Here Is the First Look at the Upcoming Hey Arnold Jungle Movie

November 23rd seems so close yet so far away! Big news has erupted as Nickelodeon and Craig Bartlett gives us the exclusive first look of ‘Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie’.

cartoon buzz hey arnold the jungle movie

Image: Nickelodeon

Hey Arnold is one of the biggest 90s Nickelodeon reboots that is happening. This highly anticipated TV movie is sure to rock the network yet again and reveal the ultimate truth of what happened to Arnold’s parents. Arnold and his Hillwood pals are heading to the 6th grade and a jungle adventure in the fictional country of San Lorenzo in Central America. Now let me warn you, the crew from Arnold’s stoop are getting some very fashionable makeovers – and Gerald’s hair lost a few inches!

The original series of Hey Arnold ended more than 10 years ago, but it ended with a more major cliffhanger than we thought. A key item in that cliffhanger will shape the entire movie and eventually tell us the fate of Arnold’s parents. I guess the best person to give you more of these exclusive details are Craig Bartlett himself, so check out the first look of Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie:

San Diego Comic-Con 2017 is around the corner and there will be a panel exclusively for Hey Arnold. There is expected to be some big news to drop about the movie. Possibly a teaser trailer? We’ll keep you updated!