‘The Loud House’ Mystery: Why Does Lincoln Really Have White Hair?


It all started with an adoption theory, that was later debunked, but we are yet to solve the ultimate mystery of The Loud House. In the episode “Not a Loud”, Lincoln came across his baby book but soon discovers that his birth story page was blank. He goes to his parents and they both give him obviously false stories. Lincoln and Clyde decide to take matters into their own hands. After some investigation, Lincoln found another family with white hair and similar features as him, and he comes to the conclusion that his parents switched babies with them because they wanted a boy. Lincoln confronts his folks yet again and they find the claims humorous. What’s really quite funny is that they decided to tell Lincoln his “real” birth story after he went through all of the trouble.

So apparently, when Rita’s water broke and her and Lynn Sr. were on their way to the hospital, their van broke down but… brace yourselves. They just happened to be on the same road as the president and the first lady, and get this! They decided to give Rita and Lynn Sr. a lift, but unable to make it to the hospital before Rita gave birth, the first lady delivered Lincoln herself. What a believable story, and it’s even more interesting to know that Rita told Lincoln that he cannot tell anyone due to a “confidential agreement”. Oh come on, if the first lady of the United States actually delivered a baby, I’m sure the White House would want a story like that to be public for good publicity.


So Lincoln’s birth story sounded like total… don’t even make me say it. It just sounded unlikely alright, but I guess the Lincoln adoption theory was debunked so whatever. Wait, but where was the explanation for Lincoln’s white hair? Hmm… now we’re getting somewhere.

Now in the concluding scene of the episode “Not a Loud”, Lincoln and Clyde notice that the character “Ron the Radioactive Boy” has white hair, so they assume Lincoln’s white hair comes from radioactivity. It’s kind of stretch if you ask me, but I like to encourage thinking outside of the box. The official explanation to why Lincoln’s hair is white that the show’s team seems to be trying to settle with is that he got it from his maternal grandfather or “Pop-pop” Albert. In the episode “Cover Girls”, while Lincoln talks to his grandfather Albert through a video chat, Albert calls Lincoln his “lookalike” and states that Lincoln has “still got snow on the roof”, directly referring to his hair. This is extremely bizarre, on account of Pop-pop being an elderly man who is expected to have white hair as he ages. Why would Lincoln, who is 11-years-old, have white hair?

It’s also worth mentioning that Lincoln’s sisters all have mixed hair colors of blonde and brunette, with the exception of Lucy, who’s natural hair was proven to be black in the episode “Spell It Out”. I’m sorry, WHAT? This mystery just gets deeper and deeper. I would love to try and figure out a possible reason to why Lucy’s hair color is different from her sisters as well, but that’s another post for another time.