The Major Problem with Family Guy’s 300th Episode

Just a head’s up, this post contains SPOILERS from Episode 300 (S16E11) of Family Guy. Please continue at your own risk.

Family_Guy_2745557bsource: FOX

Not every episode of a TV show is going to be peachy keen. You could be the biggest fan of a show and still find its flaws and loopholes. It’s normal. Even great shows like Family Guy are going to have episodes where you are going to find yourself questioning certain aspects of it. I mean of course Family Guy is not intended for the easily offended, but that’s not what I mean. I mean regarding the content and flow of things, there are some things that you just wish the writers did differently. Unfortunately, this is the case with episode 300. This past weekend FOX premiered Family Guy’s 300th episode. The show will turn 19 years old in two weeks and still going pretty strong 16 seasons later. Though the series hasn’t had its major theatrical movie yet, it has had much success that lead to video games & book adaptions. With such great work that the team behind Family Guy puts together, you just can’t slam it as a whole. However, I have to be completely honest. Episode 300 was pretty emotional because it represented losing something that is near and dear to you. Oh and Peter is literally every teenage girl when they meet their idol.

Episode 300 started out smooth and easygoing, with no reference that it is the 300th episode. Starting off with Peter’s gag of having to have the grocery list items separately pinned to him by Lois, you would think this would be just an ordinary episode where Peter just goofs off… which is was. The main story line actually surrounded Stewie, Brian and Rupert. Brian planned on binge-watching all of the Fast & Furious movies with Stewie and Rupert. Growing tired and annoyed by Stewie’s constant “conversation” with his plush bear, Brian decides to go out and drink instead. Stewie’s “conversation” with Rupert later turns into an “argument” and Stewie storms upstairs. Stewie later comes back and finds Rupert in pieces and Brian sleeping on the couch after a night of drinking. While in hysterics over Rupert’s “death”, Stewie attacks Brian. Brian admits to mistaking Rupert as a chew toy. In this moment, I was questioning Brian’s explanation. Later on in the episode I come to find out that I was right. Brian confesses that he intentionally “killed” Rupert, because he’s tired of always coming second in Stewie’s eyes.

The episode ends with Stewie and Brian coming to some sort of resolution as they scatter Rupert’s ashes on the mountains, followed by It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday playing with Rupert and Paul Walker driving away, a parody of the scene from The Fast and the Furious. Oh and not to mention the big mistake that the writers made: Brian ends up buying Stewie a new Rupert. The last five minutes or so made the entire episode pretty pointless. For them to go through all the trouble of making viewers sad with that musical montage, just for Brian to buy him another bear wasn’t necessary. We all know it isn’t the original Rupert, come on Family Guy writers!


Cartoon Network’s Unikitty Is ‘Cute but Deadly’

It looks like Cartoon Network may have a good thing going with their newest series Unikitty. Based on The Lego Movie, developed by Ed Skudder and Lynn Wang, this Unicorn-Kitty hybrid character just sticks to the brain with her cheery optimism and uplifting personality. She was as cute as can be, with a occasional dash of rage in The Lego Movie – directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, and it’s lead to her having her very own series.


The adventures start in Princess Unikitty’s kingdom, where she has a posse of sorts. Her brother Prince Puppycorn, a Dog-Unicorn hybrid, is just as enthusiastic and full of energy as she is. Dr. Fox is the kingdom’s scientist, who works in a lab underneath Unikitty’s castle. I like to think of Dr. Fox being obviously the most logical member of the squad, and sort of being the voice of reason when she sees the rest of the characters getting into something that could lead to trouble. Hawkodile is – you guessed it. A hawk-crocodile hybrid who just happens to be Unikitty’s bodyguard. He’s the muscle of the group, but his crush on Dr. Fox makes him appear soft. The character who’s the most interesting but just happens to have a dull monotone voice at the same time is Richard. He is Unikitty’s royal advisor and the caretaker of the castle. Unlike all of the rest of the characters, Richard has a normal name and is not a hybrid of any animals. He is just a plain grey Lego brick, which could be a nudge at his personality. Richard is very dedicated to keeping the castle in order and doing his job.

