When As Told By Ginger Showed How Moms Ruled When Dads Didn’t

MV5BMTQxNDIxOTMwOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDc2MjYyMjE@._V1_UY268_CR87,0,182,268_AL_In the season of Father’s Day and honoring the great dads out there, this is also a time to represent the moms out there who took on both roles when dad wasn’t around. The Emmy-nominated episode of As Told By Ginger “Hello Stranger” focuses around Ginger putting her poetry skills and her relationship with her father together and creating a deep, emotional episode overall. Jonas Foutley, Ginger and Carl’s father, left the family after Carl was born. I can’t imagine barely knowing my own father, wondering what if he never left and constantly trying to contact and build a relationship with him then getting the cold shoulder. Getting the short end of the father stick is tough, and it can either make you or break you. In this episode Ginger shows how much her father’s absence really devastates her. Inviting Jonas to hear her poem and looking into the crowd expecting to see her father’s face, proud and cheering her on, only to find out he was a no-show yet again. The major moment in the episode that had an emotional effect on everyone was when Ginger received the flowers which read that they were from her dad, but Ginger knew instantly that her mother Lois sent them because only the parent who’s been with her since day one knows she likes sunflowers. Lois parenting really kicked in and it represented how she recognizes her daughter’s pain and disappointment of her absent father. She didn’t want Ginger to be hurt and have no closure to why Jonas didn’t show up. She thought the flowers would help, and that what made me realize how amazing of a mom Lois was from that point on. Taking care of two kids on her own (seems like more because Carl is a handful), working late hours and even got a second job in one episode to be able to feed her kids, and actually talking to them and guiding them through their adolescence and teenage years. If you ask me, Lois Foutley is a supermom who helped her kids cope with their father being a stranger. lois
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