Possible SpongeBob Mandela Effect? ‘I Was a Teenage Gary’ Deleted Scene

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There has been a discussion going around about a possible deleted scene of SpongeBob Squarepants 13th episode of the first season “I Was a Teenage Gary”. The episode aired on October 28, 1999 along with sister episode “Scaredy Pants”, and apart of Nickelodeon’s Halloween lineup. The alleged deleted scene is of Squidward transforming into a snail after he accidentally injects himself with the Gary’s snail plasma. YouTube users 90sGiveMeGoosebumps & ‘Nicktoons Network’ uploaded the original aired episode from a tape and it was proven that there is no such deleted scene and Squidward was never shown transforming into a snail. The original scene just shows Squidward with the snail plasma injection in his nose and him going “uh-oh, then shifting to Gary, SpongeBob as a snail & Squidward as a snail meowing a song on a fence. So why do some fans swear that they’ve scene this so called deleted scene of Squidward actually transforming into a snail? There’s no trace of it ever existing and even a storyboard artist for SpongeBob, Vince Waller, confirmed that the alleged scene was never even created (x).

There is a more modern explanation for when a large group of people have the same false memory. It is called a “Mandela Effect”, which is basically when you have always remembered a certain thing, but then you come to find out that it never happened the way you remember it. If you’ve never heard of the Mandela Effect theory, I highly suggest you look into this fascinating internet phenomenon. Another explanation (and probably a more believable one) would be the viewers reaction to SpongeBob’s transformation to a snail. That particular scene is said to have scared a lot of  viewers, but there may be something to it. It’s possible that those who swear that they remember seeing Squidward transform into a snail just got it mixed up with SpongeBob’s scene of him transforming into a snail. They expected it to see it happen to Squidward because they saw it happen to SpongeBob.

What do you think?