Unikitty has just officially premiered this year on January 1, 2018. Lately there has been emotions of mistrust that happens when a new cartoon comes to light, but I think it could be different with Unikitty. This series features characters will unlikely animal hybrids and names, and it could give some the impression of being silly or even ridiculous. So much that they could forget to actually give the show a chance. Unikitty is not just some pretty, colorful fantasy. Like every fantasy series with a castle full of protagonists, there are bound to be evil antagonists as well. Master Frown is the villain who stirs up trouble with Unikitty and the gang, along with his sidekick Brock. Princess Unikitty has a dark side when people cross her, and it’s pretty hilarious. As seen in The Lego Movie, she turns bright red and full of rage. I think that when it comes to running gags and humorous one-liners, Unikitty is pretty much killing it.

The voices behind the characters are the work of many great and memorable stars. The voice cast is led by Tara Strong (Teen Titans Go!) and Grey Griffin (Be Cool Scooby-Doo!) along with Kate Micucci (Be Cool Scooby-Doo!), Roger Craig Smith (Regular Show), Eric Bauza (The Adventures of Puss in Boots) and H. Michael Croner. (press)

Unikitty has been stamped with the seal of approval here at Cartoon Buzz. I think it gives off a humorous message of a “cute but deadly” princess and her friends who have her back when it’s time to kick some villainous butt.

Cartoon Network’s New Series ‘Craig of the Creek’ Takes You on a New Adventure

craig-of-the-creekCartoon Network

2018 is here and it’s bound to introduce us to some new faces in animation. In early December 2017, Cartoon Network released the pilot of their upcoming series Craig of the Creek and it is on our list for the must-watch shows in 2018.

Craig of the Creek is a new Slice-of-life comedy that surrounds the adventures of a boy who loves his quests, Craig. He’s accompanied by his two best friends Kelsey and J.P. Kelsey is obviously extremely invested and dedicated to their creek adventures, while J.P. seems to be along for the ride and just happy to be spending time with his friends. Their adventures take place in a “kid utopia” set up in a creek of tree forts and imagination. They call themselves the “Creek Kids”.

“The Creek is a place where we could all be whatever we want. We could be the hero of a book that doesn’t exist. Or just a really misunderstood guy.”

Craig is definitely a kid who is adventurous and doesn’t mind getting dirty or smelly in the process. A memorable scene from the pilot and trailer is the exchange between Craig and his older brother Bernard, a typical teenager who constantly has his face in his phone. Bernard tells Craig that he smells weird. Craig simply replies without a care in the world “I am weird.” Bernard seems to be always putting Craig down for his love of adventures. Earlier in the pilot, when Craig is on his way to the creek, Bernard makes fun of him and his excitement for imagination, unlike his girlfriend Alexis, who is very sweet. A typical older teenage brother who likes to tease his little brother may seem innocent and a norm, but it’s shown to be detrimental to Craig’s creativity when he accidentally drops his trusty staff down the sewer. It all goes in the theme of kids expressing themselves through adventure and joying their childhood while it’s still here. With social media being the center of the attention for the “ generation” aka kids who are obsessed with phones, hopefully a show like Craig of the Creek will give them a strong message that it’s okay to put down the technology and go live.

craig-of-the-creek-familyCartoon Network

I’m really looking forward to have more insight on the other characters. To see the other creek kids have such a passion and determination to play in the creek everyday, we can only wonder what their home life is like. Think about when you were about 7-11 years old. How boring was it to just sit at home and watch TV day after day? Your mind was going through the imagination stage and you were ready to explore. Maybe that is why these kids created the creek. Or… could there be a deeper meaning? We’ll see. Craig’s home life seems peachy keen, especially in the final scene where he comes home from the creek. Craig’s mother is sitting at the end of the table listening to Craig’s little sister being adorable and telling her how she put all of her things away when she got home from school. Craig’s dad is seen making dinner in the kitchen. Can we just applaud the show’s creators for a second? For throwing gender norms out of the window and creating a cartoon with a black main character. I said this before and I’ll say it a thousand more times – representation is so important. We will be tuning into Craig of the Creek this year!

By the way, if you’re noticing that Craig of the Creek has a similar animation style to Steven Universe, that’s because the series was created by Matt Burnett and Ben Levin, who had previously worked on Steven Universe. In fact, Steven made a surprise cameo in the pilot. Well, not quite, but his plush doll did when the crew discovered a mountain of toys that fell down in the sewer.

craig-of-the-creek-steven-universeCartoon Network

Craig of the Creek is set to be released sometime this year. An exact release date is yet to be released.

