#ThrowbackThursday: Why Recess is One of Disney’s Best Gems


Just watching Recess made me feel like I was apart of the gang myself. Although they faced many challenges on the playground and things may have been going bad at times, but they always regrouped and rekindled at the end. Plus, the fact that they have different personalities didn’t change the fact that they’re friendship was strong and they truly cared for one another. Nothing is too tough for this crew. True squad goals tbh.

Recess is an American animated show that aired on Disney Channel, ABC Kids, Toon Disney & UPN. The series takes on the lives of six fourth graders who attend an elementary school that’s ran by a government system made by the students. The must follow the rules of their Monarch, aka sixth grader “King Bob” and his enforcers, in order to survive recess.

This show had some real moments. I mean REAL TRULY AUTHENTIC MOMENTS. You can hardly find animated series these days that really tells the truth and nothing but the truth. They really touched base with their viewers about race, white privilege, etc. Recess truly played NO GAMES:

Ms. Grotke was the most “woke” teacher I’ve ever known and was not gonna feed her students any bullshit:anigif_enhanced-15257-1424897299-1enhanced-buzz-28080-1368740810-21tumblr_miugkt7yti1rt93pio10_r1_500

The kids gave no fucks about the Gender Norms that are jammed down our throats.anigif_enhanced-30190-1424897181-13anigif_enhanced-24117-1424979087-9

These lessons & knowledge that kids learn in life should be in something that they enjoy the most, cartoons. And I’m my favorite cartoons were full of them.