‘Final Space’ Is the Epic Adventure of Battling Evil

final-space-tbs-reviewsource: TBS

I find myself getting emotionally invested in the animated Sci-Fi genre more and more. The Herculean adventures and battles that the characters find themselves getting into is just getting far too entertaining. You will definitely find your eyes glued to whatever screen you’re watching on and your attention will been occupied. Think of a futuristic space where creatures who possess powers strong enough to destroy entire planets. How about an evil ruler with an army of bounty hunters who may be below 3 ft. Yeah, this show is pretty much going there. Final Space is sure enough a comedy, but definitely an epic one. How epic is this show? Besides the actual story line, the show itself has sort of already made history by being streamed live on Reddit’s front page. It’s really good to know that TBS is going in the right direction with this new series, and we already have a clear vision of where this series wants to take its viewers.

The show is focused around Gary, a very harmlessly eccentric guy who often goofs off, especially when things get serious and his life may be at stake. He’s serving a five-year prison sentence on The Galaxy One after foolishly trying to impress a woman named Quinn, his love interest who’s brilliant and badass. Quinn is headstrong and exceptionally focused on her job. Like investigating a possible gravitational disturbance. If anyone looks out for her the most it would be Tribore. Tribore is described as the “lovable but highly annoying fashionista who goes from Quinn’s assistant to the heroic leader of the resistance.” While Gary is serving his sentence, he’s frequently recording video messages for Quinn of what he oddball things he has done throughout the day. Gary often shows his unfortunate loneliness due to his prison sentence, especially when he resorts to interacting with inanimate objects and is desperate to play cards with anyone. Well, except for Kvn (pronounced as Kevin) of course, his “Insanity Avoidance Companion” who he shows a bitter disgust and even a hatred towards. Ironically, Kvn seems very nice and even shares sort of the same foolish and playful personality as him. Of course, Gary’s foolishness are often put to end an by The Galaxy One’s AI, Hue. Hue often serves as “the voice of reason to Gary’s non-reason”, and I can’t agree more. Though he is always scolding him when he’s doing something that is against his prison sentence, Hue really comes through as a guidance to Gary and helps him when he needs it the most.

final-space-gary-mooncakesource: TBS

Gary’s need for companionship unquestionably came to an end when he comes across a round, green, adorable creature called E-351. Gary ends up naming this mysterious creature “Mooncake”, after an unlikely childhood companion that was a green caterpillar. This followed a flashback scenes, which included showing the fate of his parents, that you just can’t help feel the emotions that come with it. At this point, you can definitely tell that it’s one of those moments where someone feels like they have known someone (or something) forever, even if they just met. From that moment, Gary and Mooncake became pretty inseparable, and unfortunately it was the start of the ultimate battle against evil for Gary and rest of The Galaxy One squad.

By now, it is already known that Mooncake possesses these extraordinary powers that are strong enough to destroy planets. For that reason, it has a target on its back by Lord Commander, the most evil and dangerous being in the galaxy. Funny, because he might also be the shortest being in the galaxy. Well played. An evil ruler comes with evil intentions, and if Mooncake is kidnapped by Turk the bounty hunter, his planet-destroying powers will be used for evil and destruction. Gary is going to need some backup, if he wants to protect Mooncake and The Galaxy One. Avocato, (Yes, his name sounds very tasty and pun-ny) who was once a bounty hunter like Turk, ends up teaming up with Gary to stop Turk in his tracks. Avocato’s son Little Cato has been captured and held prisoner by Lord Commander. Separated from his father for years, Little Cato is determined to reunite with him once again.

The amazing backstory that this show offers throughout its episodes is just outstanding. How everything is lined up is just so well played and it’ll leave you at the edge of your seat at the end of each episode. The more you watch, the more you will learn a little more about each of the characters and that just gives us as the viewers a chance to really a closer bond between ourselves and the series. Main protagonist Gary clearly has a lot on his plate. Being a prisoner for five years where he wasn’t able to really bond or interact with anyone he wanted to, and when he finally meets someone he seems to have became inseparable from (Mooncake), he has to literally partake in a battle to keep them in his life. It’s a never ending battle for both Gary and The Galaxy One squad. From viewing the first couple of episodes of Final Space, I am almost speechless at how well the series juggles the seriousness of living in a sci-fi galaxy and battling a vile and corrupt leader to unleashing some comedic gold as well. This series started out as a YouTube pilot by creator Olan Rogers, that was just as stunning as the final product.

I’m more than ready to see even more episodes of Final Space. The series premieres February 26 on TBS!