Another Show Cartoon Network Should Greenlit: AJ’s Infinite Summer

Cartoon Network has released a number of pilot episodes in the past, and most of them have gotten praise from the fans in hopes of them becoming full-time shows. AJ’s Infinite Summer is definitely a story of a spontaneous Summer that we want to be continued.


Released on May 16, 2014, on Cartoon Network’s website, AJ’s Infinite Summer was created by Toby Jones, who’s a former writer and storyboard artist for The Regular Show. The pilot is loosely based on Jones’ 2006 film AJ Goes to France. AJ and his friends reside in the city of Downer, which is inspired by Jones’ hometown of Fargo, North Dakota. In fact, after the pilot was released, residents of Fargo noticed some humorous similarities in their hometown and Downer. It’s touching to know when a creator finds inspiration from their own lives and what they’re used to. It makes the story much more human and realistic, and there’s most likely a lot of viewers that can relate to Jones’ serene hometown.

School is out and AJ, Danny, and Morgan are planning to have the best Summer vacation ever. An upbeat AJ decides that he wants to spend the Summer spontaneously, by getting a job. His friends are confused, as it doesn’t sound like fun for a teenager to get a job in the Summer. Eventually, they go along with it and helps AJ on his job hunt. AJ decides to go for a job in the tallest building in their city, but he must get prepared first. He heads to his dad, who he refers to as “the most employed guy I know”. AJ’s dad gives him an old suit, which is way oversized. When they’re on their way to the job, Danny and Morgan try to talk AJ out of it in fear that it might ruin their Summer, but AJ insists that they should all follow the spirit of spontaneity together. When they arrive at the building and AJ hands the employer his unprofessional resume, he is instantly hired and introduced to a room full of employees who are all wearing oversized suits. AJ announces Morgan as his secretary and Danny as his towel boy, suggesting that just go along with it. AJ is constantly promoted to higher roles in the company and he experiences a power drive. Danny and Morgan confront him about how he’s ruining Summer, but AJ’s ego is much too large for him to listen and he fires them. AJ soon regrets it when he learns the dark side of running the company and goes to apologize to his friends. Danny and Morgan forgive him and the three head out into the sunset to spend the rest of the Summer together.

AJ’s Infinite Summer is a breath of fresh air and nothing like most of the shows on Cartoon Network today. The majority of the network’s series is often based on action, but this series would bring simplicity and balance out the network. AJ’s Infinite Summer is often compared to Disney’s Phineas and Ferb due to both of the shows connecting with the adventures of Summer themes. Hopefully, Cartoon Network will open their eyes and see the potential that this pilot episode has. And no, it wouldn’t be impossible for a pilot episode from 2014 to be resurrected 4 years later, on account of AJ’s Infinite Summer’s main character was based on a film that came 8 years before it did. Will we be seeing AJ, Danny, and Morgan again in the future? That would be pretty noice.

Bee and PuppyCat: A Cartoon with an Adorable Aesthetic

It’s not every day that you see a cartoon with such characteristics of calmness and relaxation. Watching Bee and PuppyCat is much like the experience of going on a carefree mental vacation.


Created by Natasha Allegri and directed by Larry Leichliter, is another interesting, must-see cartoon that is produced by Frederator Studios. It was first introduced to the internet on July 11, 2013, as a five-minute episode. No, none of the main characters is a buzzing insect that makes gives us honey. Instead, Bee is a young girl in her twenties who’s always on the hunt for numerous temp jobs in order to pay rent. One day, she came in contact with a mysterious creature called PuppyCat, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Some notable episodes include “Food” and “Beach”, as they both have interesting plots and helps highlight some of the characters personalities. Along with the adorable aesthetic, a lot can relate to Bee as a person. Adulthood in your twenties can often be a struggle of finding jobs, paying rent, making sure you have enough to eat, and just having to deal with life’s problems on your own. I’d say that Bee and PuppyCat is the perfect cartoon for Millennials.

