Throwback Thursday Halloween Edition: The Powerpuff Girls “Boogie Frights” (1998)

In honor of October being Halloween season and all, this month you can expect Cartoon Buzz to get into the spooky spirit with chilling cartoon theories & nostalgic Halloween specials for Throwback Thursdays!

Today we’re looking back on an original Powerpuff Girls episode & how Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup got into crime fighting mode when it came the Boogie man & the monsters wanting to turn the city of Townsville into a 70s style disco party that lasts forever.

powerpuff girls boogie frights 2

“Boogie Frights” is episode 5 of the very first season of The Powerpuff Girls, that aired on December 16, 1998. The episode enters upon the girls getting ready for bed and Bubbles is noticably afraid of the dark. Buttercup instigates her sister’s fear & tells her that there’s a monster named the Boogie Man that only comes out in the dark. Both Bubbles & Blossom scream in fear when Buttercup turns out the lights but Professor Utonium comes to calm them down. After the girls fall asleep, it is revealed that there’s a party full of disco-loving monsters under their bed led by the Boogie Man and his right-hand man Jerome. They may convey the impression that their just monsters who love to party, but they soon show their wicked intentions when they shutdown all of the power & blocks out the sun with a disco ball, in hopes of turning Townsville into an eternal 70s style dance party. The Powerpuff Girls come to the rescue as they send the Boogie Man flying into space and destroys the disco ball, saving the day (or night?) yet again.

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