As Told By Ginger 2017 Revival is a HOAX!

Yep, the revival was denied by Nickelodeon and the creator Emily Kapnek herself. All of us ATBG fans can weep in sadness and disappointment now.


Thanks a lot stupid rumors. You’ve brought out the emo Courtney Gripling in me.

Earlier this week a couple of articles from popular news/media sites such as Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Bustle, etc. were floating around about Nickelodeon’s original series As Told By Ginger being revived and that new episodes would air in 2017. To be quite honest, I was believed this 100% at first and I was really excited and actually screamed. Some of the articles went in detail of how the show would resume to Ginger’s freshman year of high school and go forward from there. I’m a big fan of the show, so I thought that I was suddenly in a perfect world. But sadly this world is far from perfect. Nickelodeon quickly denied the revival and so did the creator Emily Kapnek on her official Twitter page.

That’s all the confirmation you need. From the queen herself. This next reply made me chuckle, but still sad.

LOL this fake revival news got nothing on Courtney’s bubble wrap boobies.

Were you relieved or disappointed at this rumor being false? Comment below!