Will We Ever See a Danny Phantom Reboot?

In the midst of few Nickelodeon reboots already happening or likely in the works, will we ever see our favorite ghost-human hybrid make a comeback?


It’s a show that thousands or possibly millions of people are petitioning for. Danny Phantom was a Nickelodeon show created by Butch Hartman that aired from 2004 to 2007. Hartman is known for creating other series – Fairly OddParents, Tuff Puppy, and his newest being Bunsen Is a Beast. Danny Phantom takes place in the life of Danny Fenton, a boy who became half-human, half-ghost after entering his parent’s portal invention. Think of him as a shadowy version of Superman, due to him possessing many ghostly abilities that help him save his hometown of Amity Park from the villainous ghosts. Danny is always accompanied by his best friends Sam and Tucker, and sometimes his big sister Jazz is even in for the adventure.  One character that has been extremely popular in Danny Phantom’s fandom is Ember McLain, a ghost villainess who has a dark backstory and sings a pretty catchy song titled “Remember”.

For a show that had such an interesting plot, it’s unfortunate that we haven’t heard anything about a reboot. Last year, Butch Hartman himself expressed how he was all for a Danny Phantom comeback, but there is a major question that we should be asking ourselves. Nickelodeon has been in reboot-mode for the past couple of years, but they have been TV movie reboots. Will Danny Phantom’s revival be in the form of a TV movie or full series? Whichever it is, surely fans will appreciate it. There are tons of petitions out there for this show to come back and fans have started a hashtag called #GoGhostAgain.


What Would a Family Guy Movie Look Like?


Courtesy of FOX

It was the year of 1999. Family Guy had made a touchdown onto our TV screens and eventually became a solid member of the top cartoons in history. Since then, we’ve had exactly sixteen seasons and almost 300 episodes of Family Guy so far. It’s one of the longest-running animated series on television and it has become a household name due to its off-color humor, continuity, and cutaway gags that often includes controversial pop culture references that have won the show several Emmy Awards. The success of this show grew to a very wealthy empire of video games, comic books, and merchandise. You would think a dream come true like Family Guy would come with a theatrical film by now, but nah, still waiting. Though creator Seth McFarlane assured fans many times that a film is bound to happen sometime, it all comes down to when. Producer Alex Sulkin placed his bets “within the next five years” during San Diego Comic-Con in July 2016.

“I think it’s always talked about,” stated producer Sulkin. “There are no specific plans for a movie right now but it is something that’s on Seth’s mind. If I were a gambling man, I’d say within the next five years, probably there’ll be something.”

Could that mean Family Guy might be in for a little competition with some of the other upcoming animated feature films that are set to be released within the next five years? Besides Bob’s Burgers, who knows what other cartoon is going to make another big movie announcement. I guess it’s also worth mentioning that Family Guy’s ratings have experienced an unfortunate drop over the last few years, so the expectation bar is set high for this movie. This movie should be a bigger deal than any of their highest-rated episodes ever. No pressure to MacFarlane or the rest of the team behind Family Guy, who’s already proven that they can really shake up their viewers with something spectacular. Take a look at such iconic episodes such as Road to Multiverse, Lois Kills Stewie and And Then Were Fewer. Of course, the film would have to be like… 10x more epic.

So what would the movie look like exactly? Another And Then There Were Fewer themed situation that could end in character death that we actually care about? Hands off of Brian this time, he’s been through enough. As enthusiasts, we can only imagine and put our bets on it, but all bets are off on it being another Star Wars spoof. Also discussed at SDCC 2016, Sulkin stated this:

“The truth of the matter is that, first of all, I think that we liked the first three and by the time we were done with the third one I think we were all ready to kill ourselves…”

Not arguing with that!



