Will We Ever See a Danny Phantom Reboot?

In the midst of few Nickelodeon reboots already happening or likely in the works, will we ever see our favorite ghost-human hybrid make a comeback?


It’s a show that thousands or possibly millions of people are petitioning for. Danny Phantom was a Nickelodeon show created by Butch Hartman that aired from 2004 to 2007. Hartman is known for creating other series – Fairly OddParents, Tuff Puppy, and his newest being Bunsen Is a Beast. Danny Phantom takes place in the life of Danny Fenton, a boy who became half-human, half-ghost after entering his parent’s portal invention. Think of him as a shadowy version of Superman, due to him possessing many ghostly abilities that help him save his hometown of Amity Park from the villainous ghosts. Danny is always accompanied by his best friends Sam and Tucker, and sometimes his big sister Jazz is even in for the adventure.  One character that has been extremely popular in Danny Phantom’s fandom is Ember McLain, a ghost villainess who has a dark backstory and sings a pretty catchy song titled “Remember”.

For a show that had such an interesting plot, it’s unfortunate that we haven’t heard anything about a reboot. Last year, Butch Hartman himself expressed how he was all for a Danny Phantom comeback, but there is a major question that we should be asking ourselves. Nickelodeon has been in reboot-mode for the past couple of years, but they have been TV movie reboots. Will Danny Phantom’s revival be in the form of a TV movie or full series? Whichever it is, surely fans will appreciate it. There are tons of petitions out there for this show to come back and fans have started a hashtag called #GoGhostAgain.