Throwback Thursday: The Proud Family “A Hero for Halloween” (2002)


Photo: Disney

When The Proud Family celebrated Halloween and teen idols all in one episode. Good times. *During the next few weeks in the midst of Halloween time, we will be providing you with Halloween-themed posts that will surely get you in the spirit!

“A Hero for Halloween” is the second episode from season 2 of Disney Channel’s original series The Proud Family and it aired on October 24, 2002.  Penny is not feeling the Halloween spirit as her friends are ecstatic about Wizard Kelly’s Halloween event when the performer is Lil’ Romeo (Romeo Miller) along with her family throwing their own party. After being a downer, Oscar and Trudy managed to convince Penny to throw on her costume and serve Proud Snacks to guests to get her in the spirit. During the Proud Family’s Halloween party, Trudy insists that Penny go to Wizard Kelly’s event and meet up with her friends. A little too late for Penny on account of the tickets being sold out, but she soon experiences a strange and sudden superhero awakening when she ate one of Oscar’s Proud Snacks. Penny then gained superpowers and saved her family from the wrath of a ghost that has haunted their home and defeated the Gross Sisters as they participated in a night of Halloween crime sprees. Plus she made it to Wizard Kelly’s event after all, and met the star of the night, Lil’ Romeo.


Photo: Disney

As a kid, I always looked forward to Disney Channel Halloween specials airing every year and this has to be one of my favorites. Not only because Halloween is my top favorite holiday, but because the show often featured celebrities that I idolized at the time. In this Halloween special, the fact that Lil’ Romeo was a guest star made watching this episode even more excitable on account of… HELLO! I had the biggest crush on him, no lie. So what is the lesson of this episode? Proud Snacks may be known as the nastiest snacks there is, but they will give you the superpower strength to stop a Meteor from plummeting towards a kid. Oh and Penny Proud is definitely featured on my list of female superheros that motivated me to conquer the world someday.

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