We Need to Talk About the Scheduling Problem with Nickelodeon & Cartoon Network

spongebob squarepants teen titans go

Courtesy of Nickeloden                                                          Courtesy of Cartoon Network

There is a serious issue going on right now with animated series on TV networks and we aren’t talking about it enough. Well, it’s at least serious to the common animation enthusiasts like you & me. If I would’ve told you 15 years ago that the variety in animation lineups on networks like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network would decrease greatly, you would probably think I’m a bit of a nut. In fact, if this was 15 years ago, we wouldn’t be having this discussion would we know? But it’s 2017, and that means SpongeBob Squarepants has taken over Nickelodeon & Teen Titans Go has taken over Cartoon Network. I mean, of course, we aren’t bashing these shows or the networks whatsoever, because the shows aren’t exactly the problem. It’s the lack of animated TV variety on their TV schedules. What happened to the glorious concept of variety and keeping things less-repetitive? I mean this issue has been made into a meme for crying out loud. YouTube videos like Modern Nickelodeon In a Nutshell or Cartoon Network in a Nutshell will help you grasp what exactly we are dealing with here. One of the things that made Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network great were the variety of both their animated series & how they incorporated it into their daily schedules. Let’s get a deeper look into the outrage.

There’s a reason why 90’s & early 2000’s nostalgia is such a huge phenomenon. There was a wide variety of cartoons on networks like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Kids who loved cartoons always knew what channels to turn to, and they knew those channels would never disappoint them. 90’s Nick or CN fans aren’t trying to be edgy by bashing the modern lineup of these networks, but they just miss these networks not playing the same shows over and over again. I mean compared to now, there were a ton of cartoons on Nickelodeon that were popular and loved, so much that the network eventually branded their animated shows. Nicktoons was born and it had a wide variety of shows to keep the youngins (and even the adults) happy such as Doug, Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, Hey Arnold, Kablam, Rocko’s Modern Life, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, The Angry Beavers, Oh Yeah! Cartoons, Rocket Power, The Wild Thornberrys, As Told by Ginger, Invader Zim… shall I go on or do you get how powerful this network was? Not only did Nickelodeon have a wide variety of cartoons, but the daily lineup wasn’t repetitive whatsoever.

Here’s a TV schedule for Nickelodeon from May 1999. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, there were actually more than one or two shows that played that day.

nickelodeon tv schedule may 1999

Source: rugratonline.free.fr

Now, for comparison purposes, here’s a TV schedule from just recently on September 22, 2017. I am just… speechless. Of course for diehard fans of SpongeBob this may not even be an issue, but for those who also want to see other shows along with SpongeBob on the lineup, hopefully, you can understand the frustration.

nickelodeon lineup spongebob squarepants

Source: tvlistings.zap2it.com

It’s no secret that SpongeBob Squarepants has been a top priority at Nickelodeon since it first emerged, so much that other shows were seemingly pushed out of the limelight. Besides SpongeBob, there are only seven other animated series that are currently on Nick’s lineup today, and one of those might just be going head-to-head with the world’s famous yellow sponge. The Loud House came to the network at it’s lowest animation drought in history, and it just might be here to stay. The show has already been renewed for a third season and a feature film that is set to be released in 2020. Plus it has some good ratings, an overall positive reaction from the general public & it’s pretty much proof that not all modern cartoons suck. Nickelodeon has a handful of upcoming animated series in the next few years, so maybe that’ll turn things around for the better.

Cartoon Network luckily has a somewhat wider variety of shows that are currently airing, but Teen Titans Go seems to be the majority of the lineup. When I say majority I mean that they actually aired the show 300 TIMES IN ONE WEEK back in July 2017. That has to be the worst TV schedule I have ever seen in awhile. This is a major issue on account of Cartoon Network having some of the most brilliant shows on their lineup today. Lately, shows like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, We Bare Bears & OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes have been having either a lack of appearance or no appearance at all on CN’s TV schedule.

cartoon network lineup teen titans go

Source: tvlistings.zap2it.com

Cartoon Network was once the home of many great originals and acquired series that actually had a place on the network’s TV schedule every day. Once again, for comparison purposes, here’s a TV schedule from August 2, 2002:

Cartoon network tv schedule august 2 2002

Source: archive.org

When and how did it all go wrong? Will we ever see a resolution? Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network have always dominated in the animated television industry. It will be unfortunate to see anyone’s ratings go down because of the lack of variety in their scheduling. A non-repetitive TV schedule is what kept their networks exciting and entertaining for so long. One can only hope that there’s something done about this soon.

