The Animated Film That We May Never See: The Magic 7

Lost media can almost always lead to an interesting journey of discovery. Whether it’s a lost TV show, film, or commercial bumper, it’s fascinating to know when it was finally found and how that certain person found it. So, how does one find an animated film that’s been lost, unreleased, or possibly unfinished for 20 years? It sounds insane and impossible, but if you’ve never heard of the movie The Magic 7 then that would explain why.

The Magic 7 is an animated film written and directed by Roger Holzberg. Supposedly, the plot surrounded two children and a five-toed dragon that teamed up to battle the arch-enemies of planet Earth. The movie was clearly made for Earth Day and it was originally supposed to be released on April 22, 1997, but it was postponed several times. Google & IMDB are claiming that The Magic 7 was released on December 19, 2008, in France and 2009 in the United States, but this is unlikely. There’s no information or promotional media, such as trailers or posters, that exists where this film was released in France nor the United States. In fact, there is no media coverage at all about this film. All that has been discovered right now is the concept art of the characters and Michael J. Fox’s character “Marcel Maggot”, all created by Ken Cope in 1991:

the magic 7 concept art

the-magic-7-michael-j-fox-character-cartoon-buz (source: The Michael J. Fox Database)

It’s reported that production for this film started in 1990, but unfortunately two voice actors have died since then. John Candy, who was supposed to play a character named “Smokestack Sam” died in 1994, and Madeline Kahn also passed away in 1999, who had the role of “Wastra”. What is also unfortunate is that Candy & Kahn’s voices were taken out of the film completely. It is unknown at the moment why they were taken out, whether their characters were scrapped, or if they were replaced by other voice actors. Apparently, a company that goes by the name of Pulse Entertainment and Distribution bought the rights to the film, so it is possible that the characters were replaced by new voices. As well as John Candy and Madeline Kahn, this film had a star-studded cast:

Jason Aaron Baca as Zack
Kevin Bacon as Himself
John Candy as Smokestack Sam
Judy Collins as Herself
Cory Danziger as Sean
Michael J. Fox as Marcel Maggot
Jennifer Love Hewitt as Erica
Ice-T as Dr. Scratch
Jeremy Irons as Thraxx
James Earls Jones as 5-Toe
Madeline Kahn as Wastra
Bette Midler as Herself
Demi Moore as U-Z-Onesa
Olivia Newton-John as Herself
Meryl Streep as Herself
Dee Wallace Stone as Sean’s Mom
Henry Winkler as Himself

There is a lot to discover about this film. Be on the lookout for another article about The Magic 7 in the near future, because the hunt is not over yet. My bet is that if this film was finished, it’s just been shelved somewhere. There is definitely some fact-checking that needs to be done, due to the fact that nothing is confirmed or has a reliable source. Would the distribution company be willing to release this film at all in the future? Why has there been a false release date posted? Stay tuned!