As Told By Ginger “Of Lice And Friends” Recap: Learning That Gossiping & Having Lice Sucks at an Early Age


Photo: Nickelodeon

Lessons were easily taught in a variety of cartoons that I watched growing up. In this episode of As Told By Ginger, we learned why gossiping can possibly harm even the most popular girl in school. Also, Dodie is a supreme jerk. “Of Lice And Friends” is As Told By Ginger’s 5th episode from the show’s first season. Chet Zipper must abandon his morning announcements job and hand it to another student at Lucky Junior High, and that student is Dodie Bishop. Dodie, being the one who loves announcing things and just talking a lot in general, is of course thrilled and honored to be handed the role but instead of morning announcements she turns it into a gossip hour. Ginger being the good person that she is, doesn’t like how Dodie is using her powers for the evil doings of embarrassing and exposing others. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the students learn that lice is on the loose at their school, and Dodie has discovered a list of students who have it and planned on announcing it to the entire Junior High. Courtney Gripling happened to be one of the students who were curse with the lice-filled hair, but her reputation was saved as Ginger stopped Dodie from becoming an even bigger jerk. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey planned on opening a lice farm and looked to Blake Gripling for an investment. Little did they know, Blake Gripling would soon be competing with them with his maggot farm.

I’m pretty sure this is one of the earliest episodes where I realized that Dodie is not at all a good person. I mean she is the type of character that would step on the backs of their friends in order to climb to a higher social status. But whether you admit it or not, Dodie taught us a valuable lesson. The lesson that gossiping can do some serious damage to people. Imagine having something so personal about yourself just out there, and the person with the biggest mouth just expose it. I’ve met some gossipers back in my Junior High days, but I knew not to ever trust them and to watch them closely. What’s even shocking was the fact that Dodie idolized Courtney and that still wouldn’t have stopped her from revealing to the entire school that she has lice. I felt so bad for Courtney during this episode. Even Ginger went into paranoid mode after she hugged her on account of her being afraid that she might have gotten lice from that one little hug. Gossiping alone with friends can seem harmless, but it could eventually get around and someone’s reputation could be at stake. Even though Courtney’s name wasn’t read off from the lice list, other students names were and that was real low of Bishop. Where the heck was the school staff to stop this little Perez Hilton?!

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