool song featured in the short: two thumbs up from me!


Seth MacFarlane and Butch Hartman Once Worked Together on an Animated Short

Before there was Family Guy or Fairly Oddparents, there was a Polar Bear, Alligator, and Ostrich trying to make it in the human world. Seth MacFarlane & Butch Hartman have always been close friends with successful shows in the animation industry. The recurring Family Guy character Dr. Elmer Hartman was inspired by Butch’s birth name, which is Elmer Earl “Butch” Hartman IV. Another interesting fact layed on you! The animation duo also worked on the Johnny Bravo staff together at Cartoon Network, until the entire cast including them were let go after the first season.


“…it was October 1997 and I was working on Johnny Bravo at Cartoon Network with a guy named Seth MacFarlane. The first season of Johnny Bravo was over and it was unclear whether there would be a 2nd season so we –the entire staff – were let go.

– Butch Hartman told OtakusandGeeks.com, April 2013

It’s great to know Butch and Seth formed a bond, and ended up working on an animated short for Oh Yeah! Cartoons together the following year.


Zoo Mates was created and written by Seth MacFarlane, and animated and drawn by Butch Hartman. It debuted in September 1998 and it’s not like other animated shorts. It features a laugh track, which is so unfitting for a cartoon by the way. I guess ideas seem good until you hear them out loud? Unlike the laugh track, the plot is very entertaining and so are the characters. An animal activist named Helen is calling for the Zoo to be shutdown, because her animal rights group believes they are cruel and inhumane. The Zookeeper makes her an offer she can’t refuse, which is that if she can take in three animals and prove that they are fit to live in human society, then the zoo will be shutting down. Helen is up for the offer and meets Mark the Polar Bear, Paul the Alligator, and Warren Ostrich. She takes them back to her home and tests their human living. Are they up for the challenge?

It’s unknown whether this was a pilot pitch or just a one-time project, but it sure is worth the watch. Knowing that both Hartman and MacFarlane went on and created bigger and more famous cartoons just proves that you don’t have to start at the top, but it’s where you go from there.


Meet Frederator Studios Newest Cartoon Incubator: GO! Cartoons

Are Frederator Studios on a quest to find the next big cartoon? Maybe, because they have released yet another cartoon incubator.


Earlier this month, Frederator Studios teamed up with Sony Pictures Animation for their 6th cartoon incubator, GO! Cartoons. Frederator is known for their past incubators such as What a Cartoon!, Oh Yeah! Cartoons, The Meth Minute 39, Random! Cartoons, and Too Cool! Cartoons. Frederator Studios have produced more than 200 animated shorts in the past, and some have become full-time TV series. It’s possible that any of these GO! Cartoons shorts may have the same success as Adventure Time, The Fairly Oddparents, Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, and more. The first cartoon from the GO! Cartoons series is titled “The Summoning” and was released on November 7, 2017, on the Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel.


The Summoning was created by Elyse Castro and surrounds characters Claire and Edgar. Claire is a young lady with a demoness personality, gothic-like appearance and vampire fangs. She is working on a summoning potion for a demon to get rid of the scum in her life. What kind of scum you ask? You’ll just have to find that out for yourself. She is missing the potion ingredient of “troll fat” and is accompanied by her cat Edgar to go find some. Claire is voiced by creator Elyse Castro and Isaac Ryan Brown voices Edgar. The Summoning has earned over a million views and positive reactions so far.

Frederator posted a full schedule of when their next shorts for GO! Cartoons will be released on their website http://frederator.com/go-cartoons/

I’m really hyped to see the different animation styles and plots that these animators are going for. You guys can definitely look forward to reviews and possibly interviews with the creators behind them!

Throwback Thursday: Sniz and Fondue, One of KaBlam’s Best

Thursdays are for throwbacks, and that means it’s time to get nostalgic. Today for #TBT we’re looking back at one of the best animated short series from Nickelodeon’s classic cartoon variety series, KaBlam – Sniz and Fondue.


Anthology series just aren’t seen at all anymore in modern times. Shows like KaBlam! gave you a chance to watch many awesome cartoons within a cartoon. One of those, Sniz and Fondue, just hits home when you watch it again because it feels like it was just yesterday that it was still airing on television. Sniz and Fondue was a series of animated shorts created by Michael Pearlstein that aired on KaBlam from 1996 to 1997. The series defined the everyday lives of Sniz Bronkowski and Sneaky Fondue, two ferrets who are roommates with two other characters as well, Snuppa Doojers and Bianca Lo Bianca, who are a couple. Sniz and Fondue were inspired by characters in Michael Pearlstein’s 1990 comic book “Puppy Action!” published by Northstar.

There isn’t much information on what creator Michael Pearlstein is up to today, but if we ever get ahold to him in the future, we’ll be sure to interview him about the series. Sniz was voiced by Rick Gomez, who has worked on a ton of series (animted and live-action) including The Loud House. Oscar Riba who voices Fondue, has also done voice work on video game Grand Theft Auto.

sniz and fonduesniz-and-fondue

Top 5 memorable episodes:

S1E03 “Mod Stylin'”

S2E07 “Clubbed”

S1E10 “War of the Supergeeks”

S3E02 “The Great Chili Cookoff”

S1E09 “Fashionably Fondue”