The Patrick Star Meme, Known as ‘Evil Patrick’ Is Taking Twitter by Storm

Another month, another meme. SpongeBob & Patrick have been the center of a few viral memes in the past, but it looks like Patrick is once again the latest victim. Curse you SpongeBob, for being such a influential, long-running show that anyone of any age knows of. That has been the case for many cartoons that have been turned into a meme by everyone’s favorite generation, millennials. This time, the internet is sharing the time that they’ve did something immoral or devious, using the ‘Evil Patrick’ (also known as Savage Patrick) reaction pic.

evil patrick

So what is the origin of this meme? Well the photo is a screen capture from SpongeBob Squarepants season 1 episode 9a “Nature Pants”, that aired on September 11, 1999. SpongeBob gives up his everyday life to become a jellyfish and live freely in the wild, aka jellyfish fields. This doesn’t sit right with his companions Mr. Krabs, Sandy and especially Patrick, who goes into an emotional fit of rage and tries to catch SpongeBob in his jellyfish net after other attempts to get him to come back to his normal Bikini Bottom life.

Of course the internet knows how to turn one second of a cartoon character’s face into a reaction, and I got to admit that it’s brilliant at times.

And these are the most innocent tweets I’ve seen so far. Of course there are some far too explicit ones out there that I decided was best for you all to discover yourselves. Oh but, prepare to have your childhood ruined yet again.