Hey Arnold Fans Are Officially Petitioning for Season 6

hey-arnold-season-6source: Nickelodeon

Hey Arnold fans are experiencing some post-revival movie syndrome, which means they want more. The Jungle Movie brought back a lot of nostalgic feelings and memories for those who have watched the show since it’s premiere in the 90s. Should Hey Arnold continue for a sixth season? Well, earlier this year at New York Comic Con, the creator and cast didn’t deny it one bit but instead insisted that if The Jungle Movie did well, it could lead to a season 6 or further. There isn’t a doubt that this movie did the right numbers for the franchise to be revived.

After The Jungle Movie’s big premiere, all of the fan theories and mysteries that ever existed about Hey Arnold were solved. Helga and Arnold are a couple, after years of Helga suppressing her feelings through angry tactics towards him. Phoebe and Gerald were always favored to end up together, so it’s about time! Brainy finally got closure from Helga after being knocked out a few thousand times throughout the series. I’d say Helga truly received the most character development in this movie. But the long-awaited mystery was truly unveiled when Arnold found his parents alive and well. If only we can hear all of the sighs of relief from everyone watching. Something to also note and be relieved about is seeing Pigeon Man again. Let’s just say there’s a fan theory out there that painted a dark picture for that character. Moving on!

Now that the movie came, conquered, and made many emotional, why shouldn’t there be a season 6? This isn’t a bad idea and the team is behind it and willing to make it happen. Rebooting Hey Arnold will make room for new adventures and really set the stage for Arnold and Helga’s relationship. Plus, seeing life at home for Miles and Stella as they raise their son is something worth watching. I can see why there are people defending this idea. Hopefully, the network backs this because the fans sure are. Recently a petition was created and it’s spreading like wildfire, so if you want to support Hey Arnold having a sixth season, you can find the petition link below:



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    • As the co-creator of this petition I can’t thank you enough for sharing it’s story and link. My friends and I just love the show so much and know how much its creator and everyone want to return.

      Thanks so much,

      Kyle Vance aka HeyArnoldOpruth on Twitter/facebook group


  1. I really want to see Arnold and his Parents on Season 6 that Arnold wants to spend quality time with his Parents. My Favorite 3 Characters are Arnold, Stella Arnold’s Mother and Miles Arnold’s Father.


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