The Jellies: Taking a Look at Adult Swim’s Newest Animated Comedy

the jellies star ratings A vulgar & erratic family of Jelly Fish, with one adopted human son. This show is definitely fit for Adult Swim.


A new show emerged on Adult Swim on October 22, 2017, with a few notable creators. Tyler, The Creator that is, and Lionel Boyce teamed up for this wild cartoon with a pretty unique animation style. The main character Cornell Jelly is a 16-year-old who’s just learned he was adopted- by Jelly Fish, who are clearly round and blue while Cornell is a human. I can totally see why he would be so shocked after all those years. Don’t you just love how comedy works? Cornell’s family includes a giddy father with a habit of spending money on random things, a mother with a drinking habit that’s more than obvious, and a bookworm sister with a personality that I personally think resembles MTV character, Daria. Did I mention her name is KY Jelly? Once again, this show is wild. If you like inappropriate humor and pop culture parodies and references, then you should most definitely give this show a watch for yourself. A memorable moment of S01E01 “Gangsta’s Paradise” was Cornell entering a room full of washed up 90’s characters in order to find a music star that would possibly rekindle his parent’s relationship. The series was originally apart of an app created by Tyler called Golf media but was revamped with only the major change of Cornell’s race.

Tyler, the Creator explaining why Cornell Jelly’s race was changed

Along with creators, The Jellies seems to have a notable cast with Phil LaMarr voicing Cornell, who has also worked as Hermes Conrad from Futurama and Carver from The Weekenders. Blake Anderson, who’s done voices on shows such as The Simpsons, Voltron, and Uncle Grandpa voices Barry Jelly. Adrienne-Joi Johnson, who’s been on a number of TV shows and movies plays Debbie Jelly. Musician Kilo Kish plays KY Jelly. If this show isn’t renewed for a second season then it’ll really be a shame, but for now, tune in on Sundays at 12:15 am for new episodes.