My Review of Butch Hartman’s ‘Noog Network’ app

You know that when a show creator like Butch Hartman has an app out, you HAVE to check it out, no question. I stepped into the world of the Noog Network and I didn’t want to look back. noog network5Look at them, they’re so cool right? If Noogs were real, Butch Hartman would most likely win a dozen Nobel prizes for creating the best nonhuman species known to mankind. Well, they would probably freak the humans out and cause a worldwide uproar of fear and confusion. Pfft, humans. Anyways, the Noog Network is an app where you can collect these delightful creatures, earn points and unlock shows. Yes, actual SHOWS all on this one app. With myself only having under 200 points so far, I know that I really need to get going on this app to check out these cartoons. Like seriously, I wanna visit Bug Girl’s beauty shop already. noog network1You bet I chose the red one. The animation on these buildings and characters just give me nostalgic feelings about the earlier episodes of Fairly OddParents & some other shows you would find on Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Animation style that the kids of today just didn’t get to experience, so I’m glad to know that Hartman hasn’t forgot about his roots.noog network2noog network 3As you walk through the very vibrant city full of arcades, stores & restaurants, other Noogs and characters won’t hesitate to either invite you to their business, or turn you away  because you’re lacking those Noog points. “I don’t think they’re open, I’m hungry too!” what a cute way of telling someone to beat it and to come back when they’re rich. Key note: if you’re lucky, you could witness the Noog News helicopter once, or five times. You could never get enough of Noog Dood. On another note, I feel like it would be super rad if when every time you pass by another character, they could give you a chance to answer a riddle and if you answer it correctly BOOM! You’re raining Noog points. Plus, this is an app that is kid-friendly. So imagine a kid coming home from school, grabbing their iPad and getting ready to earn some more points on the Noog Network. By them answering riddles along with playing the games could exercise their minds and stash some more knowledge in there. It doesn’t even matter if they whine and moan about “ugh more learning!”. It’ll be an easy way for them to earn more points to unlock the many treasures that this app has in store for them.

This app may be on my “coolest apps of 2016” list because it’s growing on me already, and I just can’t stay off of it! Plus, if you’re a cartoon/animation fanatic like me you either know of Butch Hartman’s work, or  you’re easily drawn to apps like this. Don’t let the “safe place for kids” tagline fool you, anyone can enjoy this app. Have you downloaded the Noog Network yet? If so, what do you think?


Note: this is NOT a sponsored post.