“Too bad I can’t make a career out of getting fired, right? I’d be like, a CEO or a manager. Which one’s more impressive? …President?” – Bee

The Bee and PuppyCat series is with no doubt doing great, as it has many admirers behind it, merchandise, and BOOM! Studios released a comic book version of the series in 2014. Some say it belongs on TV but I’d say it’s made a comfortable spot right here on the internet. The first four episodes were released in 2014, followed by the rest released in 2016. It’s reported that production wrapped up in March 2016, and at the moment it’s impossible to say whether there will be anymore episodes of Bee and PuppyCat in the future. I for one, fully supports keeping this show going, as it brings good vibes and has a unique synopsis.

Fun fact: PuppyCat is voiced by a Vocaloid software called Oliver.

The Jellies: Taking a Look at Adult Swim’s Newest Animated Comedy

the jellies star ratings A vulgar & erratic family of Jelly Fish, with one adopted human son. This show is definitely fit for Adult Swim.


A new show emerged on Adult Swim on October 22, 2017, with a few notable creators. Tyler, The Creator that is, and Lionel Boyce teamed up for this wild cartoon with a pretty unique animation style. The main character Cornell Jelly is a 16-year-old who’s just learned he was adopted- by Jelly Fish, who are clearly round and blue while Cornell is a human. I can totally see why he would be so shocked after all those years. Don’t you just love how comedy works? Cornell’s family includes a giddy father with a habit of spending money on random things, a mother with a drinking habit that’s more than obvious, and a bookworm sister with a personality that I personally think resembles MTV character, Daria. Did I mention her name is KY Jelly? Once again, this show is wild. If you like inappropriate humor and pop culture parodies and references, then you should most definitely give this show a watch for yourself. A memorable moment of S01E01 “Gangsta’s Paradise” was Cornell entering a room full of washed up 90’s characters in order to find a music star that would possibly rekindle his parent’s relationship. The series was originally apart of an app created by Tyler called Golf media but was revamped with only the major change of Cornell’s race.

Tyler, the Creator explaining why Cornell Jelly’s race was changed

Along with creators, The Jellies seems to have a notable cast with Phil LaMarr voicing Cornell, who has also worked as Hermes Conrad from Futurama and Carver from The Weekenders. Blake Anderson, who’s done voices on shows such as The Simpsons, Voltron, and Uncle Grandpa voices Barry Jelly. Adrienne-Joi Johnson, who’s been on a number of TV shows and movies plays Debbie Jelly. Musician Kilo Kish plays KY Jelly. If this show isn’t renewed for a second season then it’ll really be a shame, but for now, tune in on Sundays at 12:15 am for new episodes.

Netflix’s ‘Big Mouth’ Shows How Big of a Monster Puberty Is

DISCLAIMER: This article contains material and language from a series that was rated TV-MA, for mature audiences only. Proceed at your own risk. For more information on the Disclaimer click here.

netflix's big mouth shows how big of a monster puberty is

Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix has really outdone themselves with this one. If you really wanna know how deeply humiliating, awkward & frustrating the phase of puberty truly is, then I’d have to say Big Mouth has it down packed, with a touch of comedy of course. The series is based on a couple of the creators – Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg’s pre-teen years. Geez, if these guys really experienced the wrath of what is known as “The Hormone Monster”, then I wish them nothing but luck with this series. I don’t know if it’s possible to simply sum up such an insane story of tweenage troubles, but I’m willing to attempt.

First off, talking genitalia?! What about monsters named Maurice who pressures you to participate in hormonal urges like masturbation – even if you’re having a sleepover with your friend and they’re laying like.. RIGHT THERE. Can’t forget about the Hormone Monstress who’s preying on the female characters and encouraging their hormonal rage.

big mouth connie the hormone monstress netflix

Courtesy of Netflix

“Listen to me. You wanna shoplift lipstick. You wanna listen to Lana Del Rey on repeat while you cut up all your T-shirts. You wanna scream at your mother then laugh at her tears!”

Maya Rudolph as Connie the Hormone Monstress

These are definitely things that are out of the ordinary and is shock value material. Well, Big Mouth premiered on Netflix on September 29, 2017, and there’s no doubt that it caused some shock, along with other emotions. The show surrounds the lives of Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman, two best pals who are just trying to figure out just what the heck is happening to their bodies. While pushing through their awkward puberty years, they are accompanied by other friends Jessi, Jay, and Missy – who are dealing with “the changes” as well. Season one introduced us to Andrew’s conflict with the Hormone Monster and Nick not knowing how to deal with the fact that his best friend Andrew has grown “bigger” than him in certain places. This causes conflict between the two. The season went on to tackle other topics such as menstruation, sexuality, hormonal rage, y’know… the usual stuff that can be a huge pain to deal with starting in your tweenage years.

