As Told By Ginger “Deja Who” REVIEWED

I think one of the most important lessons in life is that… no one can be Courtney Gripling better than Courtney Gripling. “Deja Who” is the 15th episode of the first season of Nickelodeon’s classic series As Told By Ginger. After learning that the senator’s son might be attending Lucky Jr. High, queen of the school Courtney is excited to charm him in his presence and escort him to the Luncheon. But taking a bite of Chef Bob’s mystery meat stew, which ended being Lobster, has left her suffering with an swollen face due to an allergic reaction. Of course Courtney Gripling isn’t going to be caught dead looking like this

y22lp5bz…no offense C.G.

So Courtney’s plan was for someone to “fill-in” aka BE HER, and who better to do the job than Ginger Foutley? As always, Ginger is a little hesitant when it comes to going through with these crazy plans. I mean who wouldn’t be? How was she suppose to pull of Courtney with ORANGE hair? I mean at least invest in a short blonde wig. Anyways, the plan pulls through and Ginger is now Courtney. Ging-I mean Courtney’s, no wait, Ginger’s inner diva started to show. Homegirl had so much sass, even cool, understanding, single mom Lois started to worry. Dodie & Macie then decided that Ginger was too caught up into being Courtney and that they had to get their girl back. Of course Dodie’s whining could’ve been the culprit of Ginger finally releasing the spirit of Courtney Gripling from her soul. Who knows. So Ginger must show Courtney that she’s bad at being her, or risk being her fill-in whenever Courtney is out.


Meanwhile Hoodsey has amnesia thanks to Brandon’s monkey, who scared him and caused him to fall off the swingset. Carl goes to great lengths to try and get Hoodsey, I mean, Rob, to remember their friendship or Brandon Higsby will snatch that role.


I give this episode: 4 and a half stars! ★★★★½

The episode is a classic and one of my favorites, but the logic of making a girl with orange hair pose as a girl with blonde hair without anyone complaining is a bit… OFF. Seriously Lucky Junior High students, speak up against this abomination! The lesson I grabbed from the episode is: best friends can sometimes turn into different people, whether they have amnesia or doing a favor for a frenemy. Especially if that frenemy is a rich, popular girl. Who is rich. Geez Ginger, you didn’t try to ask for a sum of cash for this ridiculous stunt?

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