Style of the Day: Miranda Killgallen Blazer Queen

“If I’d known you were like, clinically depressed, I might’ve gone a little easier on you… I mean there are days I really wished you’d disappear, but I had no idea you felt that way too!” – Miranda Killgallen, As Told By Ginger.

OUCH. We all know Miranda Killgallen as Courtney’s best gal pal – but Courtney is not even on Miranda’s level when it comes to everything that is pretty much evil and full of darkness. But damnit I’d be lying if I said she wasn’t my ultimate style muse, well besides Courtney. Miranda can serve piping hot insults AND looks at the same time, my idol. Today’s style inspo is dedicated to her navy blue blazer look that she wore in the cafeteria while laying a controversial comment on Ginger about her apparent depression. Such a bitch with iconic outfits. miranda-killgallen-blazer-style-inspo

  1. Mint Green Collared Blouse
  2. Navy Blue Blazer
  3. Cat Eye Sunglasses
  4. Fuchsia Lipstick

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