There has been some mixed reviews & unfavorable opinions about the show’s animation, but overall Big Mouth is doing outstanding. It currently has a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes and Common Sense Media gave it a 4/5. The show is entertaining and has a great cast on their hands, some notable ones including (but not limited to) Jenny Slate (as Missy), Jordan Peele (as The Ghost of Duke Ellington, Freddie Mercury, etc.), Maya Rudolph (as Diane Birch, Connie the Hormone Monstress, etc.), Fred Armisen (as Elliot Birch, Bus Driver, etc.), and Kristen Bell (as Jay’s pillow). Netflix gets a lot of hype for their live-action original series, so it’ll be exciting to see Big Mouth dominate the streaming service in the animation department. If you’re done with season one and ready to see more Big Mouth in the future, you’re in luck because the series was just renewed for a second season that will air in 2018.

How ‘Rick and Morty’ Is Dominating Television & Sending Their Fans into a Frenzy

The time has come for a truly outstanding cartoon to really mold a positive impression on the masses. It all started with a draft that was written in only six hours, which then became the TV phenomenon that is shaping pop culture, along with a fandom that is too powerful for words. In the midst of the Szechuan sauce-frenzy, we’re looking into the show that has the fans acting so erratic in the first place.

Created by Justin Roiland & Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty had set forth onto our screens on December 2, 2013, and animated television was never the same.

rick & morty

Courtesy of Adult Swim

Picture yourself as a 14-year old going on bizarre and impractical adventures with your erratic grandfather who’s a mad scientist with a drinking habit. Rick and Morty is just as bizarre as it sounds and that’s why it’s loved by so many. Each episode embarks on another insane journey that usually ends in an extremely mindblowing way. You would probably expect an episode to end in a certain way, but then you’re left contemplating the world around you as you know it. Your expectations can be due to the fact that many adult cartoons subsume the exact same rundown. A family that runs into wacky situations or experiences personal issues along the way. Same scenarios can be tedious and will leave a series uninteresting after a while, which can be a drag for show creators and ratings. With Rick and Morty, it’s more than just the usual family adventures & interpersonal relationship troubles that are resolved that the end. Throughout the series, we see Morty’s parents, Beth and Jerry Smith, continuously have marriage troubles, which led to an inevitable split in season 3. It really shows how marvelous continuity can be and how it can mold a quality show while attaching an emotional conflict to each character. The chilling end of the episode, Rick Potion No. 9, will leave you speechless. The scene of Morty’s thousand yard stare deserves awards alone.

Definitely not going to pass up the opportunity to mention the method of improv that is used in this show. In the episode “Rixty Minutes” you can see the improvisation come into play.

Just how much of this natural, improvisational method is used in Rick and Morty? In an interview with io9, Justin Roiland explains how the team behind this show doesn’t use the script exactly how it’s written, but instead as a guideline for their free-flowing creativity.

“When doing the dialogue I have to toss the script aside. Even if I’m sticking to a very specific line of dialogue that is required for a very specific joke set up or punchline, I find that if I allow myself to adjust the wording and let it come out more naturally to how I would actually say it, it helps make the characters feel more real/alive/natural. I also LOVE using out takes as in takes. Our dialogue editor Tommy Meehan also always surprises me with stuff he’ll pick from the record to cut in. He and I are very much in sync on what we find funny.”

“[I improvise on] some episodes more than others. I usually have moments in each episode that weren’t in the script. One big example is the cold open in the pilot. That whole sequence in Rick’s ship was improv based on a scene suggestion from Dan. Other stuff when Rick acts strange or fucks around… that’s usually improv. The scene where he plays with Morty in the Alien Scammer’s ship was improv.”

I guess when it comes to improv vs. the script? Just throw out the script because improv nails it every time.

A groundbreaking show like Rick and Morty was bound to have success, but I’m not sure if success is even the word to describe the impact that this show is having on viewers, the media, corporations & pop culture altogether. Try a phenomenon. Just early this month it was reported that Rick and Morty actually broke Adult Swim’s viewership record. Season 3 was the network’s most-watched comedy show in its history of programming. More than 11 million people alone watched the live-streamed premiere of the season. These are incredible numbers for a show with only three seasons.

