We Bare Bears Is Officially Coming to DVD October 4th


The bear trio of Cartoon Network have snagged themselves a DVD debut titled “Viral Video” and it is set to be released this fall on October 4th. Following it’s premiere in June 2015 on Cartoon Network, We Bare Bears managed to portray modern comedy and humorous pop/internet culture references and stole the attention of many around the world with a brotherhood so tight that it will make your heart warm. Soon after it’s first season aired, the bear brothers Grizzly, Panda & Ice Bear managed to gain online admirers that began to fill their social media feeds with tons of fanart.

The “Viral Video” DVD will feature these 12 episodes from the first season and is set to retail for $14.97 SRP:

1.      Viral Video 7. Burrito
2.      Our Stuff 8. Shush Ninjas
3.      Food Truck 9. My Clique
4.      Chloe 10. Charlie
5.      Jean Jacket 11. The Road
6.      Panda’s Date 12. Occupy Bears




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