It seems that lately classic Nicktoons lovers are getting the long end of the stick once again, on account of Nickelodeon deciding to revive some of their long-gone shows from the nineties/early 2000’s. “They’re not just cartoons, they’re Nicktoons!” is not just a fancy slogan, it’s real on so many levels but mainly because the best era of Nickelodeon is when they actually called their animated shows “Nicktoons”.

Anyways, yes you’ve read the title right. Nickelodeon’s classic series Rocko’s Modern Life is definitely coming back to us, but will it only be for a TV movie? We can only find out when the time comes. If you’re wondering what the HELL I am talking about just check out this tweet from the producer of the Adult Swim series The Boondocks, Carl Jones:

I. NEARLY. FAINTED. If you know me personally you know that RML is on my top favorite Nicktoons of all time list. Finally a goddamn revival that I can rave about! Yes, I’m still hurt that the As Told By Ginger revival wasn’t real but whatever. Though my excitement is too much to bare, I am nervous about this. Now we all see how CN revived the Powerpuff Girls, will Rocko’s Modern Life get the same unfair treatment? Will there be new animation? Will all of the characters be present on the show again? Will their voice actors be the same? Will it even be on Nickelodeon? Ugh, it’s not easy being a Nicktoons lover.

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