The success of the first episode of season 3 alone inspired a hysteria involving a certain fast food chain. I’m talking McDonald’s and their Szechuan sauce. Who knew Rick Sanchez telling Cornvelious Daniel how much he loves a promotional McNuggets sauce from 1998 could led to a literal uproar?

McDonald’s actually ended up gifting the Rick and Morty team a four-pound bottle of this rare sauce, and the hype eventually led up to the franchise re-releasing the sauce for one day only on October 7, 2017. This didn’t sit right with fans due to the fact that the sauce was quickly sold out and it led to several public disturbances and an outcry across social media.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an animated television show have this much of an influence on the general public. It makes me wonder if the next season of Rick and Morty will be an even bigger deal. There isn’t any news on season 4 at the moment but we’ll keep you posted!


Cartoon Network’s Infinity Train: Why Isn’t This a Show Yet?!

From the main character’s quest to get off of a train that she mysteriously cannot exit to a kingdom of Corgis, it didn’t take much longer for this Cartoon Network mini to grow on me… but will Cartoon Network ever greenlight a full series?

cartoon network infinity train

Courtesy of Cartoon Network

This review is way overdue and much necessary. Almost a year ago, Cartoon Network unleashed what is probably one of their most-talked-about ‘minisodes’. Infinity Train is a short pilot that was originally uploaded to Cartoon Network’s YouTube channel on November 22, 2016. It eventually aired on TV two months later, on February 11, 2017. The original YouTube upload currently has 2.7 million views with over 30,000 comments. A majority of those comments are from those who are in favor for Infinity Train becoming a full series, and I have to say that I don’t disagree whatsoever.

The story surrounds a young girl named Tulip who has been trapped on a continuously running train for a week. The situation makes her very irritated but determined to find her way home. What is even more bizarre is that she has a glowing number 53 imprinted on her hand, and she can’t figure out how or why it appeared. She is accompanied by a robot companion, One One, who can separate into two different robots called Glad One & Sad One. There are multiple train cars that Tulip & One One come across, and one of them ends up leading her to Corginia, a land where Corgis run free and are ruled by another Corgi named King Atticus. After they are welcomed to the kingdom, Tulip & One One team up with Atticus to get rid of a mysterious shadow monster that has been a threat to Corginia.

First off, not only is the plot so watch-worthy, there’s so much more to be learned about this series. We don’t know how old Tulip is or where she’s from. In fact, we don’t have any further information about why she got on the train in the first place and where she was planning to go. Also, how did One One come about? Did Tulip create them? And of course, the explanation for the glowing number on her hand is sure to boggle many minds. At this point, there just HAS to be a full series for this. As the burning questions that many may have are slowly revealed in each episode, clue after clue, I know the show would be a hit. There has even been a petition started that has over 50,000 signatures so far! Not to mention there’s fan art that’s been created for it so this pilot already has a strong fandom. What are you waiting for Cartoon Network?!

Support making Infinity Train into a full show by signing the petition!


South Park Premieres Season 21 With White Supremacists vs. Electronic Personal Assistants

DISCLAIMER: Yes there are bits of spoilers here. We really tried not to. Proceed with caution.


south park season 21.png

Courtesy of Comedy Central


You can always count on South Park to add a satirical effect to the real problems happening in America and pop culture today. So far Trump’s presidency isn’t referenced but it is just episode 1 after all. Season 21 premiered tonight with “White People Renovating Houses” and tackled the “major issue” that the confederate flag waving white supremacists in South Park, Colorado think is happening. Electronic personal assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Echo Dot & Google Home are stealing their jobs. South Park writers never fail to turn the mirror on certain individuals. They’re going to tell you exactly how you look, just saying. Especially if you’re someone who has your own TV show where you “flip houses”. It was a pretty humorous nudge at all of those home improvement shows happening right now, and it’s always nice to see Randy caught up in yet another mainstream activity. Anyone who ships Heiman (Heidi x Cartman) better have a seat, because we also got to see the downfall of their relationship, which ends in the most dramatic way possible. What can you really expect with Cartman at this point?

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