Is Buster Baxter RACIST? The Internet Is Going Insane over Arthur Memes

Just another day on the world wide web. Through all of the trending drama that happened this week, Twitter still managed to make light of it all – and what better way to make light of it than to make sexual Arthur memes? Yes Arthur, our beloved cartoon Aardvark on PBS kids that we would rush home from school just to watch. What’s the sound you ask? Oh it’s just the internet ruining my childhood AGAIN. Now I have to admit. Some of these memes had me cackling at my phone for a good TWO hours – but then I ran into the dark ones. The ones that will make you realize that once again someone has to take it to a whole other level, in other words going too freakin’ far. Like the ones that will make you feel guilty as hell for laughing, because they’re just too much. I can’t help but wonder if Twitter realizes that Arthur and D.W. are related. Like they’re actual blood siblings. Brother and sister. So when I see a meme like this hinting at Arthur and D.W. being fuck buddies, it makes me become a contestant in the cringe Olympics. Is there a trigger warning for incest posts? Because there really should be one.


Bet you didn’t see this one coming, and I bet the artists behind Arthur wish this screencap was never drawn to begin with. I know I do.


Yeah okay let’s pretend weed even exists in Arthur’s world. Elwood city is a drug-free zone assholes.

Yeah the incest ones will make you wanna receive shock therapy, but other than those the Arthur memes had me almost piss myself from laughing. Especially ARTHUR’S FREAKIN FIST.


I’M DONE. I’M OFFICIALLY DONE. The last one is putting images in my head that are not so pretty though, omg. Or how about the meme of Arthur and Buster representing a white kid saying the n-word while singing a song in front of his black friend, then being called out about it:


I am screaming. The internet is officially too much for me. Here are some other Arthur memes that had me dying from laughter:


Yes I can imagine Prunella being the girl in the store yelling at an employee to speak to their manager.


I can relate to this. Getting down to business to keep your man in check and keep the hoes away.



Me on every school day after trying out a new hairstyle.



OKAY MORE MENTAL PICTURES I DIDN’T NEED. Arthur tearing it up like a G though. Hopefully not on D.W.

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