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Could ‘As Told by Ginger’ Have a Reboot in its Future?

In the midst of a reboot phenomenon that Nickelodeon is upholding, could As Told by Ginger be next? Or at least not too far in the line?


Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Let’s take it back to the early 2000’s. Nickelodeon is always praised for their hit shows in the 90s, but little do some know they have had some gems in the year 2000 and forward. We’re talking about our favorite awkward little writer with the red hair. As Told by Ginger was one of those shows that were ahead of its time. It had many touchy subjects that Nickelodeon just wouldn’t touch today – such as death, atheism, depression & caffeine addiction. Yes being addicted to coffee would be a cute and quirky thing to put on a t-shirt but in a Nickelodeon show, any type of addiction is just controversial. As Told by Ginger originally ended production in 2004 and there were many unaired episodes that were, I guess you can say, swept under the rug until recently. It really caused a continuity problem because most of the season 3 episodes that were produced in back in 2004 wasn’t aired until 12 years later. In October 2016, NickSplat aired almost all of the formerly-unaired episodes of ATBG. There are still two episodes that have yet to air in the United States, including the big finale. The Wedding Frame was the 3-part, straight-to-DVD movie that concluded the As Told by Ginger series. The very last scene showed Ginger Foutley as an adult, married to her longtime friend and love-interest, Darren Patterson. It is revealed they have a daughter together, as Darren is holding a little girl that has red hair and resembles both of them. It also shows all of Ginger’s friends and family grown up and aged as well. We then learn that Ginger’s diary was turned into a novel about her life, called As Told by Ginger.

It was indeed a heartwarming ending that made many fans, including myself, get emotional. For someone who has watched the show from when it first aired its finale episode it’s nice to see that the main character had a happy ending, but could there have been more to Ginger Foutley’s story? Many fans and critics thought the series ended too soon and the conclusion was a bit disappointing. First of all, when did Ginger and Darren rekindle their romance exactly? Was it after Lois & Dr. Dave’s wedding, sometime during their junior or senior year in high school or even in college? What happened after Courtney Gripling and her family lost all of their fortunes? There are a lot of questions that could’ve been answered if the show continued through Ginger’s high school years. It would’ve been interesting to see how Ginger and Dodie’s friendship would’ve plummeted, on account of Dodie not being the most loyal companion that Ginger has. In season 3 we learned that when it came to Dodie choosing her loyalty to Ginger or being on the cheerleading team with the same girl that Darren dumped Ginger for, she would choose to wave pom poms in a heartbeat (if she actually made the team).

Now since we’re talking reboots keep in mind that, supposedly, Nickelodeon did not want The Wedding Frame to be conclusive in the first place, because they wanted to possibly order more episodes. This could mean that the network could be all for reviving the series, but what about creator Emily Kapnek? In a 2016 interview with EW, Kapnek states that she thinks it “would be fun to do a spin on it.” Maybe it won’t be the exact same as the original ATBG, but it’s great to know that the creator herself is not against the idea. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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Possible SpongeBob Mandela Effect? ‘I Was a Teenage Gary’ Deleted Scene

