South Park Debuts Season 20 & Pokes Fun at Colin Kaepernick, the Presidential Election & More


As you already know, the team behind South Park are the masters of controversial material & experts at incorporating real life viral news into the long-lasting comedy series, but the Colin Kaepernick protesting clip, taking a jab at the 2016 presidential election, and Cartman’s mockery of the Black Lives Matter movement with “Token’s Life Matters” gives us an insight on how season 20 will turn out for world wide news and pop culture.

With South Park debuting season 20 with such a touchy topic such as football quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his viral and groundbreaking protest against the U.S. National Anthem, of course social media sites like Twitter are shambled over heated discussions and a trending topic that ended up with thousands of tweets of both humor and anger. Needless to say that South Park is also famous for it’s parodies and reboots of famous or popular songs, so the National Anthem is it’s latest victim.

Watch out Ryan Lochte, because you’re most likely next.