Cartoon Network’s New Series ‘Craig of the Creek’ Takes You on a New Adventure

craig-of-the-creekCartoon Network

2018 is here and it’s bound to introduce us to some new faces in animation. In early December 2017, Cartoon Network released the pilot of their upcoming series Craig of the Creek and it is on our list for the must-watch shows in 2018.

Craig of the Creek is a new Slice-of-life comedy that surrounds the adventures of a boy who loves his quests, Craig. He’s accompanied by his two best friends Kelsey and J.P. Kelsey is obviously extremely invested and dedicated to their creek adventures, while J.P. seems to be along for the ride and just happy to be spending time with his friends. Their adventures take place in a “kid utopia” set up in a creek of tree forts and imagination. They call themselves the “Creek Kids”.

“The Creek is a place where we could all be whatever we want. We could be the hero of a book that doesn’t exist. Or just a really misunderstood guy.”

Craig is definitely a kid who is adventurous and doesn’t mind getting dirty or smelly in the process. A memorable scene from the pilot and trailer is the exchange between Craig and his older brother Bernard, a typical teenager who constantly has his face in his phone. Bernard tells Craig that he smells weird. Craig simply replies without a care in the world “I am weird.” Bernard seems to be always putting Craig down for his love of adventures. Earlier in the pilot, when Craig is on his way to the creek, Bernard makes fun of him and his excitement for imagination, unlike his girlfriend Alexis, who is very sweet. A typical older teenage brother who likes to tease his little brother may seem innocent and a norm, but it’s shown to be detrimental to Craig’s creativity when he accidentally drops his trusty staff down the sewer. It all goes in the theme of kids expressing themselves through adventure and joying their childhood while it’s still here. With social media being the center of the attention for the “ generation” aka kids who are obsessed with phones, hopefully a show like Craig of the Creek will give them a strong message that it’s okay to put down the technology and go live.

craig-of-the-creek-familyCartoon Network

I’m really looking forward to have more insight on the other characters. To see the other creek kids have such a passion and determination to play in the creek everyday, we can only wonder what their home life is like. Think about when you were about 7-11 years old. How boring was it to just sit at home and watch TV day after day? Your mind was going through the imagination stage and you were ready to explore. Maybe that is why these kids created the creek. Or… could there be a deeper meaning? We’ll see. Craig’s home life seems peachy keen, especially in the final scene where he comes home from the creek. Craig’s mother is sitting at the end of the table listening to Craig’s little sister being adorable and telling her how she put all of her things away when she got home from school. Craig’s dad is seen making dinner in the kitchen. Can we just applaud the show’s creators for a second? For throwing gender norms out of the window and creating a cartoon with a black main character. I said this before and I’ll say it a thousand more times – representation is so important. We will be tuning into Craig of the Creek this year!

By the way, if you’re noticing that Craig of the Creek has a similar animation style to Steven Universe, that’s because the series was created by Matt Burnett and Ben Levin, who had previously worked on Steven Universe. In fact, Steven made a surprise cameo in the pilot. Well, not quite, but his plush doll did when the crew discovered a mountain of toys that fell down in the sewer.

craig-of-the-creek-steven-universeCartoon Network

Craig of the Creek is set to be released sometime this year. An exact release date is yet to be released.