Fairly OddParents S10E01 REVIEW

Nickelodeon’s original series Fairly OddParents premiered their tenth season on Friday, January 15th with a brand new intro & character!

Chloe Carmichael Fairly OddParents

Just when Timmy thinks that he finally has a plan to impress his harsh and overbearing teacher Mr. Crocker, his presence is shunned by the new girl in town, Chloe Carmichael. Timmy quickly grows a dislike for Chloe, due to the fact that everyone in Dimmsdale can’t stop talking about how amazing and perfect she is. Despite the fact that Chloe’s life may seem perfect, she is miserable. She screws things up every chance she gets and because of that she had no friends and is completely lonely. That qualified Chloe to be in need of Fairy Godparents, and she ends up sharing Cosmo and Wanda with Timmy. Of course Timmy isn’t too happy about this and isn’t up for sharing Cosmo and Wanda so easily. In this episode, both Timmy and Chloe find themselves making not-so-smart wishes, causing chaos to erupt. Now after ten seasons, it’s not so surprising that Timmy is still making wishes that puts everyone in danger; but sadly our newest character has made her first wish into a big mistake.

Timmy and Chloe FairlyOddparents

There were many mixed emotions about this episode. Some felt like it wasn’t a big deal then others acted as if the whole world was about to erupt into flames. The reason for the outrage was the obvious “ruined childhood” phase. We’re so used to singing along to “Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guava juice!” and now it’s been changed to “World peace, kale treats, bunny feet, real neat!“. There’s a new main character who’s now sharing Cosmo and Wanda as Fairy Godparents with Timmy. It’s all about the change. The original Fairly Oddparents theme song is what we always knew because it’s one of the most favored cartoon theme songs. Timmy Turner’s rap game is so fire for that obtuse rubber goose rap, that if he dropped a mixtape it would need a “CAUTION: Hot Surface Do Not Touch” label on it. So for new character Chloe to drop her new vegan goody two shoes bars on us was a shock to the nations across the world. Besides the theme song change and new character (and a few missing ones), it looks like Fairly Oddparents are falling into the modern pop culture Instagram “duck lips selfie” phase. No, seriously.


I’m just surprised that changes to this show were decided to take place into it’s 10th season. Could this be the downfall of Fairly Oddparents? Many say the show doesn’t have a chance of getting renewed for an Eleventh season. What do you think?