Sanjay and Craig REVIEWED

tumblr_mnf7o66oEV1rco8vdo1_500From pie in the face, newspaper bombs and pizza slapping to the “head dude, what’s ups”, Sanjay and Craig, one of Nickelodeon’s newer animated series which premiered in 2013, are the gross-out adventures that every gross-out loving 12 year old kid can wish for. Sanjay and his talking serpent friend Craig fill their days with pranks, video games, and trouble. Looks like these writers have been taking notes from another particular pair of bad boys from another earlier Nicktoon. Carl and Hoodsey from As Told By Ginger perhaps? What coincidence that Sanjay’s mother is also in the medical field. No, but it would be wrong for me to compare Carl & Hoodsey, the masters of gross-out, to newbie, kinda mediocre entertainment that Sanjay and Craig puts on for us. But it was an attempt.

I rate this show: 3/5 stars ★★★

I feel like this show is not really bad, but the story lines seem kind of OBVIOUSLY recycled.  Maybe hire a better writing team? What do you think? Comment below!

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