Hey Arnold’s Unaired 1994 Pilot Episode Is Strangely Awesome


In honor of Hey Arnold making a TV movie comeback this year and my current fascination with unaired pilot episodes of cartoons, I’ve decided to chat about Hey Arnold’s 1994 pilot episode that never made it to the screen. This pilot episode has even been considered lost up until April 22, 2012. I just wanna make a note that this episode isn’t much different when it comes to the storyline. In fact, it’s just the original version of episode 19 from season one titled “24 Hours to Live”. It has almost all of the exact same lines and everything. What’s strangely awesome is how the different some of the characters looked and sounded from how the rest of the show turned out. Arnold had an orange shirt with a blue flannel underneath and more submarine sandwich-shaped head. Gerald had a green jersey,  light brown hair and a slightly lighter skin tone. It’s unable to tell but I think he’s wearing orange pants as well. Harold’s voice sounds a bit sped up & it makes him sound younger than the typical mean bully voice he has throughout the rest of the series. Even some of the background scenery was quite different. It makes you wonder what if the show remained this way throughout the entire series. Just watching the episode made me feel a bit excited like I’ve just discovered this rare gem, even though it’s been uploaded for almost 5 years now.

If you know any more cool pilot episodes of cartoons leave them in the comments below, thanks for reading!