Steven Universe #14 Preview: Greg Universe’s Musical Comeback

Get a sneak peek of what’s next up in the Steven Universe comic book series, published by kaBOOM, an imprint of BOOM! Studios. Steven Universe #14 is all about the mission to help Mr. Universe and put together his musical comeback concert! Steven spends the day helping his dad out with some car washing, when he trips over a box and discovers some interesting findings in it. Some of Mr. Universe’s old CDs. Steven then watches his father emotionally talk about the good ol days when he used to sing and perform. And that’s when an idea struck over Steven, but he’ll need the help of the rest of the Crystal Gems.

Steven Universe #14 was written by Grace Kraft. Rii Abrego serves at the artist, Whitney Cogar as the colorist, Mike Fiorentino as the letterer, Missy Peña as the main cover artist, and Eleonora Bruni as the subscription cover artist. This issue will go on sale March 21, 2018 for $3.99. Get a preview of the comic book below!