spongebob squidward i was a teenage gary cartoon buzz

There has been a discussion going around about a possible deleted scene of SpongeBob Squarepants 13th episode of the first season “I Was a Teenage Gary”. The episode aired on October 28, 1999 along with sister episode “Scaredy Pants”, and apart of Nickelodeon’s Halloween lineup. The alleged deleted scene is of Squidward transforming into a snail after he accidentally injects himself with the Gary’s snail plasma. YouTube users 90sGiveMeGoosebumps & ‘Nicktoons Network’ uploaded the original aired episode from a tape and it was proven that there is no such deleted scene and Squidward was never shown transforming into a snail. The original scene just shows Squidward with the snail plasma injection in his nose and him going “uh-oh, then shifting to Gary, SpongeBob as a snail & Squidward as a snail meowing a song on a fence. So why do some fans swear that they’ve scene this so called deleted scene of Squidward actually transforming into a snail? There’s no trace of it ever existing and even a storyboard artist for SpongeBob, Vince Waller, confirmed that the alleged scene was never even created (x).

There is a more modern explanation for when a large group of people have the same false memory. It is called a “Mandela Effect”, which is basically when you have always remembered a certain thing, but then you come to find out that it never happened the way you remember it. If you’ve never heard of the Mandela Effect theory, I highly suggest you look into this fascinating internet phenomenon. Another explanation (and probably a more believable one) would be the viewers reaction to SpongeBob’s transformation to a snail. That particular scene is said to have scared a lot of  viewers, but there may be something to it. It’s possible that those who swear that they remember seeing Squidward transform into a snail just got it mixed up with SpongeBob’s scene of him transforming into a snail. They expected it to see it happen to Squidward because they saw it happen to SpongeBob.

What do you think?

Was Cancelling Drawn Together a Wise Move by Comedy Central?


Comedy Central

Drawn Together was an animated reality show that aired on Comedy Central from October 27, 2004 and ended on November 14, 2007. The show was probably the most vulgar cartoon to ever hit television. It made a show like Family Guy look like a family-friendly series to watch with your Gran. Drawn Together is definitely not the type of show that is made for the sensitive or the squeamish. The show had jokes that would cause a major outrage if it was still airing today in 2017. Despite it’s outrageous content, my question is still very much valid to all of you out there. Was Drawn Together given the short end of the stick by Comedy Central or was it a wise choice for the network? Let’s take a look:

So as I stated before, Drawn Together’s last episode aired on November 14, 2007. It was a clip show/reunion type episode with an American Idol theme, where the characters sang songs that were featured in past episodes. At the end of the episode, the characters were informed that the show was cancelled and they entered a room marked “employment”. I applaud the Drawn Together creators and writers for adding that little gag in, even though having your show cancelled must suck big time. The show was publicly confirmed to be cancelled by Tara Strong, the voice of Princess Clara & Toot, in March 2008. I, myself did not see any reason why the show should’ve been cancelled after 3 seasons. I actually saw the show getting renewed for at least one more season, but I guess Comedy Central had other plans. Despite the pilot episode receiving an F by Entertainment Weekly, which was made into a whole subplot for an episode that also received an F, Drawn Together has good ratings overall. Metacritic gave it a decent 7.6/10 and it scored a 8.5/10 on tv.com. For the shock comedy that the show put out, those are pretty good scores. Not to mention the show had a devoted fanbase. Well, maybe not that devoted to the point where the didn’t demand a new season hard enough, but still devoted.

If you were watching the show in 07-08 like most, you probably thought the final episode was the last time you’ll be seeing new content from the housemates. Well in March & April 2010 came a direct-to-DVD surprise: the Drawn Together movie. The movie was produced by Six Point Harness and created using flash animated because of budget cuts. Not only was the movie’s animation different from the show, but it was even more outrageous. Another fun fact to be learned about all of this is that the Drawn Together creators wanted a Drawn Together Babies spin-off, but Comedy Central rejected the idea. It seems like the creators definitely weren’t ready to give up with show right then and there, but they had no choice. They could’ve reached out to other networks to pick up the show such as Spike TV or even HBO. (Side note: I think HBO is really lacking in the animated series department).

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