In Honor of Family Guy’s 300th Episode, You Can Become a Character

Family Guy’s 300th episode is approaching and you can become a Quahog character. Well sort of, because is a site that was created in celebration of the upcoming 300th episode, and it’s a pretty way to celebrate.


Sorry, your character won’t be appearing in the 300th episode or any future ones but I think there’s a fair amount of us who wondered what we would look like as a Family Guy character.

family guy yourself

Just choose your body type and you can begin customizing your very own Family Guy character’s skin color, hair, facial shape, eyes, nose, mouth and all that jazz.


Oh hey it’s me! I feel like this would make a very wicked mobile game. You’re the new citizen in Quahog and you get to cause havoc with Peter and the gang. Either way, this is a fun way to prepare for the 300th episode. The episode will be titled “Dog Bites Bear” and is written by Cherry Chevapravatdumrong. Knowing the team behind Family Guy, I think we will be in for a real treat Sunday night.


[NOTE: this post is not sponsored. I just enjoy things.]