Review: Nickelodeon Short ‘Best Baddies’ by Max Wittert

nickelodeon best baddiessource: Nickelodeon

Being bad has never looked so good. Back in 2017, Nickelodeon opened a Facebook page, Nickelodeon Animated Shorts, that features fresh new animated shorts. A gold mine of new opportunities is the way I see it. Best Baddies, created by Max Wittert, was debuted on the page on September 14, 2017.

Three witches are on a mission to turn a small town of innocence into chaos and mischief. Girl scout Melody catches their eye when they see her determination to collect badges become almost wicked. Here would’ve been a perfect time for them to chant “One of us! One of us!”. Destined for Melody to join their witch cliche, they disguise as fellow girl scouts with not-so-legit badges. The witches tell Melody that in order to earn their so-called girl scout badges, she must join them in an adventure of turning the town upside down, and the deal is done. Shortly after Melody causes havoc with the witches, they offer her the ultimate final badge, but she must join them for good if she wants to achieve it. Of course the offer was far too tempting and though I was sort of expecting her to back out, Melody officially becomes a baddie.

best baddies nickelodeon

How can a cartoon be so cute and so wicked at the same time? It’s almost as if its making the coolest ironic statement. Adorable characters who just happen to have the intentions to cause trouble? I’m always down for that. Although, I gotta admit that Melody at least started off adorable but ended up just plain terrifying at the end. I expected her transformation look to match with the others but instead she’s a spooky hybrid of a human and a spider. I’m very impressed with this killer animation style though. It’s both unique with a hint of simplicity, and I wouldn’t mind seeing this on TV. I’m catching a cool, dark and sinister vibe.

I guess there is one major theme that plays a big part in Best Baddies: temptation. With Melody’s determination to collect literally every girl scout badge there is, the offer that the witches put on the table was far too tempting for her to resist. Tempting enough to.. kind of.. sell your soul and join the dark side? We’re talking about a girl who cleaned up dirty politics to earn a badge for crying out loud, she means business. Can’t forget to mention that cool song featured in the short: two thumbs up from me!